How to Manifest A Jawline? (Proven Methods)

Having a sharp and well-defined jawline signifies masculinity, maturity, and strength in men. In women, it indicates femininity and beauty.

One study shows that women are most attracted to men with strong and sharp jawlines. Similarly, a narrower facial shape with a prominent jawline in females is considered as a “sexy face” shown by research.

That being said, not all are fortunate enough to be born with a natural sharp and chiseled jawline. However, with surgery and non-surgical technique like botox and filler, you can get a prominent jawline.

But these all options are costly and have many side effects. Fortunately, there is a natural way to get a perfect jawline.

You can manifest a jawline using the law of attraction. And, in this post, you’ll learn how to to do it. Keep reading to learn how to manifest a jawline using simple and proven manifestation methods.

What is a Jawline?

Jawline, basically, is the outline of the lower jaw. It is the lower contour of the mandible which is present at the base of a human’s skull.

It is the prominent feature of one’s face and its angles and sizes determine the shape of the face.

And, shape and contour of the jawline is determined by

  • Skin
  • Soft tissue
  • Muscle, especially, masseter and platysma
  • Tendons and ligaments
  • Salivary glands including the parotid and submandibular gland
  • fat under the chin
  • and mandibular bone.

Sagging of platysma and soft tissue, looser tendon or ligaments, enlarged salivary gland, and fat build-up under the chin are causes of the distortion of a contour of one’s jawline.

When you fix these problems either with exercises, surgery, or the power of your thoughts, you will get a strong, sharp, and chiseled jawline.

Why you should consider manifesting a sharp and defined Jawline? (5 Facts to know)

Here are the five reasons you should consider manifesting a sharp and well-defined jawline:

  1. Beauty: A sharp jawline change the shape of the face making it more appealing.
  2. Health: A chiseled jawline shows a healthy body fat ratio. A person with a double chin or with fat around the lower face is, probably, overweight. Plus, a strong jawline means you can eat well and properly chew your food.
  3. Personality: Men with strong and sharp jawline is perceived as dominant and powerful. They have more confidence in themselves because of facial attractiveness. Due to high self-esteem and confidence, these men tend to do better in their personal and business life.
  4. Relationship: Research has shown that a strong jawline in men indicates high testosterone representing dominant reproductive capabilities. And without doubt, women are, subconsciously, more attracted to males with a good jawline because of it.
  5. Success and Happiness: People with strong jawlines have more endurance, stubbornness, stamina, and higher competitiveness. They are more confident in themselves. So they have more chance of getting successful and happy.

To sum up, a sharp and well-defined jawline increases your beauty and as result makes you more confident in yourself. Thus, helping you get success in both personal, sexual, and financial life.

Is it possible to manifest a Jawline?

In a study done at Transylvania University, researchers asked a group of students to think and visualize themselves lifting weight that they frequently do in the gym.

After only 5-10 minutes of visualization, athletes experienced an increase in strength and power. In fact, they lift 10 lb more weight than the control group.

Likewise, much research has shown that thoughts can change the body’s physiology and structure. Clearly, there is a connection between body and mind. Our thoughts influence and alter the body structure and function.

And, the law of attraction is all about entertaining good thougths about goals. It is all about positive thinking and visualization.

Accordingly, it is possible to manifest a jawline using the law of attraction. That’s because you’ll be doing mostly positive thinking and visualizing during the law of attraction practice.

How to manifest a Jawline?

Use these laws of attraction techniques to manifest a jawline:

#1 Subliminal

Listening to subliminal is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get whatever you want. How?

Subliminal music contains hidden affirmations within it that can’t be perceived by the conscious mind. However, the subconscious mind can grasp these hidden affirmations easily.

If you’ve been practicing the law of attraction for while then you know that our conscious mind creates the most obstacles in manifestation. Right?

To manifest, first, you’ve to believe in its possibility.

But, the conscious mind or analytic mind doesn’t let you believe in the things that are not real or true at that particular time. Over a period of time, however, if you persistently think about your goal, your conscious mind starts to take it as reality and then you begin to manifest your goal.

That’s why other manifestation techniques like visualization and affirmation take longer for manifestation.

Here are the subliminals that are popular and proven to manifest a jawline:

Listen to these subliminal twice a day and drink a lot of water in between. You can listen to it using headphones or without them. For faster results, you can do some jaw exercise while listening to subliminal to show that you’re taking some action to achieve your goal.

You may feel tingling sensations or pain over the jaw after one or two days of listening. Don’t worry about these symptoms. That’s because it signifies that subliminal is working for you and your body is responding to it.

Listen to subliminal for at least 21 days for the result.

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#2 Affirmations

Recite these affirmations twice daily preferably in the morning and at night before going to bed to manifest a jawline:

  • My jawline is strong.
  • I have a nice and beautiful V-shaped jawline.
  • My jawline is more noticeable.
  • People compliment my sharp and sexy face.
  • I believe I have a sharp and chiseled jawline.
  • I have a perfect jawline that matches my face type.
  • I have a slim and beautiful face.
  • I am grateful for the strong and sharp jawline.

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#3 Visualization

Sit comfortably in a place where you won’t get disturbed. Then, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do this 5-10 times.

After breathing exercises, you’ll feel relaxed and focused. Now, imagine yourself with a strong and sharp jawline. Imagine yourself looking at a mirror, touching your jawline, and feeling its sharpness. Imagine people giving compliments to your new look. Feel good and confident. And, end the visualization session by showing gratitude to the universe.

Visualize these scenarios or similar ones daily for about 21 days. Meanwhile, keep believing in the possibility of the manifestation of the jawline and in the Universe.

How long does it take to manifest a Jawline?

It will take at least about 21 days to see the change in your facial structure. In reality, it depends on which the law of attraction techniques and how enthusiastically you practice them.

Listening to subliminal can help you get a sharp jawline faster than other techniques. That said, it doesn’t mean that other techniques don’t work.

Work with the technique you’re comfortable with. Daily practice it believing in the law of attraction and the Universe and you’ll surely get the result.


To conclude, it is possible to manifest a jawline using the law of attraction in a natural way.

And, in my opinion, one of the easiest and fastest ways to manifest a jawline is by listening to subliminal. You can totally do visualization or recite an affirmation. Or, you can combine all the techniques for faster and better results.

Whatever technique you use to manifest a jawline, remember to take action like jaw exercise along the way.

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