Having Bad Dreams While Manifesting? (Meaning)

Dreams are the mirror of our subconscious.

It depicts the thoughts stored in the subconscious level of the mind. And, research has shown that it influences our decision and attitudes too.

Interpretation of dreams is very subjective in most cases. However, having dreams while manifesting gives clues about your manifestation. It is feedback from the subconscious mind to make corrective measures to make your desire a reality.

Keep on reading to find out the meaning of bad dreams while manifesting.


What do dreams mean when manifesting?

having bad dream while manifesting

You’ll have dreams about your desire while manifesting. It may be a good one or a nightmare. Whatever they are, dreams are the medium through which the subconscious mind lets you know about your manifestation.

It is also an unexpected sign from the Universe to tell you whether you’ll be successful at manifesting your desire or not.

Dreams hold a different meaning for each person. It is very subjective. However, generally, the dreams you have while manifesting are either good or bad. And, you should know their meaning and action to take after you have them.


3 Types of dreams

While manifesting, you may have either one of these types of scenarios in the dream:

  1. You’ve successfully manifested your dream or partially achieved it
  2. Recurring dreams about your desire or your current reality
  3. You’ve bad dreams about your manifestation.

In the first scenario, you’ll dream that you’ve already manifested your goal. It feels real. If you’ve such a dream, it means that you’re successful at programming the subconscious mind with your goal.

It is the feedback that you’re doing right and you just have to wait to receive your desire into reality.

Secondly, you have a recurring dream about your desire. Or, you may dream about your current reality.

In this case, the subconscious mind wants to tell you that it is still operating from the dominant past instructions, and you still need to work on practicing the law of attraction technique such as visualization or affirmation to program the subconscious mind.


Meaning of having bad dreams while manifesting

In the third scenario, you may have bad dreams or nightmares while manifesting.

It may be a good sign and a bad one depending upon whether you have such a dream for one time or keep seeing them.

When you have a bad dream for one time only, it is usually a good sign. It means all the fear or worst outcome have been manifested in your dream world and you don’t have to experience them in the real world.

But, if you keep having bad dreams while manifesting, it is due to the fear and doubts you hold. It is also a sign that your desires are not coming into reality unless you take some action toward them.


What should you do when you have nightmares while manifesting?

Bad dreams during manifestation are telling you to either stop manifesting whatever you’re trying to achieve or to work harder to kill all your fear or doubt.

So, if you’re having bad dreams, you can either quit on your goal. Or, you can challenge your subconscious mind and work hard to face your fear and doubt.



During manifestation, you may have good dreams and bad ones.

They are the feedback from the subconscious mind. They help you make adjustments in your plan so that you’ll become successful at manifesting your desire.

Journal your dream, analyze them and figure out what is the best things you can do to get your goal achieved, especially if you’re having bad dreams


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