_Use Bay Leaf to Attract Money and Love(Proven Method

Bay leaf, also known as bay laurel, is commonly used in cooking to flavor vegetables, meats, and sauces as they release strong and aromatic oils.

In addition, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason for using it to treat certain disease conditions like migraine, anxiety attacks, and seizures.

But, do you know that you can use Bay leaf to attract money and love into your life? For centuries, people have been using the bay leaf to get rid of negativity, to increases mindfulness, and to increase psychic power. And you can too use it to manifest money, love, or whatever your desire are.

To attract money and love using bay leaf:

  • Take a bay leaf, a candle, and a fire bowl
  • Write your wish on a bay leaf using a pen
  • Set your intention on leaf doing visualization and affirmation about your goal
  • Next, burn a bay leaf to send your intention and desire out into the universe
  • After burning, offer gratitude to the universe for making your wish come true.

To know more about this proven method of using a bay leaf to attract money and love, keep reading.

Below, you’ll also find other spiritual and health benefits of a bay leaf, and how it helps in manifestation.

Ready? Let’s get into it.


Bay Leaf and its Spiritual and medical significance

Bay leaf and its spiritual and medical significance: green leaves inside a bowl with ball of string beside

Bay leaf is native to the Mediterranean region but it can be found in different parts of the world. Most people use it while cooking their food for flavor and fragrance.

Besides making your food delicious, it has the power to manifest your dream, cleanse negative energy from your life, and develop psychic ability.

It symbolizes victory which is why many heroes and poets in the past were crowned with wreaths of bay leaf.


The spiritual significance of Bay leaf

  • It increases psychic power such as clairvoyance, divination, and inducing vision.
  • Bay leaf protects you from psychic attacks.
  • When you inhale the smoke from the bay leaf, it calms your mind and body; it increases your mindfulness and focus.
  • It removes the negative energy from your life and raises your vibration to align yourself to the universe to receive the gift.

The medical significance of Bay leaf

  • Relieve stress and anxiety: Bay leaf has a chemical called linalool in it that calms the body and mind under 10 minutes of inhaling smoke.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals: It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It boosts your immune system and keeps you protected from different diseases.
  • Promote gut health: Bay leaf improves digestion, makes the gut healthy, and protects from a stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.


How does a bay leaf attract money and love

How does a bay leaf attract money and love: person holding green flower bouquet

Bay leaf smoke when inhaled relax your mind and body. It also increases your psychic power and ability to manifest your wishes and desire.

It increases alertness and helps you to focus on your goal while you’re manifestation techniques like visualization and affirmation.

Plus, it increases mindfulness and removes negative energy from your surroundings and your body.

Burning a bay leaf with your wishes written on it helps you to communicate with the universe about your goal and desire.

Use the bay leaf to attract money and love( explained in detail)

The method of manifesting your desire using the bay leaf doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Many witches use this powerful herb during rituals, but let me assure you it is not witchcraft. It can be practiced by anyone as it is based on your intention.

There are two ways you can use the bay leaf to attract money and love: burning the bay leaf and placing it in your wallet or pillow

First, we will talk about the general steps for using the bay leaf and then discuss specifically how to attract money and love.

6 steps to burn a bay leaf to manifest

1. Requirements and choosing a place for ritual

You need to create your sacred workspace while manifesting using the bay leaf. Choosing a place where you do your daily prayer and practice manifestation is preferable.

Clean and clear the negative energy from your space using crystal or burning sages. Make sure that no one disturbs you during the whole process.

Next, gather all things that you need to effectively complete the rituals. For bay leaf manifestation you need these things:

  • A fire bowl or a cast iron pan: It prevents you from burning yourself and starting a fire.
  • A candle(White): Burning a candle increases your focus and calms your mind. It can be also used to burn the bay leaf.
  • A lighter or matches to start a fire.
  • Twizzlers to hold the leaf.
  • A permanent marker or pen to write your affirmation on the leaf.

You can burn the bay leaf both inside and outside of the house. There is no rigid rule for that. And, you can use both whole or torn bay leaf for manifestaiton. Both types of leaves work equally well.

Grab Bay Leaf To Manifest Your Dream

2. Decide what you want to manifest and write them on a leaf

By now you have collected all the materials that are required and chosen a place where you are going to start the ritual.

Next, decide what you want to manifest. Be as clear and specific as possible about your goals and dreams. Plus, in the beginning, focus on one goal to build because having too many goals makes you distracted and overwhelmed.

After deciding what you want to manifest, write the affirmation about your goal. Your affirmation about your goals should be short and simple so that it can fit on a bay leaf.

You can draw the symbol for your desire on a bay leaf instead of writing an affirmation. Here are some of the common symbols to draw on it:

  • X (Gift) Gebo
  • ᚠ (Wealth) Feb
  • ᛋ (Success) Sowilo
  • $(to attract money)

Now, take a bay leaf and write an affirmation, and draw a symbol that is suitable for your desire on it with a permanent marker or pen. Write your desire on the rough side of a leaf.

However, don’t put too much pressure while writing or drawing. You don’t want to damage the bay leaf before you burn it.

It is not necessary to wash the bay leaf before you writing or burning them.

3. Set your intention before you burn

After you have finished writing about your goal on the bay leaf, you need to set your intention.

To set the intention and channel your wants and wishes, focus on your desire, visualize it, feel it, and think about it while holding a bay leaf.

Most people find it difficult to focus on their goal during the ritual as negative feelings, doubts, and fear pop up in their minds. You might find yourself in a similar situation while infusing your desire in the bay leaf.

You see, having negative thoughts and fear while focusing on your goal is a common phenomenon. You don’t need to stress too much about it.

It is not true that you won’t manifest your dream and desire if you have doubt and negative feelings about it while burning a bay leaf. On the contrary, holding a bay leaf and thinking about your wishes is enough to set the intention.

4. Burn the powerful bay leaf to communicate with the universe

Before burning a bay leaf to release your wish into the universe, make sure you’re in a safe environment. Have a glass of water nearby by your ritual place.

Use a fire bowl or cast iron pan to burn the leaf. Hold the bay leaf with the tweezer to prevent yourself from getting burned.

After taking safety precautions, burn the leaf and carefully watch the fumes carry your wishes and intentions out into the universe. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fully burned to communicate with the universe.

And, you can burn more than one leaf with the caveat that each leaf represents a separate wish.

To make this ritual more effective, simply repeat your affirmation and desire in your mind and visualize as if you already received your gift from the universe.

5. Show gratitude and let go of the outcome

Throughout the process, you should be open to receiving the gift from the universe. Remove all the resistance and negative feeling from your heart to truly connect with the infinite intelligence through the burning of bay leaf.

After you finished the ritual, look up to the sky, and show gratitude to the universe. Give thanks to the universe for manifesting your wishes and desires into reality.

Now, with the expectation to receive the gift, go about your day. However, don’t fret too much over the outcome of your desire. Believe that the universe received your message and the gift is on its way to you.

6. Place the ashes back in nature

After burning the bay leaf, place the remaining ashes back in nature from where they came. Blow the ashes in the air thanking them for helping you to communicate with the universe.

We’ve completed discussing the general steps for burning a bay leaf for manifestation. Now, let’s specifically talk about how to attract money and love using a bay leaf.

Use Bay Leaf to attract money

Use Bay leaf to attract money: fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes

If you’re trying this manifestation technique for the first time, I’d suggest you ask for a small and significant amount that is believable.

Choosing to manifest million dollars when you’ve not manifested a dollar yet can create resistance and doubt in your mind.

After selecting a believable amount to manifest, create a powerful and short affirmation about money to write on a bay leaf. Here are some of the money affirmations at your disposal:

  • I love money and I attract money.
  • Money loves me and I easily attract $50.

You can draw a dollar sign on a leaf instead of writing an affirmation.

There are two methods of attracting money using the bay leaf. First, burn the bay leaf as we’ve discussed above. Second, place a bay leaf in your wallet, or leave it under the pillow.

Use Bay leaf to attract love

To attract love, write the person’s name and your name on a bay leaf. Then, set your intention and infuse your desire into it.

Remember, you have to be specific and clear about your love partner and your wishes as the universe will deliver exactly what you want in your life.

Create affirmations about your wishes like these:

  • I attract love into my life.
  • I deserve love.
  • Thank you universe sending me the love of my life.

Either place the bay leaf under the pillow or burn it using the methods described above to receive your gift from the universe.


Related Questions

Q1: Where to get bay leaf?

You can find bay leaf at a local supermarket in the herb and spice section. Or, you can try online to buy bay leaf for your ritual.

Q2:Do you burn fresh or dried leaves?

You can use both fresh or dried leaves for the manifestation of your dream. However, I recommend using dry leaves as they easily get burned as compared to fresh ones.

Q3: When is the best time to burn bay leaves?

Anytime is the best time to burn bay leaves. It is not obligatory to burn bay leaves during a full moon or new moon. You can do a ritual as many times as you wish to do it. In this case, follow your intuition.

Q4: How many leaves can you burn at a time?

You can burn as many bay leaves as you’d like but each leaf should represent a different desire. I advise you to use 3-4 depending on what you’re using them for.

Bay leaves are easily accessible herbs commonly used in cooking for flavor and fragrance. However, you can use the bay leaf to attract money and love into your life.

To attract money and love, keep a bay leaf under the pillow or burn it after setting intention into it. Take precautions while burning bay leaves in your house to avoid any accidents.

After finishing the ritual of burning bay leaf, show gratitude to the universe for manifesting your desire and wishes in your life.