In a study, researchers have found that women with bigger and plumper lips are always more attractive and have a strong mating potential than women with narrow lips.

Having beautiful and bigger lips is the desire of almost all girls. But, not all are fortunate enough to have luscious and fuller lips.

Do you want to manifest bigger lips naturally without opting for expensive methods such as collagen filler, botox injection, or surgery?

In this post, you’ll learn how to manifest bigger lips naturally. In the following paragraphs, you’ll discover the simple yet proven methods to apply the law of attraction to get fuller and juicy lips.


Can you manifest bigger lips?

Much research has shown that thoughts can influence the expression of genes. That means the function of a gene, what was previously thought to be fixed, can be changed with thought and intention.

With positive thoughts and beliefs, you change the function of a gene in a positive way for getting positive change in your body. Similarly, negative thoughts and beliefs will bring only disease and suffering to your body.

While practicing the law of attraction, you’re entertaining your mind with positive thoughts and emotions all the time. You’re influencing your gene to express only positive outcomes. So, yes, it is possible to manifest bigger lips using the law of attraction.

When you think and believe in the manifestation of bigger lips, your mind releases certain neurotransmitters or hormones that change the structure and function of DNA responsible for the growth of lips. This is how you can manifest thicker, juicer, and plumper lips.

How to manifest bigger lips? ( Step-by-Step)

#1 Find why you want to manifest bigger lips

Do you know what matters most when it comes to manifesting?

It is clarity of goal and compelling reason to achieve it. And, as you’re reading this post, I assume you already have clarity of goal which to manifest bigger and more beautiful lips. Right?

Now, you need to find out why you want to manifest bigger lips. Ask yourself why you want to change the appearance of your current lips. Is it that bigger lips will make you more beautiful and sexy? Or, is it that you adore somebody with bigger lips and you too want to have them? 


Before moving further on the journey of manifesting bigger lips, I beg you to find the compelling reasons for it. Because the compelling reason behind your goal

  • will help you tap into the emotions which will eventually make your intention powerful
  • will make you persist on the journey even if you don’t see the result yet
  • and, it brings a positive mindset and belief in you.

Once you have clarity of the goal and reasons behind it, the next step is to send your message into the Universe or reprogram your subconscious mind.

#2 Ask the Universe

To receive, first, you need to ask.

Likewise, to manifest bigger lips, you should let the Universe know about your desire and expectation. You should ask the Universe to bring your desire into reality.

In scientific words, you need to program your subconscious mind with the thought of having bigger and fuller lips so that it can influence the gene and eventually increase the growth of your lips.

In addition to that, you need to have faith in yourself and the Universe. You need to believe that it is possible to manifest the bigger lips then only you’ll be able to program your subconscious mind or send the message into the Universe.

With total belief in your goal and repetition of thoughts about it, you’ll change the programming of the subconscious mind and thus bring change in your personality and body to achieve your goal.

And here are the law of attraction techniques to build strong belief and to program the subconscious mind for manifesting bigger lips:


The law of attraction technique I recommend while manifesting bigger lips is to listen to subliminal. Why?

Subliminals are one of the if not only manifestation techniques to get faster results with ease. You just need to listen to music that has hidden affirmations only perceived by your subconscious mind.

Hidden affirmations about a goal are played at such a low threshold level that you can’t consciously listen to them. It means your conscious mind can’t analyze them. Since the conscious mind analyzes all the pieces of information before letting them enter the subconscious level and rejecting all the information that are not true, evading it while listening subliminal can quickly program your subconscious.

A word of caution, though; listen to only safe subliminal if you’re using a free source like YouTube because most free subliminals are reported to have negative affirmations to harm the listener or manipulate them. 

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In addition, listen to subliminal related to one goal only. Don’t listen to it multiple times as it might cause headaches or drowsiness. Drink lots of water to hydrate your body and avoid some side effects.

That said, here are some popular and safe subliminal for manifesting bigger lips quickly and easily:

To sum up, listen to subliminal at least twice a day for about 21 days to manifest bigger beautiful lips.

Vision Board

The Vision board is the place where you put inspiring pictures and words related to your goal. So that when you look at them you get inspired.

Plus, looking at the vision board and seeing your goal frequently will eventually program your subconscious mind and make you believe in the possibility of achieving it.

Get pictures of beautiful faces with lips that resemble the lips you want to manifest. Paste them over a board or somewhere you can look at them all the time maybe on your working desk or over a mirror. Add some inspirational affirmations or quotes that motivate you to manifest bigger lips.

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Imagine you already have bigger and juicy lips. See yourself smiling at the mirror and admiring the big plumper lips. Imagine touching your round, bulky and soft lips with your fingers. Imagine making a pout for a selfie with your bigger lips.

Reading the above sentences must have created a clear image of you with bigger lips. If you visualize a scenario like this or a similar one frequently, you’ll eventually make your mind believe that you already have bigger lips. Then, your mind starts to bring physical change in your body to bring to match your belief and reality.

That means if you can make your mind believe that you’ve bigger lips, your mind will make your lips bigger the way you want them in reality. So, visualize having bigger lips.


Repeat these powerful positive affirmations daily to manifest bigger lips using the law of attraction:

  • I am grateful for bigger lips.
  • My lips are turning bigger.
  • I have plump lips which fit my face.
  • I have big natural-looking lips.
  • My lips are big and juicy.
  • My bigger lips make me more beautiful.
  • I happily and easily manifest bigger lips.

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#4 Let go of the outcome to receive

After practicing the law of attraction techniques to manifest bigger lips, I want you to feel gratitude, forget about the outcome of your effort, and enjoy every minute of your life with belief that you’re going to manifest bigger lips when the timing is right.

If you don’t let go of the outcome, you’ll only bring the negative energy that impedes your manifestation journey.

To manifest anything, it does need some time and effort. Not all manifestations can be manifested overnight. Certainly, you can’t manifest bigger lips overnight. So why bring doubt and fear by yourself constantly checking the result and not seeing it?

Instead, set your intention, practice the law of attraction techniques, and keep living your life with joy believing you’ll manifest bigger lips.



To conclude, it is possible to manifest bigger lips using the law of attraction. Thoughts and beliefs can change the function of genes and thus body structure.

If you think and believe in manifesting bigger lips, you’ll certainly manifest it.

Find why you want to manifest bigger lips, then program your subconscious mind with this thought using different manifestation techniques, feel gratitude, and let go of the outcome to manifest bigger lips.