How to Know If Your Telepathic Message Was Received

You tried to send the telepathic message to someone. You correctly followed the instructions to send a telepathic message.

But, you don’t know whether the person you’re trying to communicate received your message or not.

So how to know if your telepathic message was received?

Learn to pick up signals from the person to whom you’ve sent the telepathic message. If they have followed your instruction or repeated your thoughts or performed the task you’ve told them to do, then understand that they have received your message. Alternatively, you can directly ask the recipient whether they got the message or not.

Keep reading to learn in-depth about ways to know if your telepathic message was received or not. Plus, discover what experts advise a novice to send a telepathic message precisely.

How to know if your telepathic message was received?

Here are 3 ways to know that you were connected to the recipients and they got your message:


#1 Ask the receiver

One of the simplest and easiest ways to figure out whether your telepathic message was received or not is to directly ask the person you’re trying to communicate with using telepathy.

Explain to your friends that you’ve used telepathy to contact them and you want to know whether you succeed at it or not. Clarify them that you’re sending a telepathic message as an experiment and you have no intention to harm anybody using it.

After that, encourage them to remember the message you’re trying to send. Ask them if they had any sudden urge or inspiration to perform some task that you’ve told them to do telepathically. And, ask if they performed that tasks or not.

That said, although directly asking the receiver about your telepathic message is the easiest option available, it is one of the most difficult. That’s because telling people about telepathy communication makes you an eccentric person in their eyes. Also, they fear that you’re using telepathy to harm them or use them.

So, to know if your telepathy message was received ask directly to the person you’re trying to communicate with. However, before you do that make sure you explain to them why you were trying to communicate telepathically in the first place.

#2 Instruct the person to do some specific task

When telepathically communicating with your partner, ask them to perform some specific harmless tasks. And, observe whether they performed specified tasks or not.

If they do exactly as you’ve instructed them to do in your telepathic message, that’s a good sign because it means you’ve become successful at telepathic communication.

For instance, you may telepathically ask your partner to wear clothes of your favorite color or to bring a flower for you or to meet you in a certain place, or to text you.

However, don’t use telepathy to instruct your partner to perform tasks that are harmful to them or other people. You don’t want to hurt anybody using telepathy. Make telepathic messaging a fun game to enjoy with your friends.

#3 Observe the thoughts of the recipient

If you don’t want to ask your partner directly about telepathy messages and don’t want to control anybody’s behavior, then observing their thought pattern in a conversation is the best option for you to find out whether they receive your telepathy message or not.

Start a conversation with your partner about topics that you’ve selected as a telepathic message. Prompt them to give their thoughts about the topic.

When they repeat your ideas or message you’ve sent telepathically, it means you’ve done a great job at sending a telepathic message.

That being said, most people especially beginner makes a lot of mistakes while trying to communicate telepathically. They either choose the wrong partners or they don’t follow the right steps to steps.

Are you interested to learn to send the telepathic message the way an expert does? If so, keep scrolling.

3 Ways to send a telepathic message like an expert

#1 Preparation

Before you send any telepathic message, you need to prepare your mind and body for it first. And, you need to have a clear message to send beforehand.

In telepathy communication, your mind should be relaxed, focused on the message, and uncluttered with useless thoughts. Simply put, it should be clear and calm.

Similarly, a body in pain and stress will seek the attention of your mind and break the much-needed concentration. So, it is wise to make your mind and body relaxed and at the same time vibrant.

To prepare your body and mind, choose a place where you won’t get disturbed by anyone, sit in a comfortable position, and make your spine straight. Now, observe your breath- feel the cool air entering into your lungs and warm air coming out of it. Take a deep breath, pause and then release it slowly. You might close your eye and focus on the point between the eyebrow where the Agya Chakra lies.

Note: Essential oils when sprayed in the place or used in body helps improve concentration of mind. You may want use them while preparing your body and mind to send a telepathic message.

Once you’re in a relaxed state of mind, think about the message you want to send to your partner telepathically. Make sure to make it as clear as possible. Your message should not be vague and long. Instead, you can easily send messages that are precise, short, and useful.

The next step, after you relax your mind and body and decide upon which message to send, is to make a telepathic connection with the recipient.

#2 Connect with your partner

Choosing the right partner is a very critical step in the process of telepathic communication. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to send a telepathic message to a stranger or a person who doesn’t have a good relationship with you.

You can easily visualize and connect with a person who you know and feel good about. Thus, as a beginner only choose people with whom you have got a good relationship for telepathic communication.

Choose a person who has a positive vibe for you. If thinking about recipients makes you feel good, then they’re the right person to connect with.

Now, with a calm and relaxed state of mind, imagine the specific person is sitting right in front of you. See the details of its physical characteristics and recall the happy memories you have spent with that person.

You might want to look at a photograph of your partner to better connect with them especially if you’ve not met them for years.

Imagine waving your hand to the person in front of you and imagine he is waving back at you. Ask your partner, who is in front of you in imagination, to listen to your message.

When you can imagine your partner and feel as if they are present in front of you, it means you’re now connected with them and it’s the perfect time to transfer thought.

#3 Transfer your thought

As I mentioned above, you should have a clear and specific picture of your thoughts before you send them to the receiver’s mind.

Once you’ve got your thought ready, imagine it getting out of your head, traveling in the air, and entering into the mind of a person sitting in front of you.

Then, ask your partner if they clearly understood your message or not. Imagine that person nodding head in response.

And, that’s how you effectively send a telepathic message to a person.

Pro Tip: Keep a journal to record your progress in telepathy. In the journal, write down the details of the attempt, the description of the telepathy message and receiver, and your success. Keeping a journal not only shows progress, but it also guides you to take the right approach as it tells you to mistake you’ve made along the way and its solution.

Like any other skill, the telepathy communication skill only gets better with each practice. As a beginner in the field, I recommend you to practice it with a partner with whom you can easily connect- maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here are some fun ways to practice telepathy with a partner whom you trust:

1. Guessing Cards

Take five unique playing cards or cards with special characters. Tell your partner to sit in the next room and instruct to be receptive to messages.

With a calm and focused mind, send the message to your partner. Ask if he received your message or not.

Take it as a fun thing. Remember, only a few people can send the telepathic message on their first try. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see any result. Instead, keep practicing and correcting the mistakes on the way to master the art of telepathy.

2. Calling someone in mind

When you’re in a room, call your friend who is in the next room or near your house without speaking.

I do this telepathic calling a lot when my husband is around. Bewildered, he come to my room and ask why I have called him. Then, he leaves even more puzzled when I deny calling him and I smile for being successful at sending a telepathic message.

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With practice, you can master the skill of sending a telepathic message. However, for some people, telepathic communication comes naturally. For them sending a telepathic message is child’s play.

Here are the signs to find out whether you have got an in-born telepathic gift or not:

Signs that you have got a gift of telepathy

  • You understand and share the feeling of others. If you can sense the feeling and emotions of people around you, you’re an empathetic person who sees the world differently. You can connect with others easily and that makes you a special person who has a gift of telepathy.
  • You often get strong intuition. Intuition is the ability to know something without the need for conscious reasoning If you’ve heightened intuition, you will have a gut feeling of what other people are thinking and feeling about you.
  • You can easily influence other people. A person who can influence is a great telepathic. If you can easily influence others, that means you have a gift for transferring your thoughts to another person even if you’re not aware of it.
  • You’ve some sensation over the third eye. The third eye is related to clairvoyance, precognition, and religious vision. It is the gate to inner realms and higher consciousness. It is present between the eyebrow and if you have a tingling sensation in this area that means you’re sending or receiving the telepathic message.
  • Having a recurrent dream of some events that you’re unaware of in reality. If you’re having a recurrent dream with the same meaning, or of future events, that means you’re telepathic who are receiving the message from other people.

Like you’re trying to send a telepathic message to someone, other people may also be trying to reach you telepathically. And, here the way to know if someone sends you a telepathic message:

How to know if someone is sending you a telepathic message?

#1 Sudden eye itch or twitch

Some eye disorders, stress, fatigue, and caffeine are reasons for sudden eye twitch or itch. If you have constant eye itch without any reason, then it is a sign that someone is thinking of you.

While men have right eye twitch when someone thinks positive about them and have left eye twitch when they are receiving negativity, the opposite is true for women.

#2 Butterfly land on you

The butterfly is a symbol of growth, transformation, and discovering the truth and inner wisdom. helps in transmitting energy that means if you are frequently seeing the butterfly, someone is transferring a thought in your mind.

#3 Having Hiccups

Hiccups are annoying and painful occur due to sudden contraction of the diaphragmatic muscle. Having a large meal or drinking quickly causes hiccups.

Besides obvious causes of hiccups, you’ll have hiccups when someone thinks of you. It is believed that we get hiccups if someone has negative thoughts or intent for us.

#4 Seeing white feather

If you have lost someone who means a lot to you and you’re seeing white feathers, that means those people are now in a better place and thinking of you.

#5 Sudden emotional swings

Most of the time when we have sudden emotional swings, it is a sign that someone is sending a telepathic message to us.

Empathic people can pick up people’s emotions and energies which alter their feelings and emotions.

Now, if you find yourself with a sudden change in mood, think that someone is trying to connect with you and sending their energy to you.

#6 Unexplained physical touch

You’ll get unexplained physical touch even if no one is around when someone is thinking or talking to you.

You can’t tell whether the thoughts you’re receiving are good or bad by the way you feel. A positive vibe feels soothing and reassuring touch while a negative one has an uncomfortable and unpleasant touch.

#7 Synchronicities

If someone is trying to connect with you, you’ll find synchronicities in your thought and sender thought.

You may find yourself thinking about someone before they contact you.

#8 Dreaming about a specific person

In dreams, people have no resistance whatsoever to receiving the message. So, if you’re having dreams about a specific person or events frequently, that means you’re receiving the telepathy message.

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Telepathic communication is the ability to transfer thoughts to someone at distance without any physical or electrical communication and it is possible.

However, it can be difficult to figure out whether your partner received your telepathic message or not.

Ask your partner directly about your thoughts, tell them to perform some specific tasks, or observe your thoughts in a conversation. In this way, you’ll know if your telepathic message was received or not.