Hi, I’m Sarah Harmer, mother of two beautiful girls and founder of spritualbeing.com. Welcome to Spritualbeing.com.

Here’s my story…

I was struggling to create lasting relationships and a decent living. I used to shake with the fear, bombarded with negative thoughts every day.

I had no clue what to do with my life. I had never been so unhappy, clueless, overwhelmed, and stressed in my life. I hate to go to the job and work for others and get peanuts in return.

In short, I felt alone, unable to succeed at work, unmotivated, and unfulfilled.

After a couple of years, I came to a point where I became fed up with my life and ready to quit. I was having thoughts of suicide to get out of this misery once and for all.

But one day, out of the blue, a thought popped into my head. I thought, why can’t I live like other successful people. Why some people are successful while others struggle every day. Why can’t I be happy, wealthy, and live as I want? For me, that day was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Curious and inspired, I started reading self-help books and listening to people who are achievers and successful. I binged watch YouTube videos about the psychology of successful people, positive mindset, spirituality, meditation, the law of attraction, etc. I have read thousands of books, 1123 to be precise, of books on self-help, spirituality, and mindset. I applied the knowledge I absorbed from the books and videos into my life.

After a few years, I was able to get out of the misery, an air of melancholy that used to surround me. Now, I live in my own house with my husband and my cute little daughter. Over the years, I built an online business that allows me to work from any place and at any time.

However, it was not a quick success as many people expect that they would be able to get what they want if they read self-help books and listen to other successful people. It takes hard work, dedication, perseverance, and faith to live a life with true freedom.

I see many people going through the same phase as I had been. That makes me sad and, at the same time, encourages me to help them. People, who know me, have seen my transformation turn from hopeless, helpless, and confused woman to a confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, and full of life. And, they often ask me for my advice.

I am not a Guru who has mastered the art of success; who teaches others how to get successful. I am an ordinary human being who was able to get out of the misery by self-educating from different sources.

And, I created Spritualbeing.com to help others with personal growth, spiritual well-being, the law of attraction, mindfulness, and healing one’s life. Here, I share everything I have learned over the years to help you.

Thank you for visiting Spritualbeing. I hope the knowledge you get here helps you get what you want in your life.

-Sarah Harmer