17 Seconds Manifestation Technique( Explained In Detail)

How much time do you need to manifest your dream using the law of attraction?

Most people spend hours on different manifestation techniques that are difficult to practice and take a long time to manifest desire. Manifestation doesn’t have to be a difficult and time-consuming task.

The 17-second manifestation technique is a simple and faster way to manifest a dream. It increases the intensity of your thought within 17-second so that you can easily communicate with the universe to ask for the gift of abundance.

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to know about the 17-second manifestation technique and how to effectively apply it to receive exactly what you’ve desired in the shortest period of time.

Ready? Let’s jump right into it.

What is the 17-second rule?

The 17-second manifestation rule is a technique that states that if you hold a single pure thought for 17 seconds, the law of attraction or manifestation process begins.

It is widely accepted and practiced by followers of Abraham Hicks.


Who is Abraham Hicks?

Abraham is not a physical human being. It is difficult to comprehend the story behind him.

That being said, he is a source of energy who reveals to us the secrets of the universe.

Esther and Jerry Hicks call this infinite intelligence Abraham. Esther Hicks is like a translator to connect us to this Source of energy, so we can gain information and insights on infinite knowledge in words that we understand.

What is the goal of the 17-second rule?

The main goal here is to think a single thought for 17 seconds and hold it for 68 seconds.

Increase the intensity of thought every 17 seconds such that your last thoughts should be more vibrational and powerful than the previous one.

If you can hold your thought for longer, you will reach a point to bring your desire into reality.


Why do it for 17 seconds?

You may be wondering what is so magical about 17 seconds.

The 17 seconds of pure thought is what Abraham Hicks called the combustion point of manifesting.

It means you will attract other thoughts of similar vibration. Similar thoughts create enough positive energy to initiate the process of manifestation.


Here are some principles about the law of attraction that help you to understand the 17-second manifestation technique:

  • Every thought that appears in the mind is a form of energy that remains for eternity in the universe. The universe responds to every thought you send out, whether it is constructive or destructive. You will get what you think.
  • There is no past and future; they are just imagination created by your ego-mind to suffer. Everything you are seeing and feeling is in the present time. Thoughts create reality in the future. So every thought that you are entertaining now is going to manifest.
  • Thoughts, which evoke emotion are powerful and vibrational and the universe responds to such thoughts quickly.
  • Thoughts with more vibration and intensity are strong enough to begin the process of manifestation.

Now it makes sense why holding a pure thought for 17 seconds and increasing its intensity every 17 seconds till 68 seconds create a perfect alignment for manifestation to occur, right?


How do you use the 17-second rule in the law of attraction?

Find a place to relax your mind and body

Choose a place where you can find peace and nobody is going to disturb you for the next 5 minutes.

You can sit on a meditation cushion, use incense, or do some breathing exercise to relax your mind.

A chaotic mind is not going to help you to practice this technique effectively.

Feel happy and energetic

As I said earlier, emotion helps thought to amplify its power.

Recall those beautiful memories of your life where you are happy and energetic.

Remember your first kiss, your first checks, or whatever that makes you want to go back and live those moments.

The point here is to fill your heart with joy and gratitude so that your desire can easily get manifested.

Choose a thought that you want to manifest

Now decide what thought you are going to hold for 17 seconds.

It should be positive, of course, and singular, which means it should be pure.

Choose a thought that excites you because it will help you to hold onto it for longer.

Set a timer of your mobile for 17 seconds and contemplate single thought

Set a timer for 17 seconds and think about your desire without being distracted.

It is not an easy task, but like any skill, if you continue practicing, it will become your second nature.

Try not to contradict and think about other thoughts. If you do, that is okay, do not get discouraged. Most people find it difficult to hold on to a single thought for long.

If you resist something, it will persist. You’ll think about something it will persist. Be conscious of your thought, observe them without any judgment.

And keep trying to hold your desired thought.

Repeat the process if you get distracted

Repeat the same process for the next 17 seconds, when some other thought pops up in your mind.

It will create a habit if you repeat this process. However, don’t obsess over it. Take this as an experiment.

It is not only a manifestation technique that you must master to manifest your dream. There are other techniques as well.

If you’re not able to hold your thoughts, for any reason, then use other methods of manifestation instead.

Set the timer for 51 seconds and hold that thought

Once you can hold your thought for 17 seconds, then set a timer for 51 seconds. Hold it, and gradually increasing its intensity and vibration.

When you get up from your seat, feel happy as if your desire is already manifested even if it’s not true and not yet manifested.

Then let off the outcome of your desire and enjoy your rest of the day.


17 Second manifestation technique is simple yet difficult to master because it is easy to wander off from singular and positive thoughts.

However, it is achievable if you practice it by being persistent without getting overwhelmed. Take it as one of the manifestation techniques, not only one option available to master.

After you complete the process, show gratitude to the universe.

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