7 Tips to Manifest Long Hair

Are you stuck at the collarbone length?

Long hair is a symbol of aesthetic beauty and youth. It also reflects the health of individuals. So, can you manifest long hair using the law of attraction?

Yes, it is possible to manifest long hair by applying the law of attraction. Here are useful tips to manifest long hair:

  • Program your hair products and nutrition with positive energy
  • Program intention into water
  • Imagine hair growth when applying hair product
  • Visualize to manifest long hair
  • Use manifestation crystal
  • Affirmation and listening to subliminal music

Let’s dig a bit deeper to know details about these steps and ways to apply them in your daily life.

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7 Powerful and useful tips to manifest long hair

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Tips #1: Program your hair product and nutrition with positive energy

To grow and keep hair healthy, we use lots of hair products like shampoo, conditioner, and oil. We also take supplements and nutrition to make sure our hair is strong and shiny.

If you want to manifest long and strong hair, you should program your hair product and supplements with positive energy. After using these products and foods, positive energy goes to each hair follicle and cells of the scalp and helps it multiply and grow.

You can add positive energy to them in two ways: Positive talk and labeling the product with a positive statement.

Every word that comes from your mouth has some meaning and energy in it. It impacts either positively or negatively way.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese businessman, proved that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. In his experiment, he took water in two jars from a polluted lake. He talks with positive emotion about water in one jar while he used negative words to talk about another jar.

He found that water from positive jar produce beautiful crystals and those with negative one generate ugly one.

Hold your products and supplement in your hand and talk to them. Though it sounds weird, try it because you set a positive intention by talking to it.

For example, you may hold your oil and say to it something like this: It has great power within it to grow my hair and make it healthy. When I use it, I get long, thick and lustrous hair. Say, Thank you, and feel gratitude for having long hair.

You can also put a labeling affirmation on the container. Put a label that says for my long and thick hair. Feel your scalp and believe that it will give you long hair when you use these products.

Stop saying bad things about your hair. As I mentioned earlier, words have the power and energy to change the body and mind. Instead, say my hair is getting stronger and healthier every day.

Tips #2: Program intention into water

Water makes your hair shiny and healthy. Here are other the benefits of drinking water for hair:

  • Water helps to absorb essential nutrients from the gut for hair growth.
  • It nourishes the hair and scalp.
  • It prevents damage to hair by removing toxins from it.

Moreover, dehydration dries the hair shaft, leading to split ends and hair breakage.

You should drink at least two liters of water daily for healthy hair.

Before you drink water, say to it that it will nourish your hair cells and follicles. Every time you drink believe that it makes your scalp healthy and your hair long.

Tips #3: Imagine hair growth when applying hair products

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When you apply shampoo or oil, imagine that new hair follicles are coming out of the scalp, and your hair is growing thick and long.

Feel your scalp with a positive vibe and act like you have got long hair. Massage your hair the way you would massage long hair.


Tips #4: Visualize to manifest long hair

Visualize your friends giving complement for long hair. Feel the happiness and joy that you would feel after you manifested long hair. Use all five senses to make it as real as possible.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagined events and events that happen in reality. When you visualize, the mind sends a signal to the body to change at the molecular level.

Research has shown that the muscle strength of two-person, one subject contracting the muscle against the load while the other only used imagination, was the same. You can change your body by thought only.

You can add meditation to your routine to manifest long hair. Find a place where no one is going to disturb you for the next five minutes. Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath to relax your mind and body.

Imagine you’re inhaling energy in the form of breath from the surrounding, and it is going to the scalp and root of the hair to nourish it.


Tips #5: Use Crystal to manifest long hair

Manifestation crystal increases your manifestation ability. It acts as a channel to connect and align you with the universe. It holds energy within it that will helps you to get rid of negative vibrations and make your intention clear.

The crystal absorbs the negative energy from people during handling and shipping. So, you’ve to clean and recharge it before programming it with intention.

Moonstone is the best crystal for healthy and beautiful hair. It prevents the breakage of hair and helps to grow new hair. To create an elixir, leave a charged moonstone in clear water, for seven hours, under sunlight. Then, wash your hair with crystal-infused water.

Rose quartz and amethyst are also considered great for hair growth and beauty. Carry these crystals with you all the time for maximum benefit.


Tips #6: Affirmations for long hair

Affirmation is a positive and inspiring statement that helps you to overcome negative thoughts. It helps your thoughts to get into the subconscious part of the mind. When you believe in them and repeat them, you start to change your body physiology to receive your gift.

Create a positive affirmation for hair growth and say it loud and clear in front of the mirror touching and feeling the texture of hair.

Here are the best affirmations for long hair:

I love my hair.

My hair follicles are healthy.

I have long and strong hair.

I believe my hair is growing perfectly.

I believe my hair is growing fuller.

I believe my hair is growing faster.

My hair is voluminous.

My hair is longer than it was the day before.


Tips #7: Listen to subliminal music to manifest long hair

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Subliminal music has messages that we can not consciously become aware of it. It has the lowest level of stimuli that the conscious mind can detect. It affects the subconscious mind without interference from the conscious mind.



It is possible to manifest long hair using the law of attraction as it is all about your desire and thoughts. If you think and believe that you’ll get long hair,  you’ll manifest it by doing affirmation, visualization, and programming hair product with positive energy.