Do Switchwords Work

Switchword, also called a one-word affirmation, makes manifestation much easier and more effective than affirmations that consist of multi-word sentences.

It is claimed that by daily chanting or writing switchwords, you can program your subconscious to produce the desired result. That said, do switchwords deliver on their promises?

Do switchwords work?

Based on my experience and result from people who have been using them for quite a while, I can conclude that switchwords work 90-95% of the time. Indeed, switchwords are magical one-word affirmations that help you manifest your dream by reprogramming the subconscious mind.

In this post, you’ll learn how switchwords work and why they are powerful than an affirmation, and why you should use them. Also, know the correct way to use swtichwords for quick results and manifestation.

Ready? Let’s dive into it.

What is swtichword?

Switchword is a single word or combination of few words that represent your desires or intention.

It doesn’t have any semantic meaning on its own but it posses the power to reprogram your subconscious mind with your intention when chanted frequently.

For instance, COUNT, FIND, ON, TAP are the switchwords to attract money.

As you can see, these swtichwords used for attracting money have no complete meaning alone. They don’t say anything about money either. Yet, believe me, these switchwords can help you manifest unexpected money.


We’ll talk about that later in the post. For now, let’s learn about the nitty-gritty of switchwords.

Types of switchwords

Generally, there are two types of switchwords- basic and master switchwords

  • Basic Switchwords: These switchwords represent the single desire. It can’t be used with other swtichwords to make switchword phrases. For example:: CANCEAL, REACH, CARE, GIVEN, etc.
  • Master Switchwords: These are powerful switchwords that can be used with almost every other switchwords to make switchwords phrases. Also, they can be used in any situation to produce the desired result suddenly. For example: TOGETHER, GOLDEN, LOVE, DIVINE, etc.

When master switchwords are combined with other swtichwords, it creates switchwords phrases that are more powerful and effective to bring your desire into reality.

Here’s the list of most useful and commonly used switchwords:

  • TOGETHER- to produce results in any situation
  • REACH- to locate misplaced object
  • CARE- for better memory
  • DIVINE- represents the highest good that can do all possible things for you
  • LOVE- to receive love and experience it
  • DEVINE ORDER- to get rid of confusion, chaos, and disorder
  • CURVE- to enhance creative and technical skill
  • FIND- to attract money and increase one’s net worth
  • COUNT- to increase sales and make money
  • GIVE- to sell anything
  • GUARD- to avoid danger or loss while doing risky things
  • CANCEL- to destroy negativity
  • ON- to attract dream car
  • SLOW- to make wise decisions
  • UP- to raise your vibration whenever you’re feeling low
  • PRAISE- to stop finding fault in others and for a good relationship

To summarize, switchwords are uniquely chosen words that hold the power to change your belief and behavior on a deeper level. As the name suggests, it switches your energy level instantly whenever you use them.

Like a mantra, switchwords affect the energy within and around you. It helps you connect with the universe and align yourself towards your goal and desire.

Who created switchwords?

James T. Mangan(1896–1970), the best-selling author on the self-help genre, invented switchwords and explained them in his book The Secret of Perfect Living.

James T. Mangan-switchwords inventor

James T. Mangan

In his book, he encourages the reader to focus on mantra-like one-word affirmation to get into the specific mental state and to engage the subconscious mind.

How do switchwords work?

Have you ever felt an instant switch in your energy after listening to a certain song, sniffing certain perfumes, or seeing someone?

I think we’ll have experienced such an instant surge in energy and change in mood, right?

Imagine. You come home after a long day at work feeling low in energy, stressed, and defeated. You’ve no intention to do anything or go anywhere. You just want to lie in bed and rest. You put your headphone on, select your favorite song and click the play button. Within a minute, you started to feel good and full of energy to enjoy the rest of the day. How?

You see, listening to the music you love rekindles the happy memories store deep in your brain. This happens because you’ve unconsciously linked happy memories with your favorite song.

Likewise, swtichwords are associated with your intention and desire. So, whenever you chant them,  you tend to remember your intentions and eventually program the subconscious mind with them.

Simply put, switchwords work by programming your subconscious mind with your desire and intention.

Your belief, behavior, and mindset change, once you become successful at programming your subconscious mind. You become aligned with your goal. You start to think and take subconscious action that eventually gets you to your desired goal.

Why switchwords are better than affirmations?

Both switchwords and affirmations are based on the principle of repetition of ideas or intention to program the subconscious mind.

However, swithcwords are far more effective and powerful when it comes to impressing your subconscious with your desires.

Here’s why switchwords are better than an affirmation:

  • Switchwords are short and simple to say while affirmation with multi-word sentences takes longer to recite.
  • Affirmations have some meaning that is analyzed by the conscious mind. When the conscious mind finds the pieces of information that you’re repeating not true, it won’t allow them to enter into the subconscious level. However, that’s not the case with switchwords.
  • Since switchwords are made up of a single word without any meaning on their own, they can easily slip through the conscious mind of a person into the subconscious mind. 

Though switchwords work better than affirmations, it doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the power of affirmation or stop using them in your manifestation journey.

In fact, affirmations are one of the most powerful manifestation methods. That said, it may take longer to program the subconscious mind using them because of the interference of the conscious mind.

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How powerful are switchwords and why you should use them?

You don’t have to use your imagination power or deal with the resistance from the conscious mind when using the switchwords.

Switchwords are simple to chant or write, easy to learn and memorize, and most importantly they give the quicker result. You can instantly increase your energy and vibration with switchwords.

Also, as these one-word affirmations go unnoticed by the conscious mind, they are powerful and effective to change one’s belief system and behavior by programming the subconscious.

That’s why I recommend using switchwords for quick and easy manifestation. Here’s the reason why you should consider using switchwords:

  • It will help you deal with low mood, anxiety, and overthinking.
  • You can break the habit of negative thinking in no time with switchwords.
  • It helps you to have better sleep and peace of mind.
  • Manifest dream job, business, money, and abundance by simply chanting or writing switchwords.
  • It assists you in the study by improving your concentration and confidence. It helps to attract good exam results.
  • It gives protection from enemies and negative energy.

How to use switchwords?

Here are different ways to use switchwords for manifestation:

  • Chanting: Select the switchwords regarding your desire. Remember your intention and chant the selected switchwords like a mantra at least twenty-eight times.
  • Writing: Take a notebook and start writing the switchwords as many times as you want.
  • Other methods of using switch words are writing them on body parts, labeling the water bottle with switch words and then drinking it, putting the paper with switchwords under the pillow, and writing them on sticky notes.

Either write or chant switchwords at least two times a day. Of course, you can use them as many times you want and any time of the day.


Switchwords, like any other manifestation method, will work for you if you believe and trust them. People are using the swtichwords to attract their intention and getting success at it ever since their invention.

If switchwords has been working for them, there’s no reason to believe that they will not work for you.

So try using the switchwords with an open mind and trust, you’ll get the result you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Are switchwords effective?

Switchwords are effective and powerful methods to manifest desire. They are simple and fun to use. As they easily slip through the analysis of the conscious mind, using them can help you program your subconscious with ease.

Q2. How to make switchwords?

There’s no formula or method to make switchwords on your own. However, you can use the switchwords made by experts that are tried and tested.

Q3. Can you use the switchwords for others?

You can use the switchwords for others. To do that, use the name of the person while chanting the switchwords.

Q3. How long does it take for switchwords to work?

There is no definite timeline for switchwords to give results. It may take few days for someone to see the result while some people may have to wait for a month to see the outcome of their efforts. That said, you have to keep using the switchwords until you get the result.

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