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The law of attraction is a principle based on the belief that your thought brings experience to your life. Positive thoughts will create a positive experience and vice versa. However, most people get confused or misguided that they do not have to take action to manifest using the law of attraction.

No, the law of attraction doesn’t work without action. You should take inspired action toward your goal and, at the same time, practice the law of attraction to manifest your dream.

Below, you’ll learn why you should take action, the different types of action you need to take, and how to take inspired action instead of regular action that leads you to nowhere.


Does the law of attraction work without action

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The law of attraction helps you to have a positive mindset and create the belief that supports you to achieve your goal.

Not all the desires that you want require action on your part. For instance, if you wish to manifest text from your ex, you don’t need to take action. The universe will bring this reality into your life with the caveat that you believe and practice the law of attraction.

However, some goals do require your action to manifest them. Let’s say your goal is to become an Olympic athlete and win a gold medal for your country. Only Desire and visualization are not sufficient in this case. You have to take action and work as other athletes do.

In other words, it depends on the types of desires that determine whether you should take action to make the law of attraction work for you. Take action on those goals that you believe you should take action on.

The law of attraction should not be an excuse for not taking action. Applying the law of attraction and working hard on your dream will manifest goals faster than you imagine.


Two types of action for manifestation

Now, you know that you have to take action to manifest using the law of attraction. There are two types of actions: action to improve yourself and to achieve your goal.

1. Action to improve yourself

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Everything that you do to improve your mindset and personality directly affects your level of success in life.

Do you wonder why some people live their dream life, and others keep struggling their whole life? They both work hard, face difficulties and problems, and have doubts and fear. Yet, successful people always seem to win the game of life.

What separates successful people from others is their mindset and belief system. They develop these qualities by investing time and taking action to improve themselves.

In the law of attraction, meditation, affirmation, visualization, and positive thinking is the action that you should do to prepare yourself for success.

Reading books, attending seminars, and taking online courses can also help you change your belief system and mindset.

Remember, the best gift you can give to yourself is to invest time to improve yourself daily.

2. Action to achieve your goal

Taking action to improve yourself gives you a successful mindset and belief system. These qualities give you the energy and motivation to pursue your goal.

However, to manifest a goal that needs skill and knowledge requires work and dedication on your part. You have to acquire skills, learn about your industry, and take action every day.

The role of the law of attraction is to guide and show you the right path. It provides the solution to the problem that you couldn’t solve for yourself.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that all you need is visualization and affirmation to manifest a goal that requires hard work and dedication.

Trust the universe for its guidance, do your part, and let the infinite intelligence orchestrate events that give you what you want.


7 Reasons why you should take action while Using the law of Attraction

Reason#1: To manifest faster

Applying the law of attraction and taking steps towards your goal helps you manifest your dream faster.

When you take action, you’ll see some success down the road. Small wins strengthen your belief and trust in the universe, and you’ll manifest easily and faster once you know that the process works.

Taking action forces you to think of your goal, the plan you need to make, and the steps you have to take.

And, when you think of something frequently, you will, eventually, attract it into reality. That’s the principle of the law of attraction.

Reason#2: To boost confidence and a sense of accomplishment

If you don’t take action, negative self-talk takes hold of you. It tells you that you don’t deserve, it and how you can expect to manifest dreams if you don’t do your part.

Taking action gets you away from having negative self-talk. You will feel deserving of success when you work hard for it.

Direct all your mental and physical energy towards your goal to feel confident, and have a sense of accomplishment.

Reason#3: To eliminate doubt and limiting beliefs

You might have heard a saying that God helps those who help themselves. The universe will take notice of your effort when you take action and know how serious you’re about your goal.

Over time, you begin to doubt the law of attraction if you practice it without taking action. We believe that to achieve anything work is required.

And, if we don’t do anything and only practice the law of attraction, our analytical mind won’t accept this idea, and begin to oppose us.

So one of the reasons for taking action to manifest using the law of attraction is to eliminate doubt and limiting belief that appears when we do not work for a goal.

Reason#4:  To overcome the fear of failure

Our habits determine what we think and how we behave in our day-to-day life. When we do anything that is not our habit and not familiar, it makes us uncomfortable and fearful.

That’s why we resist change and like to live in our comfort zone. We fear failure because we don’t want to step out into the unknown leaving behind the known and safe space.

When you take action, you challenge yourself to face the fear that we all feel when doing something new and different.

Learn to take risks, accept failure, and move forward trusting the guidance of the universe and having faith in the law of attraction.

Reason#5: To minimize the regret

To avoid regret down the road in your life you should take action. Nothing is as heartbreaking as saying in the latter half of life that I wish I had taken action, worked hard, and dared to achieve my goal.

The universe gives you opportunities and shows you the right path. You have to walk the path to success and happiness.

Reason#6: To stop the psychological pain

Only dreaming and not taking action bring doubt, fear, and pain that causes both mental and physical pain.

People who work feel satisfied and joyful more than people who do nothing. Work gives people a reason to live. It engages your mind in

something useful and productive.

Reason#7: To stop complaining

Unsuccessful people usually complain a lot.

They complain about circumstances in their life. Blame other people for their misery and suffering. They don’t take the necessary action to improve the situation in their life.

If you take action toward your goal, it shows that you’re taking responsibility for yourself. You stop complaining about the things that are not supporting your growth and success.


Why don’t people take action while using the law of attraction

why people don't take action using the law of attraction: a man holds his head while sitting on a sofa

Lack of belief and trust

People who don’t take action are the ones who do not believe in the law of attraction. They think it is not going to work for me, so why bother applying it?

They believe that the law of attraction doesn’t work, and it is marketing tactics by some savvy marketers to take money from people.

It sounds too good to be true. It is a total waste of time.

So, people who have misconceptions about the law of attraction never take action.

Having a too-ambitious goal

Goals are crucial elements of success. However, a big and ambitious goal is often the reason for not taking action to achieve it.

Goals that are too ambitious intimidate people. So, they never take action.

Paralyzed by fear of failure

As I mentioned above, fear of failure haunts us whenever we dive into the unknown. It is common for people to have fear of failure as it is a survival mechanism to keep us safe.

But, we have to overcome the fear of failure to succeed. Seeking perfection, the right time, and the right situation to start is a sign of fear of failure.

Those who persist and take action despite fear of failure manifest their dream into reality.

Lack of skill and confidence in abilities to manifest

Self Made successful people are not born genius and the ability to attract success. They have taken action, and gone through frustration to be where they are today. They invested time to improve themselves and work hard towards their goals.

Most importantly, they have confidence and a sense of self-worth that is an essential ingredients for success.

People who never take action are the ones who lack the skill and confidence in the ability to manifest their dream.

Fall into trap of procrastination 

Average achievers like to sit in front of the TV and binge-watch shows rather than read books to improve themselves.

They procrastinate every time and wait for the perfect situation for taking action. They always complain of not having time, and yet kill time doing unproductive tasks.

People who procrastinate never take action.


Take inspired action to manifest your goal using the law of attraction

The law of attraction is legit, and it is also true that you can manifest anything in your life. It helps you by giving you the right opportunities at the right time to succeed.

In addition to that, it inspires you to take specific actions that give you a quantum leap toward your goal.

A such inspired action is better and more effective than regular activity that you would do using your conscious mind.

What is inspired action?

An inspired action is a critical step that the universe is telling you to perform. It is a strong feeling that you should take action.

Infinite intelligence is prompting you to take crucial steps, the right things to do at the right time.

It is intuition-guided action that appears in your mind out of the blue that creates a sudden urge to do it.

Why do you need inspired action?

The law of attraction will not magically give you success in your life though it works in mysterious ways. You have to take inspired action to move towards your goal without being doubtful and skeptical about the law of manifestation.

Different methods and techniques of manifestation prepare you physically and mentally to receive from the universe. It programs your subconscious mind to think and behave like a person who deserves a reward.

However, you have to take inspired action to bring it into your reality.

Inspired action VS Regular action

An inspired action is an intuition-guided right step that you should do to get whatever you want. Such a task after completion makes you feel satisfied. And you feel that you’re doing the right things at the right time.

Regular action, on the other hand, is not goal-oriented in most cases. It is something that your mind tells you to do to feel that you’re taking action toward a goal and not idling.

Signs of inspired action

While practicing visualization and saying affirmations ask the universe for guidance and show signs to signal you to take the right action at the right time.

Here are some of the signs of inspired action that most people acknowledge. It can be different in your case.

Signs of inspired action:

  • Having a strong desire to do something that moves you toward your goal
  • You may feel excited and jazzed about the work

Steps for taking the inspired action

  • Be clear and specific about your goal.
  • Create a tentative plan to achieve that goal.
  • Create a vision board and hold yourself accountable.
  • Ask the universe to guide you to take the right action at the right time that is crucial to manifest a goal
  • Take small steps consistently and feel gratitude for everything that you’ve in your life.


I hope this article makes you clear whether the law of attraction works without action or not.

Keep practicing your techniques and methods for manifestation, and take inspired action.

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