Do you want to have the latest model of iPhone, but can’t afford it? Don’t worry.

Because, fortunately, there is one way. You can manifest an iPhone even if you don’t have enough money to buy one.

If you want an iPhone, you can attract it by using the law of attraction in infinite ways.

In this post, you’ll find out how to manifest an iPhone using the law of attraction. Try these methods mentioned below, and you’ll have the latest iPhone model in your hand within a few weeks to months.


How to manifest an iPhone? (Step-by-Step)

#1 Goal setting: First, Decide which iPhones you want to manifest

I manifested iPhone 6S plus by applying the law of attraction.

Like most of us, I know about the law of attraction after watching The Secret, one of the most popular laws of attraction movies of all time.

When iPhone came into the market, I fell in love with it. I wanted it so badly, but there was one problem. It was way beyond my budget. At that time, I was struggling financially; I could not afford to spend any penny on a luxury item.

Though I had no money to buy an iPhone, I was very determined and hopeful that I would get one. I had a very clear picture of the iPhone I wanted to have. I wanted to manifest an iPhone 6s Plus, rose gold in color, with 64 GB capacity.

I knew money was not coming from anywhere, so I decided to apply the law of attraction to manifest an iPhone. It was also an experiment to find out whether the law of attraction is the real thing or not.

I practiced the common manifestation technique– affirmation and visualization. I kept practicing the law of attraction without losing faith and belief.

After a few months, I got a message from a well-off friend of mine. He wanted to meet me, so we fixed the date and time of the meeting. 

On the weekend, we met at my favorite restaurant. We ordered tacos and pizza. The things that happened next blew my mind.

He pulled out a box from his bag and put it in front of me, and said, “Open it.”

I was astonished. I had no idea what could be inside the box. I opened the box perplexed. Next, I was in joy. I felt gratitude towards my friend and the Universe.

Finally, I was holding in my hand the iPhone 6s Plus, rose gold in color, with 64 GB capacity. It was the same phone which I was trying to manifest.

Since then, I started believing in the law of attraction and manifestation.


I am holding my rose gold iPhone 6s plus


In my mind, I was clear about which iPhones to manifest. However, I didn’t set a fixed time because setting a fixed date for manifestation makes you constantly worry about the result and creates fear of failure when you don’t see any sign of success as time passes.

So, I never set a fixed time, but I asked and hoped to manifest my desire as quickly as possible. In this way, I continue to believe in the possibility of manifestation without worrying about failure.

To sum up, first, decide which iPhone you want to manifest. iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or the latest model- iPhone 13 Pro Max, which one of these phones you to manifest? In which color do you want it? How much storage do you want in it? First, get clear about your goal then manifestation becomes a much easier task to accomplish.

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#2 Imagine yourself using iPhone

The secret of manifestation is to see or visualize your desire in mind before you manifest it into reality.

Remember, things you see in your mind and believe in their possibility will surely manifest in your reality one day.

I assume you’ve now the exact model, color, and capacity of the iPhone in your mind to manifest.

After that, you have to visualize it in your mind.

To do that, first, calm your body and mind by doing quick meditation sessions. Then, visualize holding an iPhone.

Imagine using different features of an iPhone that you’ve decided to manifest. 

In your imagination, take a selfie with it, create slo-mo videos, and watch movies in it. Imagine doing whatever you want with your iPhone that makes you happy.

Imagine your friends congratulating you for having an iPhone.

When I was manifesting my iPhone 6s Plus, I would imagine taking slo-mo videos of my friends. I would imagine taking selfies and posting them on Facebook. I would feel happy and grateful while doing visualization.

So, to manifest an iPhone starts seeing it in your mind. That means start visualizing various beautiful and joyful scenarios with your iPhone that you want to manifest.


#3 Act as if you’ve already manifested an iPhone

Before I even got my iPhone 6s Plus, I bought a beautiful phone case for it. I had so much belief in my ability and the Universe for the manifestation of the iPhone. And that’s what makes me buy a phone case before receiving it in reality.

I was acting as if I’d already received my iPhone. I would hold any other ordinary smartphone and start playing with it as if I was using an iPhone 6s Plus.

It may look absurd to pretend to have an iPhone when you don’t have one. But, let me tell you the truth, it is one of the best manifestation methods at your disposal that can give the result you are seeking.

To manifest an iPhone using the law of attraction, start acting as if you’ve already manifested it. It helps to reprogram your subconscious mind. It creates the belief that you’re going to manifest an iPhone in infinite possible ways and even when all odds are against you.


#4 Do scripting to manifest an iPhone


I am so grateful for iPhone 6s plus. Thank you Universe for giving me this beautiful gift.

I just recieve iPhone 6s plus today.

I love using my new iPhone 6s plus.

I take a lot of  selfies with my brand new rose gold iPhone 6s plus.


These are the powerful statement I used to write while I was trying to manifest iPhone. 

I would daily write such positive and powerful statements in my notebook.

Scripting gives me clarity about my goal. It helps me come up with a perfect plan to buy an iPhone 6s plus. As I continued the scripting method, I suddenly started to gain confidence, optimism, and hope which helped me a lot in manifesting my goal.

Scripting can help you manifest an iPhone by giving clarity, and confidence, and bringing opportunities in your path. I recommend you practice it.


#5 Feel gratitude and prosperous

Showing gratitude or being thankful for things you already have in your life will raise your vibration, which is necessary for quick manifestation.

Gratitude is a mix of all positive emotions. Asking anything about the universe with gratitude is so powerful that it increases the chance of manifestation severalfold.

In addition to that, you need to feel prosperous to manifest your iPhone. Having an iPhone is a symbol of wealth and status, but if you feel lacking or poor, you won’t believe that you can have an iPhone. With a poor mindset and attitude, you only attract lack not any luxury items like iPhone.

Donate some money. Help someone financially. Act as if you’re rich, wealthy, and prosperous.

You see, you’ll attract things according to your belief system and mindset. And to attract an iPhone or any other luxury item, you need to replace a poor mindset with a rich one.


#6 Let the Universe bring an iPhone into your reality

You have to take action to manifest your goal when using the law of attraction. At the same time, you have to be optimistic too.

But, that doesn’t mean you should take everything under your control or be obsessed with the outcome only.

Instead, take inspired action

Let your intuition guide you to the perfect opportunity. Do things that you feel are right things to do to achieve your goal. 

Don’t take deliberate action.

And, let go of the outcome. Don’t get obsessed with it. If you’re using the law of attraction in the right way and practicing it daily, then you’ll surely manifest an iPhone of your choice.

But, if you keep thinking about iPhone that you don’t have yet, you’ll start to have doubt and fear that will eventually slow down your manifestation.



To conclude, it is possible to manifest an iPhone using the law of attraction.

To do that, you need to have a clear goal, visualize using an iPhone, show gratitude for things you already have in your life, feel prosperous, and let go of the outcome.

You deserve to have luxury items like iPhone in your life. And, you should take it as fact if you want to get successful at manifesting an iPhone.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does it take to manifest an iPhone?

Your desire, belief, willingness to take action, and perseverance determine how fast you will manifest an iPhone. To tell you truth, there is no fixed timeline. As I said earlier, don’t set a fixed date for your manifestation, instead, hope that you’ll quickly get an iPhone.

Q2. How to manifest an iPod?

You can manifest an iPod following the same methods as I have described for manifesting an iPhone.

Q3. Can I manifest iPhone even if I don’t have money?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve money or not right now, you can still manifest an iPhone. I had had no money back then but yet I manifested iPhone 6s Plus. I received it as a gift on my 20th birthday from my brother who is a real estate agent. Like me, you can manifest it in the infinite possible ways if you trust in the Universe and your ability to manifest.