Few of the law of attraction techniques can help you manifest your desire in a relatively quick time.

The Pillow method for manifestation and reality shifting is one of them. It is also one of the popular manifestation techniques in the law of attraction community.

If you want to know whether the pillow method work or not before giving it a try, then you’re in the right place to figure that out.

In this post, you’ll find the answers to the questions: Does pillow method work?  How long does it take to work? How does it work, and how to practice it in the right way? So that you don’t waste your precious time.

Ready? Let’s dive into it.


Does pillow method work?

does-pillow-method-work- reality shifting

To use the pillow method for manifestations and reality shifting, you need to write your desire on paper. Then, before sleeping at night, you need to read that desire multiple times or visualize it or both. After that, you need to place the paper inside the pillow and sleep on it.

Repeat this process every night for at least 21 days, and you’ll manifest your desire. It’s that simple.

It sounds easy peasy. But does it work?

To answer your question in short: yes, the pillow method does work for manifestation and reality shifting. And, here are some of the success stories of people who have used the pillow method to manifest their dream in a relatively short time:

  • Robin writes his success stories in the comment section of one of the YouTube videos about the pillow method. He writes,” Omg! This is so true! I am grateful for the miracles that are happening in my life! God bless everyone!”
  • Similarly, Sweety Sharma writes, ” This is a miracle. I got results in one day. I want to tell you that I wrote my wish one day back, and the next day I manifested it. Amazing!”

As you can see, people are getting results using the pillow method. So the pillow method must be legit to bring your desire into reality using the law of attraction.

Don’t judge it too quickly. Give it a try for 21 days to manifest a small and believable goal first using the pillow method. If other people can manifest their desire with it, then why can’t you?

Though it may sound like a tooth fairy story which, like many other things, makes you not believe in it, the pillow method, in fact, has a scientific and logical reason behind its working.

How does it work?

To manifest any desire using any techniques, first, you need to program your subconscious mind for it. That’s the essence of manifestation.

When you practice the pillow manifestation method, you’re, in reality, using the right and fastest approach to subconscious mind programming. Here are the reasons why the pillow method works so well for programming of the subconscious mind and thus for manifestation:

  1. Clarity of goal: A goal written on paper is clear and powerful than that in the head. In the pillow method, you have to write a clear and believable goal. A clear goal is an essential prerequisite to program the subconscious mind quickly for manifestation, and the pillow method will help you have it.
  2.  Repetition: Concious mind decides whether to let an idea enter into the subconscious mind or reject it. Obviously, the concious mind will reject the ideas which are not true or not perceived as true such as your unmanifested desire. With repetition, however, the concious mind takes any ideas as truth thus it will get inside the subconscious mind. And, the pillow methods make you repeat your goal multiple times.  So, in this way, you’ll manifest your desire using it.
  3. Alpha state of mind: You practice the pillow method at night just before going to sleep, a time where your mind is naturally in the alpha state. Alpha state of mind is a very relaxed state and it is also the most favorable state for subconscious programming.

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I hope, by now, you’re convinced that the pillow method does work for manifestation and reality shifting. Next, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how to use the pillow method in the right and simple ways.


How to use the pillow method in the right way? (Simple Method )

On YouTube, you’ll find many variations of the pillow method. Some advise you to practice it for only nine days, while others say you should do it for at least 21 days. Not only that, some say to recite the written desire, and others tell to visualize it. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Right?

That’s why I have come up with the simple and easiest way to practice the pillow method that is guaranteed to work.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to how to use the pillow method for manifestation and reality shifting:

#1 Have a clear and believable desire

Manifesting your desire using the pillow method might be, for most of you, a new experience. You don’t know, personally, whether it works or not. So, I recommend, in the beginning, selecting a goal that is clear as well as believable. 

It is foolish to expect to manifest a goal using the pillow method or any other method for that matter in a short period of time which, in fact, will take longer to manifest. You can’t manifest a big home, dream car, lean body within a few weeks. Some goal takes time to manifest. You can’t blame a manifestation method for not being able to help you achieve a big goal in your life in a relatively short time.

The point here is to choose a goal that is small and believable which you know you can manifest easily and quickly. It could be manifest text from your boyfriend or girlfriend or even from an ex. It could be manifesting a few bucks or manifesting new dresses

#2 Write your desire on a paper

Now, take any ordinary pen and paper. Create an affirmation about your goal. Write as if you’ve already achieved your goal. The affirmation should be short and simple yet powerful enough to make you feel good.

Let’s say you want to manifest a puppy, an adorable creature. Then, your affirmation should be

Thank you Universe! I have a cute puppy in my home.


I am so grateful for puppy that I hvve. Thank you Universe!

Have you noticed that each sentence includes gratitude words? You should also do the same. Include gratitude words in each positive statement about your goal. Write it in a positive sense. Make it clear and specific.

#3 Recite the desire multiple times

Next, at night before going to sleep, relax your body and mind by sitting in a comfortable position and doing some breathing techniques. Once you’re relaxed and calm, read the statement that you’ve written previously a loud.

Don’t just read, feel every word that comes out of your mouth. Read as if you’ve already achieved your goal. Read it until it feels enough to you. In other words, read it multiple times.

You can visualize your goal by holding the paper on which you’ve written the affirmation. But, that’s an optional. If it feels good and easy to you, go ahead do that. However, I think reading the powerful statement is easy that visulization. That’s because untrained mind can’t focus on a single goal for enough time during visualization and become distracted by other thoughts.

#4 Put paper inside the pillow and sleep on it

Once you finish reading the powerful statement or visualizing your goal holding the paper, put the paper inside the pillow. Put it between the pillow and pillow cover and then sleep on it.

Generally, it is believed that when you put a paper charged with positive energy inside a pillow, the subconscious mind observes that energy and changes its neural connection. That means it changes its programming by observing energy from the paper.

In the morning, either, you take out that paper and keep it somewhere safe like your wallet. Or, you leave that paper on the pillow. Then, at night, repeat the same process of chanting the affirmation and sleeping on the pillow by keeping the paper inside it.

You’ve to repeat this process for at least 21 days consecutively.

#5 Let go of your desire and receive

After 21 days or once your wish is fulfilled, burn the paper on which you’ve written the affirmation. Then, let go of the fear and doubt about the outcome in order to receive or manifest your desire.

Remember, letting go is crucial for manifestation. Let me get clear here: Letting go doesn’t mean you should forget about your goal. What it really means is that you should stop worrying about the result all the time. Letting go means you believe you’ve already achieved things you’re looking to achieve. You know that you have it or you’ll have it.

To sum up, in order to manifest, you have to let go of the outcome and believe that you’ll manifest your desire.


How long does it take for the pillow method to work?

Usually, it takes around 21 days to manifest your desire using the pillow method. Why 21 days? That’s because it typically takes 21 days to program subconscious minds with an idea.

That said, you can manifest your desire in less than 21 days or it may take more than that to see the result. It depends on how you practice the pillow method and how bad you want what you want to manifest.


To conclude, it is possible to manifest or reality shift using the pillow method.

When you use the pillow method, you’re, in reality, applying all the right processes to easily program the subconscious mind such as a clear goal, repetition of ideas, and taking advantage of the night when your mind is already in the favorable state, alpha state.

Now, you know, that the pillow method does work, try it for yourself for manifesting a small and believable goal at first. See if it can bring your desire into reality or not.