If you want to shift to your desired reality while sleeping then the blanket method for shifting reality is best for you.

There are lots of sifting reality methods that you can find. Remember different methods of shifting work for different people.

The blanket method is very popular and it has worked for many people. Try this method to shift into your desired reality.

Remember, for this method to work, you need to believe that you can shift with this sifting method and it is possible to shift. Now, let’s move into how to do the blanket method for shifting.

What is the blanket method for shifting?

The blanket method is one of the sleeping shifting methods. It was created by one of the users of Amino.

In this method, you have to cover yourself with the blanket and imagine yourself to be in your desired reality. Imagine that you are in a room in your DR covered with the blanket and when you uncover it you will be in that reality.

How to do the Blanket method? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Here is how to do the blanket method for shifting the realities:

Step 1: Prepare

To shift to your desired reality, first, you have to prepare yourself.

Start scripting about the DR experience you are going to have. Write about the desired reality you want to be in.  Write about your role there, your personality, and the activities that you are going to perform in that reality.

Next, you should feel confident about yourself. You should believe that it is possible to for shifting and you can shift to whatever place you want to be. Remind yourself that shifting is possible.

Don’t let negative thoughts and doubts appear in your consciousness about shifting.

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Step 2: Raise your vibrations

Then, you have to raise your vibration.

That means you have to increase your energy level. For that, you can do meditation, listen to your favorite music, or listen to a subliminal. In short, do anything that makes you happy to raise your vibration.

When your energy is high, you find yourself easy to shift. When you’re vibrating with high energy then programming the subconscious mind becomes easy. You can easily instruct the subconsciousness to shift yourself to the Desire reality.

Step 3: Cover yourself with a blanket

Once you know where you are about to shift and what experience you will have,  cover yourself with the blanket of your current reality.

Lie comfortably on a bed. It is suggested to cover your head too.

However, some people are claustrophobic. Those, who fear being alone, can let their head out of the blanket. But, in that case, you need to close your eyes tightly.

Step 4: Recite shifting affirmations

Being covered with a blanket and vibrating with high energy, recite the shifting affirmations related to your desired reality. Say these affirmations aloud until you feel it is enough.

When you feel that you have recited enough affirmations, start counting from 100 to o and visualize yourself in your desired reality.

Imagine yourself lying in a bed in the desired reality. You’re covered with the blanket but in another reality. You’re listening to your affirmations in your DR from the person lying in that bed.

Keep saying, “I am shifted.” “I am shifted.” ” I am shifted.” Feel the energy while reciting the affirmations. Feel as if you’re already in your desired reality. And, believe that it is possible to shift.

Step 5: Open your eyes when you feel shifting symptoms

If you have done the above steps right, you will experience the shifting symptoms like dizziness and a feeling disconnected from your body.

When you feel these symptoms, it means you are ready to shift into your desired reality. Now, you can uncover yourself and open your eyes. You will be in your desired reality.

This is how the blanket method helps you to shift into your desired reality


To sum up, the blanket method for shifting has worked for many people. They have used it to shift to a new reality. That means it is possible to shift with the Blanket Method.

Try this method with the belief that it is possible to shift. And, you’ll be shifted.

But if you failed at shifting, don’t beat yourself.  You can shift using other methods too.  Remember different method works for different people.  What you need to do is to keep trying and eventually you will shift to your desired reality.