7 Steps to Manifest Money Overnight- The Law of Attraction

Money is energy.

There is nothing wrong with earning money fast in a legit way. But manifesting money overnight can be difficult when you hold negative beliefs and mindset about money.

Below, you will find a practical and simple method to manifest money overnight using the law of attraction.

Ready? Let’s jump into it.

7  Steps to Manifest Money Overnight

1.Mindset and Money block

Have you wondered, as I have, why some people have so much money that they can’t spend it in their lifetime?

It seems that they are money magnets or know some kind of secret that most people who are struggling every day to make enough money to live comfortably don’t know yet.

It is mindset and belief about money that make them far ahead in the game of making money.

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision, you can do it, said Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the interviews.

Your belief system, which is old programming created by information and experience that you have gained as you grow up, is the only thing that lies between your success and failure.


You see, most people who are financially struggling have self-imposed limiting beliefs about money and rich people.

As long as you believe that money is the root of all evil and brings more trouble, you will not manifest any money even if you have set a goal and are working hard day and night.

The media ignores good about rich people like charity and humanitarian work they do. It only shows how bad they are.

While rich people don’t listen to them, such talk makes people believe that wealth and money are bad things.

People who are broke and unsuccessful also preach to you about why money is not that important. They don’t want you to succeed as it hurts their ego. And if you listen to them enough, you’ll have a belief system that prevents you from being rich.

People with a limiting mindset are scared to make and have a lot of money. They are, surprisingly, afraid of success.

They don’t want to think about goals, make excuses, or procrastinate work. With such a belief system and mindset, the effort you put in to make money is like pouring water in the sand that brings no or minimum result.

So, the first step in manifesting money overnight is to know your belief and mindset about money.

Know that money is not good or bad in itself. Rich people are generous and kind, some are crooks too, and being rich is far better than staying broke.

Admire successful people. Take their success as an inspiration. Believe you can manifest quickly.


2.Find the reason for manifesting money overnight

Money is merely a medium of exchange for something valuable in your life. You don’t need a stack of paper. You want things that make your life comfortable and meaningful.

Find out why you need money overnight in the first place. Is it that you want to have your own house, or you want to pay your loan?

Make a list of your goals that are exciting and important to you. Find how money that you’re asking for can help you with achieving that goal.

You should figure out why you want money to manifest it with ease.


3.Find out how much money do you need?

Next, after having clear and specific goals is to find the exact amount of money you need.

For instance, your goal is to buy a laptop within the next three months. You have to be clear about which laptop you will buy, its feature and specification and how much it cost.

Having a clear and specific goal is crucial for the law of attraction to work and manifest money.

A statement like I want to be rich is not specific, and it doesn’t tap into the emotion.

I want to have 3 million dollars in my bank account by the end of 2021 from home with my laptop and internet doing affiliate marketing. This statement is clear, specific, and evokes emotion.

Which one do you think will help better with manifestation? The second one, right?

You’ve to have goals that are clear, specific, and which tap your feelings.


4.Use affirmation

Affirmation is a positive statement. If you repeat it frequently by believing in it helps you to change your belief and mindset.

Money affirmation:

A large sum of money comes to me easily and effortlessly continuously from multiple sources in the best interest of all I get to keep.

Money flows to me easily and quickly. I am a money magnet.

Use this affirmation to increase your vibration and feeling about money.

Having a personal affirmation is better than using others. As it excites you and taps the emotion necessary to convey your message to the universe easily.

You can write them on paper or say them aloud. By doing daily affirmation, you focus on being wealthy, and your energy flow to what you focus on.


5.Practice visualization

Visualization is a skill that you should master to get the most out of the law of attraction.

Visualization tricks your mind and makes you believe that your thoughts are true. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between events imagined and events that happen in the external world.

You need to visualize your goal and the money required to achieve it to manifest money overnight.

Visualize that you’re holding cash or you’ve received your money in your bank account in the exact amount you needed.

Count money, smell it, feel it, see it. In short, use all five senses as much as possible to make it real.

You can also visualize driving a car and living in your dream house with the best view. These are the things that money can give you, so it also helps to manifest money.

If you can master the visualization skill, then magic happens to you, and things that you have asked for will surprisingly come to you.

6.Think and act as if you are already wealthy

Our body and mind are connected. Our mind influences the body, and the body affects our state of mind.

Thought can change the composition and attitude of the body. And changes in body position can affect our thinking.

You can not have negative thoughts when you put a smile on your face, or you can not smile when your mind is constantly worrying and doubting.

Though it is simple to grasp, most people do not practice this in their day-to-day life. They want to be rich, but their behavior shows they are financially struggling.

They eat the cheapest food, wear cheap clothes, and save money for rainy days, and compromise their happiness.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should spend money on things you don’t need, and you do it to impress others.

The point is to feel wealthy and act as if you’re a millionaire. Wear some nice clothes. Go to fine restaurants and order food, sometimes, without looking at the menu. Act like a rich person.

I think you get my point, believe that you’re already rich and act like one so that you can attract wealth and happiness.

You’ve to become rich before you attract enough wealth in reality.


7.Take action

The Law of attraction is as real as a doughnut, but it doesn’t mean that you only visualize and do your affirmation without taking any action. No, it doesn’t work like this.

You can’t be rich by reading tons of books on making money unless you apply knowledge and take action.

The Law of attraction changes your mindset, belief system and helps you to make the right decision.

It presents you with the right opportunity and right time to reach your goal, but you’ve to do your part to take massive action.

Trust that what is for you will come to you. Don’t bother to think about how it will happen focus on what and when instead.

So take action, a step forward towards your dream, and the universe will make it possible for you.

8.Be grateful

You have to have a goal and a burning desire for a better future.

But we should not forget what we already have in our life. Most people don’t appreciate small things like a house, food, family.

Show appreciation and gratefulness to the universe for all the things you have in your life now to feel immense joy and happiness.

Make a habit of writing daily in your gratitude journal. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.



It is possible to manifest money overnight, but it is not easy.

The affirmation and visualization give you the belief and mindset to succeed, but you’ve to take action to get whatever you want.

The universe will guide you on your path, but you have to walk the path.

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