Websites and forums are great sources to teach yourself about the law of attraction and manifestation.

Though YouTube videos are popular and easy to consume, in my opinion, learning from website and forum are more effective. How?

First, you can easily skim through blog posts to find the key points. Unlike watching a video, reading content on websites is an active process. Also, it demands you to be more attentive and imaginative. Thus, you’ll be able to understand and remember better while reading than watching videos about the law of attraction.

In addition, online forums, where like-minded people share knowledge and personal experience, can save you a lot of time in the long run. You’ll get instant solutions to problems that most people in the community have already faced before. You’ll get support, inspiration, and motivation by being a part of a law of attraction forum.

That said, it may take a lot of time or may lead to frustration if you try to figure out the best law of attraction websites and forums on your own. That’s why I have compiled a list of the most popular and legit websites and forums for you.

20+ Best law of attraction websites and Forums (Recommended by the law of attraction enthusiasts)


Arguably, is one of the largest law of attraction communities online. With over a whopping 7.2 million Facebook followers and 67.1 thousand Twitter followers, it is one of the leading and trusted sources for the law of attraction.

In 2014, Andrew Shorten and Paul Gunter, founders of Greater Minds, published under it. Since then, this website has been helping millions of people from 171 countries to live purposeful, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

At, you will get access to lots of free content, proven and powerful exercises, free law of attraction tool kit, and educational programs created by the world’s leading Law of attraction teachers such as Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Dr. Travis Taylor, and Kathrine Hurst. Dr. Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle have been featured in one of the most famous laws of attraction documentaries– The Secret.



It has hundreds of original and inspiring articles and videos about the law of attraction and manifestation. Also, you can get access to private coaching called Energy Coaching with Melody Fletcher and Tina MacDonald which is created to help people understand and know their true potential and purpose in life.

Melodyfletcher, half German and Half American and creator of, was making tons of money as a corporate executive. Though she was financially successful which most people dream of, she felt stressed, overworked, and unsatisfied. That leads her to embark on a journey to find the key to happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Immersing herself in the philosophy of Abraham-Hicks, Neale Donal Walch, Eckhart Tolle, and Sanaya Roman, she finally discovered what it takes to live a purposeful and satisfying life.

Applying newly discovered knowledge, she went from quitting a soul-sucking job in 2010 to build multiple 6-figure businesses, from attracting abusive relationships to dating intelligent and gorgeous men, and from being overweight to getting slimmer and healthier by losing 100 pounds. And, now she teaches people her way to live life on



Sarah Prout, the law of attraction and manifestation expert, is a well-recognized speaker, who has shared the stage with global leaders such as Tonny Robbins, and an international best-selling author. She has been featured in Goalcast, Mindvalley, Dailymail, and many other leading personal development platforms.

With over 10 years of experience, she has been inspiring people to live their greatest life. She delivers practical and authentic advice. She believes that anyone’s life can be transformed positively with self-leadership, creativity, and a strong connection between one’s heart and mind., which has 828 thousand Facebook followers and 44 thousand Twitter followers, gives access to many free articles and podcasts on the law of attraction and manifestation.



It is the self-improvement journey of its founder Esther who over the past few years has dedicated herself to becoming the best version she possibly could be using the principle of the law of attraction.

She shares everything she has learned in her journey of personal growth at to help other people live their life with purpose and meaning as she does.

It provides access to inspiring and practical content about the law of attraction, journaling, tarot, and soul care. It helps you to attract your wildest dreams and desire.



To become the most trusted and largest resource for the law of attraction and manifestation, Alison, creator of, share everything she has learned about it for about 15 years.

She provides original content that inspires and encourages people to change their mindset from scarcity to abundance. She talks about manifesting money, love and relationship, health, weight loss, and many other things.

Though her blog is mainly focused on mothers and females, anyone can get inspiration and knowledge from



For Elizabeth Daniels, founder of, manifesting using the law of attraction is as easy as pie. Since a young age, she has been using the law of attraction to manifest her desire. She has successfully manifested good grades, trips, love, money, pets, recovering from illness, and many more.

Seeing her amazing manifestation skill, many people started asking her to help them with the manifestation of goals. Then, she decided to share her knowledge and techniques with other people online. That’s how she created

Now, it has over 100k monthly readers and 16.1 Facebook followers mainly due to the most updated, inspirational, and practical content. If you want to hone your manifestation skill to manifest money, love, health, or any of your desire, is the right place to go.



Awarded for the best law of attraction blog, created by Andrea Schulman provides unique content that inspires people to have self-belief and helps them align with their goals.

Andrea Schulman, left her teaching jobs to create this website to share her knowledge and decades of expertise on the law of attraction with people across the globe. Now, her website provides paid membership which gives access to 200+ manifesting resources, online courses, and many other law of attraction tools.

Though it is mainly focused on paid content, you can get access to tons of free content too.



It provides content on the law of attraction, psychic reading, love and relationship, mind and body, chakras, meditation, and spirituality.

Ash, who is a certified law of attraction coach, numerologist, and author, created this website to help people discover the secret of the universe and manifest their wildest dream using the law of attraction.

She is a big believer in personal development and gives actionable advice and tips on manifestation, meditation, and spirituality.



Created by Tannaz Chubb and Dr. Wei Chao, teach people about manifestation, mindfulness, meditation, spiritual well-being, and holistic healing.

With countless blog articles, e-books, and courses, it provides insightful and beneficial information on the law of attraction and the manifestation of dreams. Also, it provides content on astrology, numerology, tarot reading, rituals, and spirituality.



India’s award-winning and leading life coach Ajay Mishra, creator of, is also an expert in the law of attraction, subconscious mind programming, and self-transformation psychology.

He helps people discover their passion and purpose in life, and help them live their dream life by achieving their peak potential.

With over 500k YouTube subscribers, 82k Facebook followers, and 43k Instagram followers, he teaches his awesome community about self-development, personal growth, positivity, meditation, career, and business success.




Follower of Abraham-Hicks, Matt created to help people understand the mystery of the universe and apply the law of attraction to manifest their wildest dream.

Over 5 years, he studied the law of attraction, personal development, and characteristics of successful people, and decided to share his knowledge with other people online.

At, you’ll find hundreds of articles about manifesting different desires. Articles are well-written in simple language which makes it a go-to place for a beginner to learn about the law of attraction.



With the help of the law of attraction, John Abraham, founder of, went from being in debt, in depression, and seeing countless failures to achieving financial freedom.

If you ignore tons of review blog posts, has done a great job of presenting valuable content on the law of attraction. It provides legit information about manifesting weight loss, money, health, and relationship.

Plus, you can get access to free ebooks, the law of attraction, and many other useful tools for a successful manifestation.



At, you’ll find hundreds of articles on the law of attraction, manifestation, spirituality, manifestation crystals, animal spirit, numerology, and love and relationship.

After lots of trial and error, Alan, founder of, started getting success at manifesting amazing things. He knew exactly how to apply the law of attraction to manifest any desire. And, he decided to share the same knowledge with other people so they don’t make the same mistake he has already made while manifesting.



A mind movie is a short video clip of about 3 to 5 minutes that has pictures depicting the desire a person has, affirmations that program the subconscious mind to achieve that desire, and usually a piece of uplifting music. Simply put, it is the representation of the future a person wants to manifest.

Though sells an online service for creating a mind movie, you can find tons of valuable content in its blog section.



Kenneth, the founder of, believes in unlocking human potential through the power of positive thinking and habits.

At, you’ll find the best self-help and personal development material for free. You’ll learn about manifestation, the law of attraction, enneagram, affirmation, and many positive things.



At, I have tried to put only the best, genuine, and practical bits of information about the law of attraction. As a beginner, I used to search a lot about the law of attraction on the internet. But, the results I get were mostly fake, over-promising, product-pitching articles. It would take a lot of time to find a good piece of content.

That’s why I decided to build a website on the law of attraction and spirituality to help people get genuine and helpful content. You may find some product pitching here and there on this website. However, this is only to raise money to stay afloat, and I only recommend products that I find helpful.


#17 (Forum) deserves to be on the top of the list of the forum about the law of attraction because of its huge number of members and rigorous registration process.

It has over 18k members and more than one million posts with 44,280 threads at the time of writing. It focuses on avoiding spam and has been doing great work to bring only like-minded people for discussion of Abraham’s teaching and the law of attraction.

If you apply for registration on, you have to wait up to 24 hours or longer to get approved. Because each registration is manually approved to avoid spamming which is a very common and frustrating issue.


#18 (Forum)

In 2006,  Matt created intending to make it one of the largest online spiritual communities.

Today, he is not with us but his dream has come true- has become the largest and most trusted community for people to discuss spirituality, metaphysical, law of attraction, manifestation, supernatural, and esoteric subjects.

Registration is simple and free but may take some time for approval as each new member is checked manually to avoid spamming in the community. After you become a member of the community, you’ll be able to post messages and photos, communicate with another member, respond to the poll, and gain access to a chat room.



It is one of the most active and fertile communities of people who share a common interest such as the law of attraction, manifestation, and spirituality. It helps members to share ideas, raise one’s vibration, and ultimately manifest their intention.

It has over 41k active members helping each other in their manifestation journey. Within this forum, you can find many small groups to join according to your interest and desire such as Abraham-Hicks teaching, changing physical appearance, manifesting-love, and many more.


#20 (Forum)

It is a global online community of people who believe in the law of attraction and manifestation. It has over 10,00 members (co-creators) from 140 countries sharing ideas and helping each other for successful manifestation.

Sign up to create your user page which allows you to join a group, comment, and post messages, photos, and videos.

In my opinion, the design of the website is outdated and not so user-friendly. Plus, there are not many active users on this platform. However, you can join if you’re interested to join the 100-day manifestation challenge.



It has 5381 registered users with over 56,000 posts discussing the law of attraction and manifestation.

Veronica has created this forum to attract like-minded people who respect each other’s opinions and welcome advice and teaching on the law of attraction. The registration process is simple and short. You’ll immediately get accepted to join the community. Then, you’ll be able to share your ideas with other members.


#22 (Forum)

It is free to join the law of attraction forum with the most active users and a vast number of questions and answers.

Remember, it is not the place to hold the general discussion. It provides direct and specific answers to your questions from like-minded people in the community.




I hope this list of the best laws of attraction websites and forums is helpful to you.

Keep increasing your knowledge of the law of attraction by reading blogs or joining the discussion on forums. Remember, you’re the creator of your life. You have the responsibility to make your life better. Keep learning and practicing the law of attraction to manifest the dream life.

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