Do you feel anxiety while manifesting? And worry that your anxious thought will manifest into reality? 

Manifesting can cause anxiety. It can bring fear, doubt, and negative thoughts to your consciousness. It can paralyze you and make your life worse if you don’t act against it.

Can manifesting your dream cause anxiety? How can manifestation make you anxious, and how to deal with it?

In this post, you’ll find answers to these questions. So, keep scrolling.

Can manifesting cause anxiety?

If you’re feeling anxious while trying to manifest your dream, don’t worry too much. That’s because everyone feels anxious and has fears while manifesting something big that they have never done it before.

So, it is normal to feel anxious when manifesting.

However, if you’re very anxious and fearful about your manifestation then you have to take steps to deal with it. Worrying too much about whether you’ll succeed in manifesting your dream or not can prevent you from achieving your goal.

But, first, let’s learn why people feel anxious while manifesting.

Reasons for feeling anxious during manifestation:

  • Having an unrealistic goal: You should think big. However, keep in mind that, you’ll have anxious thoughts when you have a big goal. Whenever you think of a big goal that is unrealistic at least for now, your mind starts to create negative thoughts about it and you’ll feel anxious that you’re not going to achieve it.
  • Having an unrealistic deadline: Not all goals and dreams are the same. Some take a shorter time to manifest while others may take years or decades. If you set a very short deadline for manifesting a goal that requires more time and effort, you’re set for failure. You’ll surely feel anxious when you don’t see your goal manifested into reality when the deadline approaches.
  • Trying to be positive all the time: Remember, you don’t need to be happy and positive all the time. It can make you dizzy by draining your energy especially if you’re consciously trying to be happy and positive all the time. And, you may feel anxious when negative thoughts come in while trying to be positive.
  • Focusing on the outcome: If you’re obsessed with the outcome of your manifestation, you’ll feel anxious.
  • Not believing in the law of attraction: Another reason why you may feel anxious while manifesting is not believing in the law of attraction.
  • Victim of self-destructive belief system: Believe it or not, if you’re too much anxious about your manifestation, then you should blame your belief system. Maybe your belief is not compatible with your goal. Even if you consciously want something, your belief system doesn’t believe in your goal.

Now, you know that manifesting can cause anxiety and the reasons for it. Next, you’ll find how to get rid of anxiety while manifesting. You’ll find different ways to manifest when feeling anxious.

How to deal with anxiety while manifesting?

  • Make a realistic goal: First, start with a small goal. Set a goal that your belief system doesn’t raise questions about. Manifesting a small goal prevents you from anxious thoughts and can give you the confidence to manifest a big goal in long run.
  • Set a believable timeline: Do some research and analyze your condition to come up with a deadline to manifest your goal which you know you manifest by then.
  • Don’t resist negative thoughts: You simply can’t be happy and positive all the time. So, don’t try hard to do so. It is okay to have negative thoughts but don’t give attention to them. In another word, don’t resist them, instead, understand them.
  • Make a plan to manifest your goal: It is true that the law of attraction can help you manifest your goal. But, you need to take some action towards your goal by yourself. You need to make a plan for your goal to kill the doubt and fear that arise due to not taking action towards the goal.
  • Read success stories: You can find tons of people who have already achieved the things that you want to manifest. Read their journey. Get inspired. It will help you to make yourself believe that it is possible to manifest your dream because someone like you has already done that.
  • Focus on the process, not on the outcome: Worrying about the outcome of your manifestation is futile. It is not in your control. But, what is in your control is practicing the law of attraction and you should focus on it only.
  • Don’t ridicule yourself: You deserve success. You’re capable of manifesting success. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re equally capable and deserving of success like most successful people.
  • Meditation and gratitude: Add meditation to your routine. It will help you get rid of negative thoughts. Plus, feel gratitude every day.


You can feel anxious while manifesting your goal, especially if it is a big one. Don’t get too caught up in it because it is normal to feel anxious while trying to be or get something you have not done before.

If you’re too much anxious about your manifestation, follow the above-mentioned steps and you’ll be good. I hope this post helps you get rid of anxious thoughts while manifesting.

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