Crying While Manifesting: Is It Okay? (Meaning)


Is crying while manifesting okay?

If you’re crying while manifestation your dream and experiencing unusual sensations from chills to goosebumps, what should you do? These can be both good and bad signs. It depends on your emotion and thoughts at that time.

To know why some of us cry while manifesting, and the meaning it holds, keep reading.


Crying while manifesting- Here’s why!

women crying when manifesting

Sometimes, while manifesting your desire or during visualization, you find yourself crying out for no reason.

Though it seems we cry spontaneously without any reason during manifestation, there are some valid reasons for it.

Here are some of the reasons for crying while manifesting:

  • Outburst of positive energy: During manifestation, you may start to cry when you connect with the Universe and know that your dream will come true very soon. It can be an outward expression of gratitude. You may cry when overwhelmed by positive emotion. It’s happy tears. It’s a good thing. Along with these happy tears, you may also get goosebumps and chills all of sudden.
  • Feeling resentment: Another reason for crying while manifesting is due to resentment over something. You may have failed or lost things or someone near to your heart. Anger, frustration, disappointment, bitterness, and hard feeling may cause you to cry while manifesting, especially, if you’re trying to manifest things that make you feel these emotions.
  • Missing someone very badly: When you’re manifesting a specific person or your ex, someone whom you miss very badly, this may be one of the reasons for crying while manifesting. When you focus on someone who has separated from you while manifesting them back, the pain of separation resurfaces in your consciousness, and you start to cry due to it
  • Unexpected sign of manifestation: If you’re crying when manifesting your desire using the law of attraction, it could be a sign that your manifestation is near and you’ll soon receive it. It is one of the unexpected signs that the Universe provides to let you know when you’ll receive your manifestation in reality.

As you can see, there can various meanings of crying while manifesting.  It is important to find out why you cry during manifestation. That’s because it can affect your manifestation journey.


Does crying affect the law of attraction?

Crying can affect the law of attraction both in positive and negative ways.

If you’re crying due to negative feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, resentment, or disappointment, then crying can negatively impact your manifestation. Such negative emotions make one vibrate at a very low level which is not favorable for manifesting any desire.

To manifest any desire, you should have positive thoughts and emotions. You should feel gratitude and have positive expectancy.

Negative feelings like these attract more negative feelings such as fear and doubt. When that happens, either you won’t manifest anything or your manifestation gets pushed further in time and come to you very late.

On the other hand, crying while manifesting can be also a good sign. If you’re crying due to the positive energy that you feel when visualizing or thinking of your goal.

You see, connecting to the sources, gratitude, and a sense of assurance can make you cry. If shed tears of joy or gratitude while manifesting is good things. It aids and speeds up your manifestation process.


Is it good things?

girl cyring when trying to manifest

It might be a good thing to cry while manifesting something. If you’re crying due to joy, happiness, and gratitude then it is a good thing for manifestation.

Crying can boost your manifestation and help you attract your desire into reality faster than you can imagine.

Plus, when you cry during manifestation, it also means that you’ll soon receive your desire into reality. The Universe is sending you a signal to get prepared to receive whatever you’re asking from it.


Is crying bad for manifestation?

You may cry due to sadness, anger, or frustration. If you’re shedding the tear of sadness while manifestation, then it’s bad news.

As I already mentioned, such emotion decreases your vibration and hampers your manifestation.


Can you manifest while crying?

Of course, you can manifest while crying. But, find out why cried in the first place. If you’re crying because of sadness and resentment, then you’ll have a difficult time manifesting your desire.

Tear of joy and happiness can help you in manifesting your desire quickly.

When mixed positive energy of emotion such as gratitude and joy to your thoughts it become superpowerful that has the potential to manifest itself in the real world faster than other ordinary thoughts.

That’s many experts in the law of attraction advocate crying by feeling gratitude and joy while manifesting to manifest desire in a short span of time.


What to do if you’re crying while manifesting?

girl crying while manifesting

When you find yourself crying while manifesting, look out for the cause behind it. Is it negative or positive? Or, is it a sign from the Universe that you’re manifestation is coming to you.

If you’re crying due to positive emotion, then it’s fine and dandy.

However, if you’re having fear, resentment, or disappointment while manifesting, then you need to work on it. You need to get rid of such emotion while manifesting it either by contemplating it or taking action to raise your vibration.


Why do we cry after manifesting desire?

When you cry after manifesting desire, then it’s an expression of gratitude. You’ve received your manifestation from the Universe and you feel gratitude.

When you have too much gratitude or are overwhelmed by it, you start to cry. It’s a good thing.



It’s okay to cry while manifesting. But, you need to find out why you cried.

If fear, resentment, or disappointment cause you to cry, then you need to fix it to raise your vibration so that such emotion does not create any obstacle in your manifestation journey.

If you’re shedding a tear of joy and happiness while manifesting, then it is advised to continue doing so as it boosts your manifestation to many folds.

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