Imagine bringing your friends into your desired reality. Imagine you and your friend in the perfect world of yours having fun together.

Is it possible? Can you shift with your friends to the same reality? Is group shifting possible?

In this article, you will find what group shifting is, whether it is possible or not, and how to do group shifting. So, keep reading.


What is group shifting?

Shifting reality is the process of transferring your consciousness from the current reality to your desired reality. It allows you to experience the reality you want but can not or is not possible to achieve in your current reality.

Group shifting, basically, is shifting to another reality with the people from your current reality so that you and your friends can have fun in your desired reality together.

To shift in the group, you have to take consent from your friends. You cannot force someone to shift with you.

You can shift to your new reality with as many friends as you can. There is no limit to it.

However, if you are shifting in the group then all of the members should have the same script. They should agree with each other there should not be any conflict between members.

Group shifting is possible even if your friends are not in the same room. You can shift into your desired reality with friends who lived in different cities or in different countries. But the catch is you all have to have the same script for shifting.

To shift in the group, you don’t have to use the same method of shifting and you don’t have to start shifting at the same time.


Can you do group shifting?

Just like individual shifting, group shifting is quite possible. You can shift into your desired reality with your friends.

That being said group shifting is a complex than individual sitting, and you have to take care of certain things before trying group shifting.

  • To successfully shift in a group, it is suggested that all the members of the group must have shifted once.
  • While group shifting, the shifting script of each member should be similar. There should not be any conflict between the scripts of members.
  • It is better to shift with a person whom you know better. There should be an emotional connection between you and your friend so that both of your minds can work in unison.
  • It is advised to shift with one person in the beginning. That’s because when you shift in a group with multiple people, it increased the complexity and delays the shifting process.


How does group shifting work?

Similar to individual shifting, if you instruct your subconscious mind to shift into your desired reality, you will be shifted there with your friends.

Group shifting works when all the members of the group have the exact same shifting script. They can use a different method of shifting and starts shifting at a different time in different places but they must have the same shifting script.

Now you know that is it possible to shift in a group and how it works. Let’s talk about how to do group shifting.

How to do group shifting?

Here are the steps that you need to follow for group shifting:

#1 Have a common desired reality and goal

First of all, for group sitting, you have to decide on a common desired reality and goal.

All the members of your group should agree with your desired reality. They should give consent that they are ready for sitting with you and then only you can proceed.

Remember, for group shifting, you should have a clear picture of your desired reality, the role of each member of the group, and the activities that you are going to do in that reality. And, you should also have to come to a conclusion and find a reason for sitting together.


#2 Write the same script

To successfully shift into the same reality as a group, all the members of the group should have the same script. And, they all should agree with it.

Scripting and common understanding between the member of the group is the key to group shifting.

To create a script for sifting work together as a team. Each member should contribute while making a script and your final script should make everyone happy.

You can do this by inviting your friends for getting together or talking with them online.

Google docs can be great to make scripts for shifting as a group as each member can edit the shifting script and all can see the edited version and they can give suggestions or correct them easily.

Remember, you should have a script that everyone agrees upon for successful group shifting.

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#3 Use the waiting room and enjoy your group shifting

As mentioned above, each member in your group can use any method or start shifting at any time for group shifting.

While group shifting, use the waiting room where you can meet all the members of your group and once all of them come to the waiting room, you can enter into the desired reality through a big door.

For this, all you have to do is imagine a waiting room while doing shifting and put this idea in your shifting script too.


What are the best group shifting methods?

A common misconception about group shifting is that you have to use the same shifting method. It is not true.

People prefer to use a different method. Different methods of shifting work for different people. You can totally shift in a group using different methods.

So what are the best methods for group shifting? Use the methods that you like the most and which work best for you.



To sum up, group shifting is possible. You can do group shifting with your friends and enjoy a common desired reality.
It is similar to individual shifting. The important thing that it helps in group shifting is to have a common safety script. It is the key to group shifting.
And, remember group shifting is a complex process. It will take some time. So, you have to keep trying and have patience.


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