how to manifest a cat

Looking for ways to manifest a cat using the law of attraction?

You’re in the right place to learn how to manifest a cat with the help of the guidance of infinite intelligence.

Obviously, you can easily buy or adopt any cat you want. But, you don’t want any other ordinary cat.

You want a cat you’re dreaming about for so long. You want a cat which is also your spirit animal. Most importantly, you want a cat that will connect with you and bring happiness to your life. Right?

If so, keep reading to know the nitty-gritty of manifesting a cat of your choice using the law of attraction.

Can you manifest a cat?

First, let’s get clear whether you can manifest a cat or any other pet using the law of attraction or not.

Yes, it is possible to manifest a cat.

But, most people are skeptical about the law of attraction. They think that it is a pseudoscience or feel-good philosophy.

Though there is no solid research about the law of attraction in the scientific community, it doesn’t mean that it is not going to work for you. Using the law of attraction, many people have manifested their dream life. They are the real evidence that manifestation does work.

So how does the law of attraction help you to manifest a cat?

You see, the law of attraction is all about your thought and belief system. What you think and believe will determine what you attract in your life. Positive thoughts bring positive results and vice versa.

When you practice the law of attraction, it makes you think of your dream cat frequently. Also, it makes you believe that it is possible to manifest a cat. It lets you recognize the right opportunity that leads towards your goal. It makes you intuitive to take the right action at right time.

In short, the law of attraction helps you manifest your dream cat by changing your thought pattern and belief system. It also gives direction to your brain to take the right action to reach your goal.

Furthermore, it does so by reprogramming the subconscious mind replacing your old self with a new self who can think and believe in the possibility of manifesting a cat.

How to manifest a cat? ( Step-by-Step)

#1 Get a clear idea of a cat you want to manifest

Having a clear picture of your goal in the mind is first and one of the crucial steps in the process of manifestation.

You have to first decide what you want.

In this case, you have to know every detail of your cat you want to manifest. When you know what types of cat you want, it becomes way easier to practice that law of attraction. Plus, you’ll get a faster result when you know what you’re looking for.

Now, imagine the picture of the cat you are trying to manifest. Think about its

  • age
  • sex
  • color
  • breed
  • other characteristics you like to have on your cat.

Find the picture of cat online that greatly resemble with the cat you want to manifest. By doing so, it not only help you have a clear picture of your goal, it also help you in visualization- one of the best law of atttraction technique ever.

To sum up, decide what types of cat you want to manifest. Write in detail about the characteristics you want to see in your cat.

#2 Ask yourself why you want to manifest a cat

Find a compelling reason for why you want to manifest a cat. It is important to know the reason behind your manifestation because it taps into your emotion and gives you the motivation to keep practicing the law of attraction even if you don’t see the result.

List down all the reasons for having or manifesting a cat. And, go for reason that you find most compelling and emotional and stick to it.

Whenever you find yourself doubting or having low energy to practice the law of attraction, think of you reason why you wanted in the cat first place. It will give you an instant dose of energy and motivation to keep going on your journey.

In addition, emotions make thoughts more powerful to attract anything quickly and easily. So, find the reason why you want to manifest a cat before jumping into the next section of the article.

#3 Put pictures of a cat on your vision board

Have you created your vision board?

If not, you’re missing out on a lot. A Vision Board is the place where you put pictures or inspirational quotes about your goal. Looking at the vision board makes you think about your goal, inspire you to take action, and makes you optimistic and faithful.

Additionally, a vision board helps you manifest each of your dreams and goals by programming your subconscious mind in a very subtle way.

When it comes to manifesting a cat, a vision board plays a significant role. I hope you’ve already decided upon what types of cat you want to manifest. Now, find the pictures of cats that resemble the cat you want to manifest and put them on your vision board.

Then, place your vision board somewhere you can easily see it.

#4 Visualize enjoying with your cat

Like a vision board, visualization of your goal is a powerful method of manifestation. It tricks your mind by making it believe that you’ve already manifested your goal.

For instance, when you visualize having a good time with your cat or kitten that you want to manifest, your mind takes it as a real event.

That’s because the mind can’t separate between real events and imagined ones. It perceives that you already have a cat. So, in the real world, your mind searches for the cat you’ve imagined. Your mind, now, starts to look everywhere to find the cat. It recognizes the opportunities that are hidden before that will eventually lead you to your cat.

To sum up, start visualizing enjoying yourself with your cat. Imagine cuddling your cat, kissing your cat on the head, walking with it, or watching TV together. When you are visualizing, don’t just imagine pictures. Instead, feel the emotion you would feel when you play with your cat in reality. Make it as real as possible.

Visualize your dream cat until you manifested it in the real world.

#5 Listen to subliminal to attract a cat

Do you want to know the easiest and quickest way to manifest cat or anything for that matter?

Listen to subliminal.

Subliminals are the music that has hidden affirmations that can’t be perceived by the conscious mind. But, your subconscious mind can receive it.

Our conscious mind rejects the facts or events that are not true or haven’t happened yet. It means when you say affirmations or do visualization, the conscious mind simply rejects it and it doesn’t reach the subconscious level. 

However, if listened to subliminal having affirmation related to a goal, you totally avoid the conscious mind and hence quickly program the subconscious mind. Thus, you can manifest quickly and easily by listening to a subliminal than using other manifestation methods.

So, listen to subliminal to attract the cat into your life. You can find tons of free subliminal for any goal you can imagine on YouTube. However, be cautious when choosing subliminal because most of the free subliminal contain harmful affirmation.

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#6 Take action to find your cat

People think they don’t have to take action while using the law of attraction. But, it is not true.

The reason why most people fail to manifest is that they don’t take action. You see, the law of attraction gives you a positive mindset and helps you recognize the right opportunities, but you have to take action to see any result.

On that note, don’t take action out of desperation. You should take inspired action instead. Listen to your intuition and do what feels good to you.

So what action do you need to take to find your cat?

Go to the pet shop or adoption center. Look for the cat you want. If you don’t find your dream cat, don’t worry, keep looking. Remember, take inspired action only.

In addition to that, acting as if you’ve already manifested your cat can also be very helpful. Buy cat food, clothes, and tag. Read about everything you can find about your dream cat.

Taking action such as these not only prepares you for your cat but also tells the universe how serious you’re about your manifestation of the cat. It also says that you’re confident and optimistic about manifesting a cat.

So, take action that feels right to you.

#7 Be grateful and let the Universe turns your dream into reality

Even if you don’t have manifested your cat yet, show gratitude to the Universe for it. It brings positive energy and raises your vibration which further aid in your manifestation.

When the right cat presents itself to you, you’ll know it. You’ll feel connected to your cat.  And, when the timing is right, you’ll get definitely receive or manifest your cat.

Meanwhile, don’t get obsessed with getting the result- manifesting cat. By practicing the different law of attraction techniques mentioned above and taking inspired action, you’ve done your part. Now, let the Universe send the right cat in your way when it is the right time.

Don’t get obsessed about the outcome. Instead, let go of the outcome believing and hoping that you’ll surely manifest your desired cat.


To summarize, it is possible to manifest a cat using the law of attraction.

First, be clear about the cat you want to manifest. Decide why you want to manifest. Then, get pictures of cats resembling the cat you want to manifest and put them on your vision board. Daily visualize enjoying with your cat. Listen to subliminal if you want quicker results.

Last but not least, show gratitude and let the Universe bring you the right cat when the timing is right.

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