7 Effective Ways to Talk to The Universe (2022)

Have you ever tried to talk to the universe for blessing and guidance? Have you got a reply from the universe?

We pray to God or the universe to guide us through the difficulties that come our way when we take action to manifest our dreams. However, not every prayer is answered, although we asked the universe for guidance sincerely.

Here are effective ways to talk to the universe:

  • Have true belief in the universe
  • Get clear about your goal for which you want guidance
  • Take faith-based action every day
  • Talk to the universe for help to overcome problems that prevent you to achieve your goal
  • Expect the reply from the universe
  • Align yourself with the universe
  • Show gratitude
  • Let go of the outcome

That’s the quick answer to how to talk to the universe to manifest whatever you want in your life. Keep scrolling down to learn more about these steps to apply them effectively for easy manifestation.


Talk to the universe: 7 Effective Ways to Ask for Guidance

1. Boost your belief in the universe

First and foremost, you should have a strong belief in the universe or in anything that you ask for guidance during difficult times.

Having an unwavering belief makes the universe listen to your message. Unless you truly believe in it, you won’t get rid of the negative talk or skeptical mindset.

The universe is listening to your message all the time. It works in mysterious ways to overcome the difficulties that stop you from manifesting your goal.

Have you ever noticed that children’s prayers are quickly heard by the universe? This is because they have a pure heart and no doubt about the universe whatsoever.

They have a strong belief that their message will be received and get what they have asked by simply talking to the universe.

To effectively communicate with the universe, we should learn to have a complete belief like children. Remember, your belief is the key to connect to the universe.


2. Have a clear and focused approach to your goal

You should be clear about your goal when talking to the universe for the support and guidance to achieve it.

Two main benefits of having clear and specific goals are:

  • It sends a strong signal that you’re serious and committed to your goal.
  • A goal that is clear and specific motivates you to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

You see, a vague goal is like a ship without any specific direction. Such ships either get lost in the vast ocean or get crashed into the shore somewhere.

That’s why it is important to have a clear goal that has a specific direction and destination to go.

Talking to the universe about a vague goal only gives you vague responses. So, get clear about what you want before you communicate with the universe.

In addition to that, most people suffer from shiny object syndrome. That means they change their goals frequently as there are lots of choices.

It is hard to take action to achieve the goals if we have too many or change them too frequently as it can be overwhelming and intimidating. It paralyzes us to work on our goals.

That’s the reason why we should focus on one goal at a time and do work to achieve it first without deviating from its course.

Concentrate on a single, specific and clear goal as it improves your vision, and it also gives out a powerful message into the universe.


3. Take action to move your energy into the Universe

In the law of attraction teaching, positive thoughts are essential to attract wealth, abundance, and joy. Thoughts channel your energy in a specific direction, and it’s the first step towards any goal.

However, thinking only will not bring any desired outcome into your life. Thoughts are important, but you need to take action to manifest your dreams.

You’ve to get your hand dirty. You’ve to do your part before you ask the universe for its guidance.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take action while communicating with the universe:

  • Taking action towards your goals sends out a powerful message into the universe that you’re serious about it.
  • It moves both physical and mental energy and channels it in a specific direction. It creates similar thoughts as you take action and attract events or circumstances that help you in the journey of success.
  • As you take action, you’ll know the obstacles and challenges that need to be solved along the way. And you’ll have a problem for which you seek guidance from the universe.

Simply put, don’t wait for success to come to you. Take faith-based action, however small it is, every day. Take responsibility for your life and goal. Do your best and believe that you’ll get support from infinite intelligence whenever you need them.


4. Talk to the universe for guidance

You have a strong belief in the universe, a clear goal, and you didn’t wait as most people do for favorable situations to take action.

By taking action, you sent a powerful message into the universe that you’re serious about your goal and your freedom to live your life as you want.

However, now you’ve obstacles between you and your dream. It is common to have such situations and problems as you take action. If you have any, now is the time to ask the universe for guidance.

It is time to communicate with the universe by asking the powerful questions:

  • What is the best way to solve [your problem]?
  • Dear universe, I believe in you, and please guide me through [ your difficult situation].
  • How can I overcome the obstacles that I am facing now? I am open to receive the help and support I need. I believe in infinite intelligence, and I expect a reply from it.

Repeat these empowering questions as many times as you can. As you do that, these will sink into your subconscious mind, that’s where you get the answer to your question.

Another way to communicate with God is to repeat the statement that says you’re already successful in your goal.

For instance, you want to go to the beautiful beach of Maldives to spend quality time with your partner. To send this message to the universe, affirm that you’ve already experienced it.

Speak these statements in the present tense because when you say that you will want to have something or be something, in reality, you’re saying that you don’t want it now.

Pro Tip: To know what you want to ask from the universe, expand your awareness. Become aware of your likes and dislikes. Start paying attention to what you want. Know your game and its rules so that you can play it as you want to.

When you know your expectation as you take action, you will have difficulties and problems for which you ask for guidance from the universe.


5. Have faith to receive a reply from the universe

Faith shows us the light to help us get through the darkness. It gives strength in times of weaknesses when it is easy to give up on dreams than keep struggling and pursuing them.

The only thing that ensures guidance from the universe is having a strong faith in it.

You see, the universe works in mysterious ways. It knows when to show you the right path and how to help you achieve your goal.

The universe doesn’t work the way you like. So, you might doubt the blessing from the infinite intelligence when you don’t get the result as you have expected it to be.

To solve this problem, have complete faith in the universe even if you don’t receive any sign from it. You will eventually receive a reply from the universe if you persist in seeking guidance from it.

I think it takes a test of your faith and your patience before blessing you with success and abundance.

In addition to that, not able to recognize the guidance or reply is another reason for the delay in response from the universe.

It doesn’t use the words, as we do, to communicate with us as words are an ineffective medium of communication in the world of spirituality.

The universe directly communicates with your soul. It brings a change in your feeling, and you’ll have a gut feeling that something is right or wrong for you.

The universe gives you an instinct that helps you make the right decision at the right time so that you can manifest your dream easily.

Here’s a post about intuition and how to listen to it effectively to choose the right choice during the dilemma of choosing between multiple choices:

Listen to Your Intuition: Meaning, Warning Signs, Develop Your Intuition(Explained)

After asking the universe for guidance to overcome your difficulties that arise when you take action towards a goal, expect that you’ll receive a reply.

And keep strong faith in the universe even if you don’t receive any guidance yet.


6. Align yourself to success

At the subatomic level, everything is energy. Your thoughts and feelings are energy.

In fact, the device on which you’re reading this post is the energy vibrating at a low frequency so that it appears solid structure.

And, energy attracts similar energy that is the key principle of the law of attraction. That means you should feel, think and behave like a person who is already successful to attract success to you.

In short, align yourself to success. Neville Goddard says that the key to manifest dreams is to feel how you would feel if you’ve achieved what you want in your life.

For instance, you won’t manifest abundance with the mindset of the poor. If you want to be rich, think and feel like a rich person.

You’ll direct the energy to things where you focus. When you focus on good things, you’ll receive guidance from the universe to manifest good things in your life.

How you feel, think and behave is the key determinant of your success. So, give your attention to your thoughts, feelings, and how you act to find whether they’re that of successful people or not.


7. Show gratitude for receiving guidance from the universe

Gratitude is the powerful way to raise your vibration that helps to connect us to the source and receive the blessing from it.

As I mentioned above, the universe always listens to your prayer and works in mysterious ways to guide you. However, you might not know that you’re being guided by the divine, because it directly communicates to your soul, not with words.

When you feel gratitude, you send positive energy into the universe. It taps into your emotion which makes your thoughts powerful when you mix them both.

Showing gratitude also helps you to increase your faith and trust in the universe.

So, show gratitude for the fact that the universe is guiding you and helping you to achieve your dreams.


8. Let go of the outcome

Don’t try to control the outcome once you talk to the universe about your difficulties and challenging situation. That means to let go of the outcome of your desire because worrying and thinking about it only creates doubts about the universe.

Let go of the outcome, get rid of negative thoughts, and do things that you love doing. Have faith that you’ll receive the reply and don’t think about it anymore.

The universe is constantly working on your dreams but it is not conscious of time. You’ll get the result quickly or slowly depending on your belief system and how badly you want your goal.

Take action towards your goal, expect a positive outcome, but don’t get obsessed about it. Believe that the universe is already guiding you, and it will show you the sign that it is working for you.



Believe it or not, the universe or God always listens to your prayers.

It communicates directly with your soul that gives you the instinct to follow the right path and the right to achieve your goal quickly and easily. Talk to the universe to show you the guidance whenever you need it by applying the above-mentioned steps.

I would be happy to hear your success in talking to the universe and receiving its guidance to manifest your dream.


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