The 3×33 Manifestation method is a powerful scripting technique where you write a positive statement regarding your goal 33 times for 3 consecutive days. 

It is devised to quickly and easily implant the idea of your goal into your subconscious mind by making you repeat it with intense focus and emotion.

It is true, that the 3×33 method is quite popular among the law of attraction and manifestation enthusiasts as it is believed to give faster results. However, some people have a skeptical view about it. They think that it doesn’t help in manifesting at all.

So who is right here? Let’s find out.

In this post, you will find answers to many important questions regarding the 3×33 manifestation method, like: “Does 3×33 manifestation work? How long does it take to work? Which one is better for manifestation, 3×33 or 5×55?”.


Does 3×33 manifestation work? ( Success Stories)

To understand whether 3×33 manifestation work or not, let me, first, share with you the success story of Dr. Naza Nalani who uses 3×33 methods to manifest her dream job.

3×33 Manifestation success story

Dr. Naza Nalani shares how she manifested her dream job using the 3×33 manifestation method in one of the YouTube videos.  According to her, at that time, she was considering to venture another career path along with running her business as a side hustle. And, she loves to work in a sector where she can help senior citizens directly or indirectly.

One day, she was talking to her beautiful friend who was working as a research associate for the Institute of Aging and Lifelong health in Canada. Her friend told her about the cool project she was working on. Since Dr. Naza was fascinated with the idea of helping the older population, she liked the idea so much that she asked her friend, ” Can I have your job?”. They both laughed and hung up.

After that conversation, Dr. Naza knew she wanted a job similar to what her friend had.

So, she decided to manifest it using the 3×33 manifestation method. She wrote the intention 33 times each day for 3 days and then let go. A few days passed before she got amazing news from her same amazing friend.

She told her that she had gotten a promotion and currently working in the position that she filled happily and fulfilled with. Now, the company is looking for someone with the exact experience as yours for the old job of mine that you’re interested in. They are interested to talk to you.

As she listen to those words from her friend, she became immensely happy because she knew 3×33 manifestation has worked to bring her dream job into a reality. At that moment, she showed gratitude and thanked the Universe for manifestation.

She, with great joy, accepted the job offer.

Like Dr. Naza, many people have successfully manifested their desire using the 3×33  manifestation method. It is important to note that people are getting results with 3×33 manifestation methods. They are manifesting their dream quickly and easily.

So, to answer your question in short: yes, 3×33 manifestation does work. It is possible to manifest your desire by practicing the 3×33 manifestation techniques.

To find out how the 3×33 manifestation method work, keep reading.

How does the 3×33 method help you manifest your goal quickly?


The 3×33 manifestation methods make you repeat a powerful statement about your goal with intense focus.

As you write your goal 33 times in a row and, along the way, feel as if it has already happened, you create a strong neural connection in your brain for it. In another word, you make your mind firmly believe in your goal. By doing so, you change your thought pattern, belief system, and behavior to attract your goal into reality.

In addition to that, 3×33 is related to the famous Nikola Tesla manifestation method aka 369 methods. How?

When you add 3 and 3, you get the number 6. And, if sum all the numbers in 3×33 techniques, you have the number 9. So, by repeating your goal 33 times over 3 days, you’re, in reality, using 369 methods to easily communicate with the Universe about your goal and manifest it.

Furthermore, in numerology and spirituality, the number 3 is considered a sacred number. Here is the spiritual meaning of seeing or using the number 3:

  • It is associated with self-expression and creativity.
  • It helps in alignment with powerful spiritual forces to achieve goals.
  • It signifies growth, positivity, inspiration, and creativity.

In simple words, the 3×33 manifestation methods work by making you repeat your intention with great focus. It quickly programs the subconscious with the idea of your goal thus making you believe in its possibility. Plus, it taps into the sacred number 3 and the 369 methods.

How long does the 3×33 manifestation method take to work?

Can 3×33 manifestation methods help bring your desire into reality within 3 days? The answer: Yes and No.

With the 3×33 manifestation method, you may manifest desire within 3 days or even on the first day. Or, it may take a few days, a few weeks, or months to see the result.

You see, practicing the 3×33 manifestation methods can help you quickly program your subconscious mind and raise your vibration to align yourself with the Universe to manifest your desire. But, no one can tell you the exact date of that.

It depends on a lot of factors like

  • your desire and how badly you want it
  • how do you practice the techniques
  • your belief and faith in the technique
  • and your ability to let go of the doubt once your finish writing the goal 33 times for 3 consecutive days.

When you will manifest desire using the 3×33 manifestation method is beyond your control but what is in your control is how you practice it.

Next, you’ll learn the right way to manifest using the 3×33 manifestation method.


How to use the 3×33 manifestation method correctly? (Step-by-Step)

Here’s what you need to complete 3×33 manifestation methods:

  • A notebook or paper
  • A pen (Don’t use a pencil as it is temporary.)
  • A calm mind and relaxed body
  • And, of course, a little bit of “me” time.


The first step in manifesting with the 3×33 method is to decide what you want. To successfully manifest your goal, you need to zero in on one goal that you care about. Thinking about your goal should excite and inspire you.

Do you want to manifest love in your life? Or,  do you want to lose weight? Or, is it money that excites you? Whatever it is, decide on one goal to manifest.

Note: Don’t select multiple goal to manifest with 3×33 techniques at the same time. Instead, you should focus on single goal for 3 days and then focus on other goal after that if you want to.


Next, create a positive statement aka affirmations regarding your goal. It should be completed in one sentence using the present tense. Write as if you’ve already manifested your goal. In general, affirmation about your goal should be short, precise, meaningful, and inspirational.

In addition to that, you need to add gratitude words in the sentence.

For instance, let’s say you want to manifest clear skin using the 3×33 manifestation method. Then, your powerful statement should be

  • I have beautiful and glowing skin. Thank you, Universe!


Now, take your notebook and write day 1 on top of the page. Then, write numbers 1 to 33 vertically and leave space after each number to write the powerful statement later. Why?

As you become busy with writing, it becomes hard to track the number of times you’ve written the statement. So, writing the numbers up to 33 beforehand lets you free yourself from the burden of remembering the number. In this way, you can focus on writing and visualizing instead with more focus.

After that, slowly, write down the affirmation in front of each number. Feel and visualize as if you’ve already manifested your goal while writing. Don’t hasten the process. Another benefit of writing slowly is that your finger won’t hurt too much in the process.

Once you finish writing, show your gratitude and let go of the outcome.

Note: Write your intention at specific time of the day- either in the morning or at night. Don’t use laptop or mobile. You have to write your intention for 33 time in row without taking break in a physical paper with pen.  After you finish writing intention for 3 days, you can either burn the paper or keep somewher safe as proof.


What will happen after 3 days?


Or, you may get the result. As I already mentioned, no one can pin down the exact date of manifestation with the 3×33 method or any other manifestation for that matter.

Though you may not get the result you expected after 3 days, what will happen after 3 days is that you change the programming of your subconscious mind. You will send the message into the Universe and start the process of manifestation.

After 3 days, you either take a break for a while or work on the other goal that you want to manifest. However, once you finished practicing 3×33, don’t get obsessed with results, instead, have faith that you’ll manifest your desire.


Which one is better, 3×33 or 5×55?

Both, 3×33 and 5×55, are powerful manifestation methods to bring your desire into reality using the law of attraction.

The only difference is the time it takes to practice them. As you might have already figured it out, 5×55 takes longer to practice. It might take 30 to 40 minutes to finish writing your intention 55 times. But, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to practice the 3×33 method. Other than that, there is no difference between 3×33 and 5×55 manifestation methods.



Now you know that it is possible to manifest using the 3×33 manifestation method. You also know the right way to practice it.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose one desire, create a powerful statement regarding it and write it slowly feeling positive emotion 33 times without any break for 3 consecutive days. Then, let go of the fear and doubt. Have faith that you’ll manifest your desire, no matter what.

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