5 Powerful Steps to Change the Shape of Nose Using The Law of Attraction

5 Powerful Steps to Change the Shape of Nose Using The Law of Attraction

Do you love your nose?

Out of 100 people, 30 people hate the shape of their noses. You see, nose shape has a tremendous impact on facial attractiveness. And wide, crooked, button or upturned nose certainly won’t enhance the natural beauty of your face.

To change the shape of the nose, most people opt-in for derma filler, thread lift, and rhinoplasty, an expensive surgery that costs $5,409 on average, while others try to create the illusion of a perfect nose by contouring with make-up.

However, we’re not going to talk about these expensive surgeries and procedures to manifest the ideal nose shape in this article. Instead, you’ll discover how to use the law of attraction to change the shape of your nose.


How does the law of attraction can change the shape of your nose?

Though the idea of changing the shape of your nose using the law of attraction sounds weird and far-fetched, it is real and totally doable.

The law of attraction is all about your thoughts, feeling, and mindset. While positive thinking and belief about your desire bring a positive outcome, negative expectations attract negative events into your life.

Plus, your mind influences the body’s physiology and its healing power. That means you can not only heal yourself but also change your body structure with positive thoughts and unwavering belief in the universe.

Hal Elrod, at age 20, was dead for 6 minutes and broke 11 bones in a serious vehicle accident. And, doctors told his parents that he may never walk again as he had permanent brain damage.

However, he had unwavering faith and belief that he is going to walk once again. The doctor thought he was delusional and advised his parents not to have high expectations.

With unwavering faith and belief, he not only did walk again, but he also became an ultra-marathon runner, hip-hop artist, success coach, and international best-selling author.

Like Hal Elrod, you can change your body structure; the shape of your nose if you believe and trust the universe and practice the law of attraction persistently. If he can heal eleven broken bones and brain damage, then why can’t you change the shape of your nose.


5 steps to change the shape of your nose using the law of attraction

Step #1: Get rid of anxiety by accepting your reality

You become worried and stressed every time you see your face in the mirror if you don’t like your nose and don’t accept this reality.

In addition to that, worry and stress are negative energy that not only creates chaos in life but also blocks your manifestation while using the law of attraction.

So, the first step in manifesting the perfect shape nose is to accept yourself as who you are. Accept the current shape of your nose, show gratitude for it, and hope it will get better and better every day with the grace of the universe.

Self-acceptance is necessary for healing and to effectively attract your desire using the law of attraction.

Step #2: Decide what you really want and eliminate doubt

After accepting your reality to get rid of stress, decide and be clear on the shape of the nose you really want.

Maybe, your friends or favorite celebrities have the ideal nose that you want. If you like someone’s nose shape, get pictures of it so that you can effectively communicate with the universe about what you want.

Your job is to decide the ideal nose shape you want. Don’t focus on how you’re going to get. Leave the law of attraction to deal with how part of your goal.

In short, you should eliminate all doubt about the law of attraction and its working process, and trust the universe as well as keep faith in it.

You see, there are infinite possible ways to correct the deformity of your nose and give the ideal shape to your nose. The universe has the best plan to manifest your dream into reality.

Your nose may naturally get into perfect shape, or you may have to go through a nose job, dermal filler, or thread lift.

If you believe and have faith in the universe and keep practicing the manifestation technique, you’ll eventually change the shape of your nose in the best possible way.

Step #3: Visualize a perfect nose and feel your future self

Visualization is the key to the manifestation of desire and dreams using the law of attraction.

It programs the subconscious mind to change the thoughts, beliefs, and behavior of people so that they attract opportunities that give success.

That’s why you should visualize an ideal nose. And, feel that if you’ve already successful at changing the shape of your nose. While visualization changes the neural connection in the brain, the feeling that you bring during visualization enhances your manifestation by raising your vibration.

To effectively visualize, see the picture of people with beautiful noses before you start visualization. Here’s a Pinterest board on perfect noses that will help in your visualization. Click here to see the picture of perfect noses.

Morning and night before going to bed is the best time for visualization and manifestation as you’re already in alpha state of mind that is more receptive your thoughts.

Step #4: Repeat powerful positive affirmation to change the shape of your nose

Affirmations are a powerful positive statement. Just like we tend to believe the false fact to be correct after frequent repetition, repeating affirmations can change our belief about something.

Simply put, you will start to believe that you have got a perfect nose if you repeat the affirmation. Here is the best positive powerful affirmation to change the shape of your nose: 

My nose is beautiful.

Unlimited power within me transforming my nose to a natural beauty.

I enjoy my beautiful and perfect nose.

I have nose that is perfect in shape and size.

Thank you universe for beautiful nose.

Repeat these affirmations in the morning, immediately after you wake up, and at night just before you go to bed.

Step #5: Manifest nose shape without caring too much about it

When you frequently check the outcome of your manifestation, you’re not only going to get discouraged by not seeing the result but also create obstacles in your manifestation journey.

To manifest dreams using the law of attraction, you need to have patience and be persistent.

If you care too much about the result and constantly check it, you show lack, fear, and doubt. And you won’t manifest anything with such feeling.

So, after you send your desire for changing the shape of your nose, keep the faith and trust the universe.

Let it go and enjoy your every moment with joy and happiness. Be receptive to infinite possibilities and allow the universe to manifest your desire into reality.



You can change the shape of your nose or manifest a smaller nose using the law of attraction.

First, you should accept the way you look to get rid of anxiety and worry. Then, be clear on what you want. Visualize your ideal nose. Repeat affirmation to program the subconscious mind to receive the idea that your body can change the shape of your nose.

Most importantly, don’t force the law of attraction and frequently check the outcome. Instead, live every day with joy with faith that you’re going to get the ideal nose from the universe.