According to one research, 79% to 95% of adolescents in westernized societies suffer from acne vulgaris and other skin-related problems.

Most of the time, acne will go on its own. But it leaves behind stubborn hyperpigmentation and scar. They can be more distressing than pimples themselves and are very tough to treat.

Affirmations help you develop a positive mental attitude to cope with the stress of having dull and ugly skin. Believe it or not, it can heal your skin by changing the expression of genes responsible for the skin.

Simply put, it is possible to get clear skin by reciting the affirmations.

In this post, you’ll find the best affirmations for clear skin. You’ll also know how to use them for maximum benefit.


Best clear skin affirmations for glowing and healthy skin

These are the best affirmations to get clear skin. You can get healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin by repeating these affirmations:

  1. My thoughts are powerful. My thoughts create my reality. I choose to think positively.
  2. I now release all the negative beliefs and false assumptions about my skin.
  3. The infinite intelligence within me has the power to heal my body.
  4. My subconscious mind has tremendous potential to help me get clear skin. I believe in myself and creative intelligence within me.
  5. I can have clear and beautiful skin if I think so.
  6. And I choose to have clear skin.
  7. I deserve clear skin.
  8. I have spotless skin.
  9. My skin has a natural glow.
  10. I am blessed to have beautiful skin.
  11. Under divine guidance, my skin is getting healthier and clearer every day.
  12. I joyfully accept my new spotless skin.
  13. I appreciate my smooth skin.
  14. I love my skin.
  15. I trust in the immense healing power of my body. I believe in my body’s capability to heal my skin.
  16. Now my body is healing my skin.
  17. I can feel the blood flowing to my skin carrying essential nutrition and elements to heal it.
  18. I feel gratitude for my body’s healing capacity.
  19. What I think, my body obeys. And, I command my body to heal my skin.
  20. My skin is now rejuvenating and repairing itself.
  21. Whatever flaws my skin had now is vanishing by the blessing of Infinite intelligence.
  22. Each and every day my skin is being clear and beautiful.
  23. Divine love fills my skin.
  24. Clear skin is mine now.
  25. I am perfect. My skin is perfect. My skin is beautiful and healthy.
  26. I take good care of my skin every day.
  27. I only eat food that brings glows to my skin.
  28. I only eat food that heals my skin.
  29. My skin is clearing up every day and getting healthier and healthier.
  30. I have clear skin now.
  31. I am noticing a big change in my skin. I am getting clearer skin each day.
  32. I love my skin. It has never been so clear and beautiful.
  33. I am in harmony with my skin.
  34. Everyone admires my beautiful skin.
  35. I am blessed to have clear skin.
  36. My skin looks fair. It looks healthy and rejuvenated. My skin feels smooth. It got its natural tone.
  37. I know my subconscious mind can help me get clear skin. With the affirmations, I command my subconscious to make my skin clear and brighter.
  38. I believe that it is possible to have clear skin.
  39. I trust in the creative intelligence within me and its power to heal my skin.
  40. My skin is healing fast.
  41. I now have clear, beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin.
  42. I am grateful for my clear skin. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

How affirmations can help you get clear skin?

Affirmations are positive statements about a goal you tell yourself repeatedly to make your subconscious mind believe in its possibility. By repeating affirmations, you’re instructing the subconscious to manifest your desire.

The subconscious mind has a set of instruction within it. It governs our thoughts, beliefs, and behavior according to these instructions.

When you implant an idea into the subconscious mind, it immediately executes it without conscious effort. It is more powerful and faster than the conscious mind. It is the creative mind which creates our reality.

Mind and body are interconnected to each other. Our thoughts can bring change in the physiology of the body. Similarly, the body’s position and physiology affect how we think.

In fact,  research has shown that our thoughts can even influence the expression of genes and heal our body by bringing physiological and structural change in the body.

Clear skin affirmations will help you develop belief and set certain rules of instruction for the subconscious mind. So that it will influence gene activity and the body’s physiology to heal skin and get you clear skin.


How to use clear skin affirmations to get glowing and smooth skin fast?

Here is some advice to get clear, smooth, and glowing skin using affirmations within the shortest period of time:

  • Hand copy these affirmations on paper and paste them where you will notice them easily, preferably where you spend most of the time.
  • Every day recite these affirmations. 
  • For maximum result, say your affirmations in the morning immediately after you wake up. And at night before sleeping. During this period, our mind is in the alpha state during which the conscious mind is less active, and the subconscious mind is more receptive to new commands.
  • Before every session of reciting affirmation, calm your mind and body. Find a peaceful place. A dark and quiet room is the best place to say affirmations.
  • Say your affirmations aloud. Or, sound out the words in your head when you’re reading them.
  • Don’t just read them passively. Think about the meaning of every statement you recite.
  • While saying affirmations, negative thoughts might pop up. In that case, don’t give attention to them. Don’t analyze them. 
  • To successfully implant your message into the subconscious mind, you need to feel good while saying the affirmation. Thoughts mixed with emotions can easily get inside the subconscious mind. 
  • Believe in every word and sentence you repeat. Have faith in the infinite intelligence and creative force within you.
  • Imagine yourself already having clear skin while reciting the affirmation.
  • Be consistent. Recite affirmations every day. 
  • Avoid using negative words. Don’t use phrases such as, “I hope” or “I will” in your affirmations.



In summary, you can get clear skin by programming your subconscious mind- the creative mind with affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful statements when repeated enough times create belief and mindset that will eventually lead you to achieve your goal.

To get clear skin, recite the best clear skin affirmations mentioned above. Be consistent with your practice. Daily recite them with full conviction and trust. And, you’ll eventually get clear, healthy, glowing, and radiant skin.

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