Do you want to manifest bigger hips? Does the idea of getting an hourglass physique excite you?

Bigger and wider hips not only make you more attractive and sexy to men, but it also has many health benefits too. Moreover, bigger and round hips enhance beauty. Men could not resist looking at women with curvy hourglass bodies with big butts.

However, not all are fortunate enough to have those beautiful curves in their body with bigger hips. Fortunately, you can manifest bigger hips using the law of attraction.


Can you really manifest bigger hips?

A study at Ohio University done by Brian Clark showed that a person can increase the strength of muscles just by thinking about exercise.

To study the power of the mind, Clark and colleagues wrapped 29 volunteers’ wrists in surgical casts for a month. And, half of them were instructed to think and visualize the exercising of the immobilized wrist. Volunteers were asked to do visualization for 11 minutes a day and 5 days a week. After a month, casts were removed and the muscle strength of the all-volunteer was tested. Result?

Astonishingly, the wrist muscle strength of the volunteer who thought and visualize the wrist exercise was double those who didn’t do anything.

Moreover, researchers have found that human thought and intention can influence gene functions, hormone release, and eventually growth and health of the body.

To answer your question, it is possible to manifest bigger hips or any other body structure change for that matter with the law of attraction.

When you practice the law of attraction, you’re visualizing and making your mind believe in the fact that you’ve big butts.

And, if you practice the law of attraction seriously for certain times, you will be able to program the subconscious mind. Then, your mind influences the gene function or release of hormone-like estrogen to increase the growth of your hip. In this way, using the law of attraction, you’ll manifest bigger hips.

How to manifest bigger hips? ( Proven methods)

#1 Find why you want to manifest a bigger butt

First, you need to find the reason behind manifesting a bigger butt. You need to have a solid reason for your goal. Else, you’ll delay your result or, in some cases, you’ll never get it.

Having a compelling reason behind is crucial for manifestation as

  • it helps you tap into the emotion which will make your intention of having a big butt more powerful
  • it inspires you to keep taking action even if you don’t see the result
  • it instills hopes and a positive attitude towards your goal 

Ask yourself why you want to have bigger butts. List down all the reasons you can think of and select the reason that you find most meaningful and exciting. Your reason for achieving your goal should feel good to you.

#2 Let the universe know your intention

Now, to manifest bigger hips, you need to let the Universe about your intentions. In another word, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind with the idea of having a big sexy bum.

Simply put, your mind should believe that you have a big butt. When the mind believes in your goal then and only it acts towards achieving it. Wishing to manifest a bigger bum without believing in it will not get you anywhere. You simply can’t manifest your desire without your mind believing in it.

Here are the simple yet effective methods to make your mind believe in your goal by reprogramming the subconscious mind. These are also ways you let the Universe about your intention:


Subliminal is by far the easiest manifestation method. You only need to listen to a piece of music that has hidden affirmation regarding your goal.

Hidden affirmations in the subliminal are played at such a low threshold that they can’t be heard consciously. Since your conscious mind doesn’t know the information it can’t reject it. That means you can impress the subconscious directly without interference from the conscious mind to easily and quickly program it.

Here are the safe and proven subliminal for manifesting a bigger bum:

Listen to these subliminal at least two times a day for at least three weeks to see the results. And, keep yourself hydrated by drinking water while listening to subliminal.


When you tell yourself a positive statement, again and again, your mind starts to believe in it. That’s how the affirmations work.

Here is the powerful affirmation for the manifestation of bigger hips:

I am happy and grateful for bigger hips.

My butt is big and round.

I love my hourglass physique.

I am happy excited that I have big sexy butt.

My butt looks so great in my jeans.

I have feminine hip.

I am grateful for the Universe to give a bigger butt. Thank you Universe.

I want you to repeat these affirmations every day. I recommend reciting the affirmation in the morning after you wake up and at night just before you go to bed. That’s because at this time of day your mind will be naturally in the alpha state during which the conscious mind is less active so that you can easily program subconscious.


Scripting simply means writing down the affirmations on paper. In my opinion, scripting is more powerful than repeating an affirmation.

Writing affirmations makes your mind more focused on your goal. When you recite an affirmation, other unwanted thoughts may pop up in your mind. You can easily get distracted. But, it is not the case with scripting. 

You can use scripting methods like 369, 3×33, or  5×55. Whatever methods of scripting you use, keep in mind that to manifest bigger buts you should feel good and empowered while writing.


To manifest a bigger butt, my next piece of advice is to visualize yourself in the future where you already have a big round butt.

Visualize yourself looking at the mirror and admiring your big hip. Look at the hourglass shape of your body. You are wearing tight black jeans and feeling the curvature of your bum with both hands. Visualize your friends telling them that you have got a great butt. Imagine lots of people turning heads when they see you. 


Every day visualize your future self who already has a bigger bum. Do it twice a day, once in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Act as if

Another method to make your mind believe you’ve big hips is to act as if you already have them.

Buy clothes that will be perfect for an hourglass body. Buy tight jeans that you’ll be wearing once you have bigger but.

Talk to people as if you are already a big bum.  Think as if you already have a big bum. Simply put,  start doing things that a person with a big hip would do.

#3 Take actions to speed up your manifestation

Besides practicing the law of attraction techniques to program the subconscious, you need to take action such as exercising or taking an appropriate diet.

By doing so, you stop your conscious mind’s doubt, and fear of failure because you’re not just thinking you’re taking action that seems logical.

In addition, doing exercises and taking healthy food increase the process of manifestation. It helps you manifest bigger hips faster.

Here are some simple exercises to get a bigger butt:

  • Donkey kicks
  • Walking lunges with weights
  • Jumping squats
  • Glute bridge
  • Single-leg deadlift
  • Clamshell

Including foods like salmon, legumes, avocados, eggs, flax seeds, and quinoa in your daily diet will surely change your butty into a big and round shape.

#4 Let the Universe work to bring your manifestation into reality

Once you practice the law of attraction techniques, don’t come in the way of the Universe. Don’t interfere with the process of manifestation by being impatient.

Stop holding on to the outcome tightly instead give the Universe time and space to work on your goal. In simple words, let go of the outcome.

You see, it is going to take some time to manifest your desired big hips. But, when you constantly check the growth of but and don’t see any change, you get discouraged, fearful, and doubtful. It only brings negative energy which slows down your manifestation.

So let go of the outcome.

#5 Feel gratitude and raise your vibration

To increase your manifestation process, you need to raise your vibration. Show gratitude for your current body shape. Be grateful for it and believe you’re going to have an even bigger and better hip.

Do things that make you happy. Raise your vibration to speed up manifesting a bigger butt.


How long does it take to manifest bigger hips?

Usually, it takes about 21 days to program your subconscious mind and thus manifest bigger hips. However, if combine practicing the law of attraction, exercise, and taking a healthy diet you’ll get the result faster.


To summarize, it is possible to manifest bigger hips using the law of attraction.

Find the reason behind manifesting a bigger butt then practice the law of attraction techniques such as affirmation, visualization, scripting, and listing to subliminal to program the subconscious mind. After that, raise your vibration throughout the day instead of stressing about the result.

Add some exercise routine and a healthy nutritious diet plan to your manifestation for faster results.