Grabovoi numbers, also known as Universal Cheat Code, were invented by a Russian psychic back in the late 90s.

However, only recently, the idea of using the Grabovoi number for manifestation and healing got viral after some influencers on social media, mainly on Tik Tok, posted videos showing people how they have manifested thousands of dollars using the simple sequence of numbers called Grabovoi numbers or codes.

Though the use of Grabovoi numbers seems promising and exciting, there is a lot of controversy about it and its creator.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Grabovoi numbers: what are they, how to use them, and most importantly, are they legit? Also, get a Grabovoi code list for finding new apartment to passing exam and everything in between.



Grabovoi Numbers: A complete list

grabovoi numbers: assorted numbers photography

Here’s the list of the common Grabovoi codes:

  • Grabovoi code for Acne: 124 438 23
  • Grabovoi code for Asthma: 235 252 2
  • Grabovoi code for Anxiety: 149 402 32
  • Grabovoi code for a New home: 236 00 34
  • Grabovoi code for a New car: 234 392 26
  • Grabovoi code for attracting crush: 237 048 48
  • Grabovoi code for a New apartment: 239 487 23
  • Grabovoi code for a Job: 239 39 22
  • Grabovoi code for a Boyfriend: 23 789 283
  • Grabovoi code for a Text message: 289 89 890
  • Grabovoi code for Back pain: 130 04 890
  • Grabovoi code for Bigger lips: 777 289 293
  • Grabovoi code for Money: 230 900 82
  • Grabovoi code for Debt: 238 04 893
  • Grabovoi code for Depression: 230 290 920
  • Grabovoi code for Dream House: 290 482 22
  • Grabovoi code for Flat Stomach: 323 489 043
  • Grabovoi code for Fever: 233 389 840 
  • Grabovoi code for Fair skin: 438 943 238
  • Grabovoi code for Foot pain: 238 892 838
  • Grabovoi code for Grow taller: 232 794 939
  • Grabovoi code for Glow up: 235 552 898
  • Grabovoi code for Good news: 284 848 849
  • Grabovoi code for hair growth: 288 488 99 
  • Grabovoi code for height growth: 283 884 993 
  • Grabovoi code for Happiness: 273 994 988
  • Grabovoi code for Hourglass body: 284 884 99
  • Grabovoi code for Lost item: 434 535 89
  • Grabovoi code for Job: 848 729 874
  • Grabovoi code for Job offer: 4289 83 48
  • Grabovoi code for Love marriage: 828 882 282
  • Grabovoi code for Miracle: 282 749 903 
  • Grabovoi code for Mental Health: 383 789 849
  • Grabovoi code for more friends: 278 890 383
  • Grabovoi code for Motivation: 2732 890 289
  • Grabovoi code for Moving: 799 348 849
  • Grabovoi code for Nausea: 289 083 390
  • Grabovoi code for New phone: 893 849 39
  • Grabovoi code for New friends: 389 890 393
  • Grabovoi code for smaller nose: 389 393 843
  • Grabovoi code for peace: 77 777 777
  • Grabovoi code for promotion: 253 52 2522
  • Grabovoi code for passing exam: 522 592 292
  • Grabovoi code to quit smoking: 257 588 292
  • Grabovoi code for reconciliation: 829 024 389
  • Grabovoi code for Healthy relationship: 282 829 990
  • Grabovoi code for Soulmate: 224 8994 929
  • Grabovoi code for Social anxiety: 2829 52 223
  • Grabovoi code for sickness: 282 804 940
  • Grabovoi code for stress: 283 347 033
  • Grabovoi code for stuck money: 289 2934 849
  • Grabovoi code for Stomach pain: 283 829 929
  • Grabovoi code for tooth ache: 829 829 929
  • Grabovoi code for twin flame: 829 292 290
  • Grabovoi code for travel: 382 940 992
  • Grabovoi code for truth: 829 894 884
  • Grabovoi code for text message: 829 982 92
  • Grabovoi code for tiktok fame: 892 929 292
  • Grabovoi code for straight teeth: 829 892 992
  • Grabovoi code for Unexpected money: 762 233 525 
  • Grabovoi code for University: 153 252 838
  • Grabovoi code for wish fulfillment: 282 828 739
  • Grabovoi code for Immediate solution: 741
  • Grabovoi code for Unexpected money: 520 741 8
  • Grabovoi code to remove acne and get clear skin: 559 428 33
  • Grabovoi code for  weight gain:  892 137 015
  • Grabovoi code to manifest weight loss:  534 316 8
  • Grabovoi code to get rid of eye problems: 974 469 0
  • Grabovoi code for Lottery: 461 056 7
  • Grabovoi code for good luck: 817 219 738
  • Grabovoi code to get dream job: 479 154 25
  • Grabovoi code to attract dream house: 423 322 196
  • Grabovoi code for marriage: 917 927 1
  • Grabovoi code for abundance: 648 146 13
  • Grabovoi code to attract crush:  899 744 76.
  • Grabovoi code for successful business:  706 485 425
  • Grabovoi code for attracting a specific person:  986 115
  • Grabovoi code for pregnancy:  946 483 996
  • Grabovoi code for  anti-aging:  490 426 992
  • Grabovoi code to get desired body:  824 069 2
  • Grabovoi code for growing taller: 970 342 8
  • Grabovoi code for  manifesting good grades: 216 797 0
  • Grabovoi code for passing exam: 147 020 668


What are Grabovoi numbers?

Grabovoi numbers are a collection of numbers that, according to their creator and many social media influencers, have healing and manifestation power.

It uses the radionic signature to manifest different desires and heal various health ailments. How?

To understand how the Grabovoi numbers work, first, we have to understand the concept of radionic.

Radionic or electromagnetic therapy(EMT), used by a holistic health practitioner, is a part of alternative medicine.  In this method, the practitioner uses the Radionic instrument to diagnose and treat the disease by applying electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves.

The Radionic theory believes that all life forms have their unique electromagnetic field and are connected with each other.

When disease and sickness appear in the body, the electromagnetic field gets distorted which can be detected by a Radionic instrument and let us know it in the form of a number, or in geometrical patterns. Then, practitioners analyze the numbers to find the nature of the disease and ways to treat them.

In 1910, American physician Albert Abrams first gave the concept behind radionics in his books.

Later, Grigori Grabovoi, based on the concept of radionic theory, postulated his theory: of healing the disease using numbers. He wrote the book on it called Restoring the Human Body by Focusing on Numbers” published in 1999 where he mentioned two numerical sequences for healing- 4986489 and 548748978.



Who created Grabovoi numbers?

Grabovoi numbers are created by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, a psychic and founder of a Russian sect called Teaching Universal Salvation and Harmonious Development.

Grabovoi has claimed himself as the second coming of Jesus Christ and to be able to cure AIDS and cancer of any stage. He also claimed that he could resurrect the dead and change reality.

The use of Grabovoi numbers for manifestation and healing is the trend in social media, however, few people know that its creator was sentenced to 11 years of prison for a fraud case where he promised the mothers of dead children that he could resurrect them.


History of Grabovoi numbers

As I mentioned above, Grigori Grabovoi first mentioned the methods to treat the disease with the use of numbers in his book published in 1999.

During the Covid pandemic, the concept of healing using numbers began to spread on social media. First, a few TikTok influencers started the movement by sharing their success story of how they have used the Grabovoi numbers to manifest unexpected money.

Later more people joined the movement by sharing different Grabovoi numbers calling them codes or universe cheat codes believing numbers can change one’s reality and help them manifest perfect health, wealth, and abundance easily.


WARNING: Using Grabovoi numbers for manifestation and healing is relatively new ideas. There is no any scientific evidence to support it. Moreover, notorious past of its creator and skeptic review from expert convince us that it is wise to not use it.

That said, I suggest you to not fully believe in other poeple’s opinion if you have gut feeling that Grabovoi number will work for you then use it without any hesitation. You’ve no thing to lose from using the Grabovoi number for manifestation. Check whether it works or not for yourself.


How do Grabovoi numbers work?

According to social media influencers and their believers, the Grabovoi number does work for manifestation and healing.

Each Grabovoi numbers represent electromagnetic energy with specific frequencies. When we use that number by visualizing or reciting, we’ll be able to transfer the energy of numbers in our bodies.

In short, Grabovoi numbers works by raising our vibration by transferring its energy to us.

How long does it take for Grabovoi numbers to work?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to it. It depends on your desire and the sequence of numbers you’re using. Some people get results after 3 days while others succeed at manifestation after 21 days or a few weeks. It may take longer or shorter in your case.


What do Grabovoi numbers do?

Grabovoi numbers help you manifest your dream. It is believed that with the help of Grabovoi numbers or codes,  you can easily manifest unexpected money, love and relationship, and abundance.

It also can be used to heal the diseased body. Use the right sequence of numbers designed for a specific disease to heal your body from it. Furthermore, Grabovoi numbers can also help you heal the body of someone you love and care about.


How to use Grabovoi numbers for manifestation and healing?

Each Grabovoi number has unique vibration which when added with other numbers create specific vibration with the ability to heal certain ailment and manifest specific desire.

First, choose the Grabovoi numbers according to your desire. Then, you’ve to activate the number each time you use it.

How to activate Grabovoi numbers?

To activate Grabovoi numbers, say a similar positive statement:

I am going to activate the (Grabovoi numbers) for ( your desire) on (state the date). I believe and trust the Universe. With the help of Him everything is possible. I happily and easily manifest (your desire) using sequence ( Grabovoi numbers). I am thankful for the infinite intellingence to bless me with my desire. Thank you.


After activating the Grabovoi numbers, you can use them in the following ways:

  • Visualization: Imagine a small sphere in front of you. Now, visualize the Grabovoi numbers you’re focusing on inside the sphere. Some sequences of numbers may have space in between so be sure to put space when visualizing. Then, Repeat the visualization twenty-eight times then release the sphere to infinity in the universe. End the session with a feeling of gratitude and immense joy.

grabovoi code list


  • Listening: You can get the benefit of Grabovoi numbers by listening to the sequence of numbers instead of visualizing which is a bit difficult to practice, especially in the beginning.


  • Writing: Besides visualization and listening to the sequence of numbers, you can write them twenty-eight times to get the same result.

grabovoi code list


  • Chanting: Another simple way to use the Grabovoi number is chanting the numbers in sequence. Let’s say, your numbers of choice are 520 741 8. Speak each number present in sequence separately. Pause after each number and take a long pause where there is space in sequence. For example, when using 520 741 8, say Five-Two-Zero (a long pause) Seven-Four- One (a long pause) Eight

Other methods of using Grabovoi numbers are:

  • Just looking at the sequence of numbers.
  • Memorizing the Grabovoi numbers and recalling them several times a day.
  • Write numbers on paper and put a glass of water over it for a few hours then drink it. It works similarly to water manifestation.
  • You can put the sequence of numbers in your pocket or wallet.
  • Stick the paper with the Grabovoi number to easily noticeable places in your home and office.
  • Write the sequence of numbers on paper and put them under the pillow.
  • You write the sequence of numbers on tape and stick it to your body part which has been affected by the disease.

Note: You can use multiple Grabovoi numbers sequence at same time. But, focus on a single sequence of number at a time and put about 3 hours of gap between sessions.


Are Grabovoi numbers safe?

Grabovoi numbers are safe to use. You can use it to get rid of the disease present in your body. Plus, it also helps you to manifest your desire.

That being said, if you use the Grabovoi numbers to hurt someone, it will hurt you. Otherwise, using the Grabovoi numbers with good intention only bring you good things in your life.


Where to find Grabovoi numbers?

Grabovoi numbers are generated using the radionic machine. However, you can find Grabovoi numbers for common problems and desire online either by searching on Google or YouTube.

Grabovoi Numbers vs Grabovoi Codes vs Manifestation Codes vs Universe Cheat Codes: What’s the difference?

Grabovoi numbers, Grabovoi codes, Manifestation codes, and Universe Cheat codes do the same things but their nomenclature is different. Don’t get confused when people are using them interchangeably.

Read also: What are switchwords and how to use them for overnight manifestation?



Many people are getting success at their manifestation by tapping the power of Grabovi numbers. You can find a lot of testimonials and success stories on the web or on YouTube about Grabovoi numbers.

The troubled past of its creator and some expert advice are convincing enough to not use the Grabovoi numbers.

It’s true that Grigori Grabovoi, inventor of Universe Cheat Codes, went to prison for a fraud case. And, it’s also true that experts are stopping people from not using them as they believe it is just a new hype created by social media influencers to make money online.

The only way to find the truth is by using the Grabovoi number for yourself, experimenting with it, and seeing whether it works for you or not.

Try using Grabovoi codes for a few weeks with complete belief in them. Find yourself about its legitimacy.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What does the bible say about Grabovoi numbers?

Grabovoi numbers have nothing to do with any religious belief. There is no evidence of Grabovoi or anything similar in the bible or in any other holy text for that matter. However, every holy book teaches us to live our best life; and Grabovoi number is believed to do that.

Q2. Are Grabovoi numbers selling your soul?

No, using Grabovoi numbers doesn’t mean selling your soul. The popular belief about the Grabovoi number is that it helps you to bring positivity by helping you attract good things and get rid of body ailments. There is no way something evil will happen to you if you use the Grabovoi number.

Q3. Is it a sin to use Grabovoi numbers?

No, you’re not doing anything sinful by using Grabovoi numbers. In fact, it helps you live your best life by attracting your desire.

Q4. Can you apply the Garabovoi number to other people?

Yes, you can apply the Grabovoi number to other people. To do that, use the name of the person you’re trying to help while activating the numbers.

Q5. Are grabovoi codes a sin?

No, using Grabovoi Codes is not a sin at all. By using these codes you’re only manifesting your desire so it can’t hurt anyone. That’s why it is not a sin.

Q6. What is the meaning of 520 741 8?

520 741 8 is Grabovoi Codes used for unexpected money. To use it, first, you have to activate it then visualize, recite or write numbers to get its energy for manifestation.

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