Whether your dream car is a brand-new Tesla or an old beat-up Toyota, everyone has different reasons for wanting one.

Maybe your current car is falling apart and you need a reliable backup for everyday driving.

Or maybe your dream car is something more personal like the car your dad once had when you were growing up. Whatever the reason may be, there are some tips and tricks to help make those dreams come true with the help of the law of attraction.

In this post, you’ll learn to manifest your dream using the law of attraction. You can manifest a brand new specific car easily. To know how to do it, keep reading.

How to Manifest a Car?

Step #1 Decide the car you want

First and foremost, how to manifest a dream car is to know exactly what you want. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t make it happen.

This may sound like common sense, but it’s surprising just how many people don’t know what they want.

We get caught up in the day-to-day, and our dreams and goals fall by the wayside. Don’t let that happen to you.

Take some time to really reflect on what your dreams are. What type of car do you want? What color? Where do you want to drive it? You get the idea.

Once you’ve got a good grasp on what your dream car is, it’s time to move on to the next step.


Step #2 Find why you want to manifest a car

To manifest a car in your life, you need to find a compelling reason for it.

Why do you want a car? For what purpose do you want it? 

Though a car is a simple medium of transportation, it holds a different meaning for different people. For some, it is just a thing for travel, while for others, it might be a source of pride, accomplishment, or a symbol of success.

Find what a car means to you? When you find a strong reason for having a car, your desire turns into a burning desire. And, when that happens, you’ll manifest it into your reality very quickly.

So, find a reason behind manifesting a car.


Step #3 Ask for help from the Universe

If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed impossible to make a reality, you know how difficult it can be to manifest a dream car.

If a dream seems too big to make come true, it can be helpful to ask for help from the universe.

Ask your guides to help you find a new car or a way to pay for your dream car if you have no other options. Trust that the universe will provide what you need to make your dream car a reality.

You don’t need to know how or when it will happen, just know that it will.

Just like anything else you want in life, you need to ask for it.

And if you’re like most people, you don’t know how to ask for what you want. Like many skills, the ability to ask for what you want is something that can be learned.

In the next step, you’ll learn how to ask the Universe to help you manifest a car. In other words, you’ll learn to program your subconscious mind to change your belief system which will help in manifesting your dream car.


Step#4 Program your subconscious mind

Here’s how you can program your subconscious mind to manifest your dream car.

  • Visualization

You can use visualization to help manifest a dream car. It is one of the powerful methods to manifest anything in life.

It uses your imagination to create the life you want.

To manifest your dream car, visualize yourself in your dream car, driving around town while listening to your favorite music. You are taking your family on a long tour in your car.

Besides that, you should also feel good while visualization. Feel the emotions of driving your brand new dream car.

Really try to imagine yourself driving your dream car.

What does it feel like to sit in the driver’s seat? What do the wheel and pedals feel like in your hands? How does it sound to rev the engine or put the pedal to the metal?

These details will help make your dream feel more real. And when you feel something, you are creating energy. This energy will attract what you want, so try to get as specific as you can.

  • Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can help change your mindset and open you up to more abundance and opportunity.

When you’re ready to start manifesting your dream car, you can use affirmations to get yourself in the right mindset.

One option is to write down a list of affirmations on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you will see it often. Be sure to replace any negative words, like don’t or can’t, with positive ones like will and are.

Another option is to write your affirmations on an index card and place the card where you’ll see it often, like on your bathroom mirror, computer, or fridge.

No matter which option you go with, make sure you read your affirmations daily until you believe them.

  • Vision board

Find the pictures of the car that you want to manifest. Print it and past it on your vision board.

Add some motivational quotes or affirmations to it.

Then, place it in front of your workplace, or where you spend most of your time so that you can see your dream frequently. The Vision Board will continuously remind you of your goal, plus, it will inspire you to take action to achieve it.

To sum up, create a vision board to program the subconscious mind to align it towards your goal of manifesting a car.

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  • Mind movie

A mind movie is a powerful method to program the subconscious mind. Basically, it is a vision board in motion mixed with uplifting music.

But, it is way more powerful than a vision board.

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Step#5 Let go and receive

Finally, you need to let go of the outcome to manifest your goal.

You should not focus on the outcome all the time. The manifestation process takes time. It might take from a few days to a few years depending on the goal.

If you keep looking for the result, it shows that you don’t have trust in the Universe.

Another reason why you don’t want to keep looking for the result is that whenever you don’t see the car you’re trying to manifest, you become sad and attract negative energy which impacts your manifestation and crates further delay in manifesting your car.

Another good piece of advice for manifesting a car is to create a plan and act on it. Even if you’re applying the law of attraction, you should take action towards your goal.

You need to take the first steps towards your goal. And, the Universe will show you the correct path towards it. So, make a plan and take action.


How long does it take to manifest a car?

Nobody knows for sure. There is no fixed date that we can give at which you will manifest your car.

It depends on the car you want and how bad you want it. Plus, how you practice the law of attraction and with what intensity and faith will also determine when you will manifest your dream car.


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Finally, when you think about manifesting, it’s important to remember that it’s not something you do alone. You manifest dreams with the help of the universe, your guides, and a few other entities.

And while it may not always work out perfectly, that’s okay. You can try again, adjust your plan, and continue to make your dreams come true until you get it right.

And remember, if you’re having trouble making your dream car a reality, you’re not alone. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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