Doctor Strange Shifting Method

The ability to shift your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality is changing.

It is possible to shift into whatever desired reality you are willing to go to. The doctor strange shifting method is one of the most popular methods for shifting.

People have successfully shifted to their desired reality using the Dr. Strange shifting method.

So, what is the doctor strange method for shifting realities, and how does it work? Also, how quickly can this method produce a result? Let’s find out.


The Doctor Strange method for shifting realities is one of the popular methods for shifting. It is created by a user of the Amino App.

In the Doctor Strange method, basically, you visualize Dr. Strange opening a portal that leads to your desired reality.

This method is best for shifting to MCU, however, you can use it to shift into any desired reality you want.

This method work whether you’re awake or sleeping.

However, it is most effective when you are sleepy and tired. Because when you are mentally the least active, you can easily shift into your desired reality without any internal resistance.

How do you do the Doctor Strange method to shift into your desired reality?

Here’s how you do the Doctor Strange method for shifting in your DR:


Step #1: Decide where you want to shift to and why

Before you use any method of shifting, you must first define your desired reality.

It is critical to understand why you want to shift and where you want to shift.

Why is it necessary for you to enter that reality? Does it make you happy, or do you want to move there because you prefer that reality to your current one? Find out what your reasons are and have a clear picture of your desired reality.

Scripting can be very useful in making this task easier. Scripting for shifting will assist you in clarifying your desired reality, your activities within that reality, and your role.

The point is that the more specific you are about where you want to go, the easier it will be to get there. So, your first step is to have a clear vision of your desired reality as well as a compelling reason to pursue it.

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Step #2: Get rid of negative thoughts and get into a meditative state

You are ready to use the Doctor Strange method for shifting when you are clear about the desired reality that you want to shift into.

Remove all negative thoughts and beliefs about shifting from your mind.

Even if you are attempting to shift, you may be convinced on the inside that shifting is impossible. This belief system will not assist you in shifting, so get rid of it.

Believe that you are capable of shifting and that you can shift if you truly want to.

Shifting affirmations can assist you in developing a positive mindset and belief system about shifting.

Next, find a comfortable sitting or lying position. Pay attention to your breathing. Spend some time meditating. Put yourself in a meditative or sleepy state.

You can listen to subliminal music or any other type of music to help you raise your vibration.


Step #3:  Visualization

When you are in a meditative state, visualize yourself in a lush grass field.

You are sitting there, reading your favorite book. After some time, someone from your desired reality comes toward you. You start the conversation with him. Talk about your desired reality with that person.

Imagine, the person from your desired reality explaining it beautifully.  You tell that person your intention to go to that reality.

As you say your intention, imagine, magically Dr. Strange appears there. He creates a portal for you and asks you to get inside it.

As you go near to the portal, you can see your desired reality at the other end. The person from your desired reality enters the portal first and vanishes.

Now, it is your turn. You follow that person.

When you’re in the portal, keep saying:  I am shifting. I am shifting. I am shifting.

At the end of the portal, a flash of white light appears and slowly it fades away. And, you find yourself in your desired reality room.

There is a person lying in a bed, which is you in that reality. Now, enter inside the body of that person and go to sleep.  When you wake up, you will be in your desired reality.



To sum up, you can shift yourself into your desired reality using the Doctor Strange method. It is possible.

Use this method to achieve your desired reality. Shifting by using the Doctor Strange method is completely safe. You won’t get hurt when entering through the portal that Dr. Strange has created for you.