best subliminal channel on YouTube

Are you looking for the best subliminal channel on YouTube?

Listening to subliminal is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to manifest dreams. 

That said, not all the subliminal channels on YouTube are safe to listen to. And, it can be tough and time-consuming to find the safest and most trusted subliminal channel on your own.

To save you precious time, we have put together a list of the subliminal channels and subliminal makers that are safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

In this post, you’ll find the best subliminal  YouTube channels that are most trusted and recommended. So, keep reading.

Best subliminal channel on YouTube(2022)

Best Subliminal Channels On YouTube: Youtube website screengrab

Here are the subliminal channel you can trust: 

#1 Akuo

Akuo is one of the most trusted subliminal channels on YouTube. You can find many subliminal on Akuo ranging from changing one’s physical appearance and beauty to self-help for getting success in life. Most people experience the subliminal of Akuo working faster and giving a better result. That’s why there are lots of positive reviews about this channel.

YouTube Channel: Akuo (Overview)

Joined Date- Dec 8, 2015
Location- Germany
Total Subscriber- 156K
Total Views- 51,814,438
YouTuber- Akuo
Social Media- Facebook

Visit Akuo YouTube Channel


#2 eggtopia

Subliminals you find on eggtopia are soothing to listen to and works like charm. You can find many subliminals on financial freedom, perfect health, smooth skin, weight loss, and many other things.

YouTube Channel: eggtopia(Overview)

Joined Date- Feb 9, 2013
Location- United States
Total Subscribe- 265K
Total Views- 69,248,839
YouTuber- Irlane Saint-Cyr
Social Media- Instagram

Visit eggtopia YouTube Channel


#3 Rainy vibes

Rainy vibes, a relatively new channel on subliminal, is created by a medical student. She put only subliminal that work faster and better. If you want to manifest an attractive and hot hourglass body, small nose, hair growth, and radiant skin, you can easily find the effective subliminals at Rainy vibes to do so.

YouTube Channel: Rainy vibes (Overview)

Joined Date- Mar 25, 2018
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 18.7K
Total Views- 2,338,480
YouTuber- Rocker Amie
Social Media-  Instagram

Visit Rainy vibes YouTube Channel


#4 kapelsu

While looking for the most trusted Subliminals on YouTube, you want to read the testimonials of people who got results after listening to Subliminals from certain channels not only once but every time.

On the Instagram account of Kapelsu, you’ll find before and after pictures of people who successfully manifested their desire by listening to subliminal from it. At kapelsu, you’ll subliminals on manifesting financial freedom, beauty, clear skin, hair growth, changing physical appearance, and many more.

YouTube Channel:kapelsu (Overview)

Joined Date- Jan 9, 2018
Location- United Kingdom
Total Subscriber- 217K
Total Views- 81,915,102
YouTuber- Kapelsu
Social Media- Instagram

Visit kapelsu YouTube Channel


#5 baejin cafe

In the subliminal world, the baejin cafe is one of the popular subliminal YouTube channels that most people recommend. It not only provides the safest subliminal channel on every imaginable topic but also includes forced subliminal music to get overnight results.

YouTube Channel:baejin cafe (Overview)

Joined Date-  Jun 29, 2017
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 134K
Total Views- 45,977,552
YouTuber- N/A
Social Media-  Instagram

Visit baejin cafe YouTube Channel


#6 Solar subs

Subliminals from Solar subs do not contain any negative frequencies, clutter, or blockage. In this YouTube channel, you’ll find the list of subliminals that are proven to work. Do you want to manifest your desire or change your physical appearance? Why not visit Solar subs for the guaranteed results?

YouTube Channel: Solar subs (Overview)

Joined Date- Jan 28, 2018
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 141K
Total Views- 41,685,856
YouTuber- Solarinite
Social Media- Instagram

Visit Solar subs YouTube Channel


#7 Beauty Kryztalized

With hundreds of success stories available on its Instagram account, Beauty Krystalized is definitely a trusted and legit subliminal channel. Listen to awesome free subliminal for weight loss, manifesting a perfect body, height growth, attracting a luxurious lifestyle, and many more.

Not only that, if you want to listen to subliminal that fit perfectly with your dream, you can order a personalized subliminal that will help you achieve your unique dream.

YouTube Channel: Beauty Kryztalized (Overview)

Joined Date- Feb 18, 2016
Location- Canada
Total Subscriber- 174K
Total Views- 42,471,292
YouTuber- Krysta
Social Media- Instagram

Visit Beauty Kryztalized YouTube Channel


#8 Luminalplay 

Kylie, the subliminal creator at Luminalplay, has five years of experience in making subliminal affirmations. She calls her subliminal affirmations “One Day formula” as listening to them can get you the result within the first day. 

Not convinced with her big claim? You can find many testimonials at Luminalplay where people are sharing their success stories with her that they got after listening to the Luminalplay’s subliminals.

YouTube Channel: Luminalplay  (Overview)

Joined Date- Aug 4, 2017
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 132K
Total Views- 49,848,673
YouTuber- Kylie
Social Media- N/A

Visit Luminalplay  YouTube Channel


#9 HypnoDaddy

HypnoDaddy is the most controversial subliminal channel on YouTube. There is one school of thought that says he put negative affirmation on subliminal while others believe his subliminal works quite well, and he did not put any bad affirmations into them.

Confused? Well, you’ve to listen to the HypnoDaddy’s subliminal for yourself to find the truth.

YouTube Channel: HypnoDaddy (Overview)

Joined Date- Jun 22, 2014
Location- India
Total Subscriber- 163K
Total Views- 44,907,374
YouTuber- N/A
Social Media- Facebook

Visit HypnoDaddy YouTube Channel


#10 Mark Reynolds Subliminals

With his subliminals, Mark Reynold has changed the lives of thousands of his viewers. People find his subliminal relaxing to listen to and work fast when it comes to manifesting dreams

At Mark Reynolds Subliminals YouTube channel, you can find many free subliminals on personal development, mindset, relationship, manifesting desire, getting success in career and life, and many more. Also. he provides subliminal that will help you get rid of the toxic people in your life

YouTube Channel: Mark Reynolds Subliminals (Overview)

Joined Date- Sep 29, 2015
Location- United Kingdom
Total Subscriber- 72.1K
Total Views- 31,343,060
YouTuber- Mark Reynolds
Social Media- Facebook

Visit Mark Reynolds Subliminals YouTube Channel


#11 Beau Subliminals

Do you want to look like your favorite actor or actress? You can do that by listening to subliminal from Beau Subliminals. You can find tons of subliminals on changing one’s voice, facial structure, hair growth, perfect skin.

YouTube Channel: Beau Subliminals (Overview)

Joined Date- Nov 12, 2018
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 25.6K
Total Views- 45,566,388
Social Media-  Instagram

Visit Beau Subliminals YouTube Channel


#12 Vel

Vel is quite popular among people for its safe and proven subliminal affirmations. At Vel, you’ll find the subliminals on being talented, beautiful, and rich. Plus, it also provides subliminals to change your appearance.

Vel’s subliminal affirmations are wrapped up in soothing music that will never let you get tired and have side effects such as headache, for which you need to drink lots of water if you have any.

YouTube Channel: Vel (Overview)

Joined Date-  Nov 12, 2018
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- N/A
Total Views- 45,566,388
YouTuber- Velmental
Social Media- N/A

Visit Vel YouTube Channel


#13 Sapien Medicine

Do you want to manifest health for yourself or someone? It is possible to manifest health without any medication or diet regime.

For this, you have to give the subconscious mind positive suggestions, so that it can change the body’s physiology and biochemistry to bring order out of the chaos which prevails in a diseased body.

By listening to subliminal from Sapien Medicine, you can fight chronic disease and gain health that was lost in the darkness for decades. Basically, Sapien Medicine provides the safest and legit subliminal to manifest a perfectly healthy body.

YouTube Channel: Sapien Medicine(Overview)

Joined Date-  Feb 3, 2011
Location-United States
Total Subscriber- 213K
Total Views- 84,540,773
YouTuber- N/A
Social Media-  Instagram

Visit Sapien Medicine YouTube Channel


#14 Minds in Unison

What could be more reassuring than listening to subliminal from someone who has been a hypnotherapist for decades? 

Thomas Hall, the creator of Mind in Unison, is a hypnotherapist who has been practicing for over 11 years now. He provides subliminals that help people get out of the deep-rooted fear and to fight addictions. In addition to that, you can find many subliminals at Mind in Unison that will help you achieve your desire.

YouTube Channel: Minds in Unison (Overview)

Joined Date-  May 2, 2009
Location- United Kingdom
Total Subscriber- 472K
Total Views- 86,344,361
YouTuber-Thomas Hall
Social Media- Facebook, Instagram

Visit Minds in Unison YouTube Channel



KOTTIE subliminal started in 2017 has now gained over 100K subscribers due to the powerful and effective subliminal that people rave about. You can find subliminal about weight loss, nose job, clear skin, and many other topics. 

In addition to that, you can request the creator for personalized subliminals at KOTTIE for free.

YouTube Channel: KOTTIE(Overview)

Joined Date-  Jan 5, 2017
Location-  Indonesia
Total Subscriber-  107K
Total Views-  24,985,278
YouTuber- N/A
Social Media- Instagram

Visit KOTTIE YouTube Channel


#16 vetala

With years of experience and knowledge about creating subliminal audios, the creator of vetela has shared many subliminal boosters and subliminal on various topics.  You can listen to these subliminal for free at vetala but, sadly, you have to pay a certain fee if you want personalized subliminal.

YouTube Channel: vetela (Overview)

Joined Date- Sep 13, 2016
Location- Turkey
Total Subscriber- 131K
Total Views- 86,344,361
YouTuber- 51,651,027 
Social Media- Instagram

Visit vetela YouTube Channel


#17 ms. elixir

Looking for subliminals that are not only safe but also give permanent results?

ms. elixir has created subliminals on many topics that are safe and give permanent results. It provides subliminal with beautiful music that will not hurt your ear even if you listen to them for long. 

YouTube Channel: ms. elixir (Overview)

Joined Date- Jun 24, 2019
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 86.1K
Total Views- 22,591,206 
YouTuber- N/A
Social Media- Instagram

Visit ms.elixir YouTube Channel


#18 Synergy

Cee, the creator of synergy, is a law of attraction coach, intuitive reader, and subliminal maker. She makes subliminal that contain only positive affirmations that help you program your subconscious mind in order to manifest your desire.

YouTube Channel: Synergy(Overview)

Joined Date- Jun 6, 2016
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 210K
Total Views- 98,744,564 
YouTuber- Cee
Social Media- Instagram

Visit Synergy YouTube Channel


#19 SF station

SF station creates detailed and powerful subliminal that will definitely give you instantly noticeable results. It also creates powerful subliminal booster and blockage removal.

YouTube Channel: SF station (Overview)

Joined Date- Mar 19, 2019
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 99.4K
Total Views- 19,641,131
YouTuber- SF
Social Media- N/A

Visit SF station YouTube Channel


#20 halo

Halo is a popular subliminal channel on YouTube. It has hundreds of subliminals on beauty and manifesting dream body. Want to manifest long and thick hair, hazel eyes, bigger breasts, sharp jawline, good grades, or a dream job? You can find many effective subliminals on these topics and many more at the halo.

YouTube Channel: halo (Overview)

Joined Date-  Oct 8, 2018
Location- United States
Total Subscriber- 91K
Total Views- 24,175,807
YouTuber- N/A
Social Media- Instagram

Visit halo YouTube Channel


How to know if subliminal is bad? (Side effects)

If you’re listening to subliminal that have negative affirmation, you may experience:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nightmares
  • Fear
  • mental and physical weakness.

Most people who create subliminal for free insert affirmation for their personal gains. Stop listening to the subliminal immediately if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms.

subliminal side effects

How to know which subliminal channel to avoid?

To know which subliminal channel to avoid, keep these things in mind.

  • Subscriber: If a subliminal channel has thousands of subscribers, that means it is popular among people. So, keep an eye on the number of subscribers and engagement of users in the community section of the channel to find its popularity.
  • Comment section: Go to the comment section and find what people are saying about the subliminal videos on the channel. If you find comments that are mostly positive, it means the channel has proven an effective subliminal.
  • Research: Do some research about the subliminal channel. Find what other people saying about it on different online forums and websites.
  • See for yourself: Sometimes, reading mixed suggestions from people about a subliminal channel or creator can be confusing. In that case, you can listen to certain subliminals to find out whether it works or not. 



As I have already mentioned, subliminal affirmations are the easiest and fastest way to change one’s subconscious mind programming as you can avoid the interference of the conscious mind.

But, you’ve to be cautious while listening to subliminal for the free source as most of them have negative affirmations. Listen to the subliminal from the trusted source only. If you experience any side effects after listening to the subliminal, stop listening as it may hurt you more than give you any result.

Hope you find this list of the best subliminal channel on YouTube helpful and time-saving.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are YouTube subliminal safe?

Yes, YouTube subliminal are safe. But, listening to subliminal from trusted channels put negative subliminal to increase their subscriber and views only. Such subliminal may affect your manifestation.

Q2. Are Beau subliminal safe?

Yes, Beau subliminals are safe.

Q3. Is baejin cafe safe?

Yes, baejin cafe subliminals are safe. It has thousands of subscribers. Plus, most people have a positive review about it in the comment section of the channel.

Q4. Is Hypno Daddy safe?

Yes,  Hypno Daddy subliminals are safe.

Q5. Is kaplsu safe?

Yes, subliminals by kaplsu are safe to listen to.

Q6. Is vel subliminal safe?

Yes, vel subliminals are safe.

Q7. How many times should you listen to a subliminal?

You can listen to subliminal 2 to 3 times a day at any time.

Q8. Can you listen to subliminal without headphones?

Yes, you can listen to subliminal without headphones.

Q9. Is it okay to have multiple subliminal in one playlist?

It is okay to have multiple subliminal in one playlist. However, if you focus on a single goal with a single subliminal, you’ll get your result faster.

Q10. Can you listen to multiple subliminal?

We don’t recommend listening to multiple subliminal at the same time. Focus on one goal and listen to one subliminal at a time. You’ll get faster results with subliminal if you focus on a single subliminal at a time.