attract specific person using the law of attraction

In a survey done in 2017, 19 % of Americans say that they are not happy in their relationships.

They go from relationship to relationship, getting hurt and disappointed. If they had a relationship with a specific person who had a similar interest and expectation, this would not be the case.

A specific person is someone who perfectly connects with you, and who is also your soulmate and brings happiness and joy to your life. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a relationship with a partner who understands and loves you more than you do.

Keep reading to find 11 simple and effective ways to attract a specific person using the law of attraction.

Let’s dive into it.


11 Ways To Attract Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction

Attract Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction

1. Remove limiting beliefs to attract a specific person

If you can not attract the person you want or you’re in a bad relationship, it is probably due to your limiting belief about love and relationship.

Your belief system is the result of your experience in the past and cultural influence. Maybe someone cheated on you in your past. Maybe, you saw people get hurt in a relationship that makes you believe love makes people miserable.

You will not attract any specific person in your life if you persist in false beliefs about love. You will only attract loneliness or people who hurt you. If people aren’t appreciating or interested in you, your thinking and being might be the reason for that. That’s why you need to observe your thoughts about love and relationship.


Your thinking is the result of your belief system about love and relationship. If you’ve any negative thoughts about being in a relationship, it shows that you’ve got a limiting belief.  You need to change such self-sabotaging limiting beliefs into a supportive and constructive ones.

When you find yourself thinking the same negative thought, again and again, say CHANGE aloud in your mind and tell yourself that you are not your thought.


2. Do not resist receiving love

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It is difficult to fully open yourself in love because most people fear getting hurt or losing their partner.

You have to be okay with the fact that leaving behind someone whose company you do not enjoy is a good thing for both you and your partner. By letting go of your ex, you will turn a new chapter in your love life with someone specific with whom you enjoy more.

It is not easy to completely forget someone who has brought pain to your life. But you have to let go of your past wounds to welcome your true mate.


3. Have a positive mindset

Worry and fear about not attracting the perfect partner in the future haunt most people.

People are afraid of the unknown in the future, and an egoistic mind always likes to think about what could go wrong instead of what could go right.

Do not convince yourself that you are not worthy of love and a romantic relationship if you have some troubled past in a relationship.

The future holds a ton of positive and exciting possibilities, but an egoistic mind wants your attention by not believing in it.

Negative thinking and a victim mindset give you pain and frustration only. In other words, optimism and positivity is the key to relationship success.


4. Raise your self-confidence

Attract Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction

Even if your goal here is to attract someone perfect in your life, it is all about you, not about another person. It is about your thoughts, feelings, and vibration.

Feel confident and content to attract your desired person. People want to hang out with someone who has self-worth and an energetic vibe.

Don’t care what others think about you. It is not going to hurt you unless you listen to them.

You don’t need others to believe that you’re confident. Be your best version to impress yourself.

Write down positive thoughts about yourself every day. Talk with yourself looking into the mirror.



5. Show Appreciation and Gratitude

You don’t need to have a beachside villa in an exotic place; you don’t need a McLaren 720S in your garage to feel gratitude.

Show gratitude and appreciation for what you have right now. Feeling gratitude for small things in your life brings joy and happiness, and you attract things that you would be grateful for.

Don’t get frustrated thinking about things that you don’t have, instead feel happy and lucky to have what you have right now.


6. Set a clear intention

The Law of attraction works best only when you’ve clear intentions in your heart. It is also true when you are attracting a specific person in your life.

Imagine your future partner. Think about the qualities you want in this person. Think about physical appearances, jobs, skills, and every characteristic that you want in your future partner.

Naturally, nobody is perfect in everything, but when you’re attracting your love, focus only on the positive aspect.

When you think of qualities that you don’t want in your future partner, you get a person with the same qualities that you’re trying to avoid.


7. Respect and love yourself before you receive love

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You’re unique and special.

How often do you smile yourself in the mirror and say I love you to yourself? Most people are not happy with who they are. They always compare themselves with others and criticize themselves every day.

When you’re in love with yourself, you’ll smile, feel energetic and enthusiastic, and create a positive vibration. You see, when you love yourself daily, you’ll have love energy that will attract other people toward you.

Find your passion, and hobby, and know yourself. In short, be at peace with yourself. Eliminate all thoughts of resentment towards yourself.

You can do this by doing meditation, reading books on spirituality and personal growth, and taking help from people who are happy with themselves.


8. Learn to enjoy your own company

You’re your own best friend. You’ll not find true happiness if you’re looking outside.

If you enjoy your own company, your mind will cease creating negative thoughts, and it will stop interfering with the process of the law of attraction.


9. Honor and respect yourself

First, show respect to yourself, honor your body, and treat yourself like you want others to treat you.

Self-criticism is one of the biggest enemies of man. Avoid it as much as possible. I am not suggesting you feel good about your negative behavior. If you have such destructive habits, replace them with positive ones.


10. Make positive affirmations about love and relationship

Positive affirmations release negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety from you.

When you repeat affirmations, over and over, they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and eventually changing your life.

Some affirmations to attract a specific person:

  • I love myself.
  • I am worthy of love and happiness.
  • I easily and quickly attract [ qualities and looks of a person, or name of person] into my life.

Repeat these affirmations at night before going to bed and in the morning immediately after you wake up.


11. Visualize having blast with the specific person

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Your mind doesn’t know the difference between your reality and your imagination. For instance, you’ll immediately salivate when you think of food even if there is no food in front of you.

Try it for yourself, for the next few moments, think about delicious Pizza, visualize it, smell its aroma, and touch it. Did your mouth fill with water?

Similarly, imagine lots of different scenarios with a person. Try to use all your five senses, and concentrate on joy and excitement. Focus on the positive aspects of your partner. When you do this enough time, neurons in your brain will arrange themselves like in a person who is enjoying a romantic relationship.

Eventually, you’ll become a person who can easily attract love and relationship using the law of attraction.

Act as if the technique will also help you here to visualize. When you’re in a bar alone, order two drinks, sleep on one side of the bed, and make space for a partner.

Yes, it is a weird idea, but it works like a charm.


12. Avoid  being desperate

Your mind starts to think about possibilities and different ways to get your partner right after you decide to attract a specific person.

Your mind doesn’t know better than universal intelligence. Listening to it instead of your heart creates distress and desperation.

Sense of insufficiency only brings negative feelings and signals lack. So focus on when you’re going to attract the person and let the universe deal with How.

Feel, believe, and act like you’re ready to get your wishes fulfilled.




Attracting a specific person using the law of attraction will fill your life with joy and happiness.

Though you desire to attract a specific person in your life, it is all about you. Focus on your thought, feeling, and behavior rather than focusing on your partner.

Love yourself, and enjoy your company so that you send a positive vibe in the universe to attract your soulmate.

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