How to Manifest Celebrity Crush? (Success Story)


Can you manifest a celebrity? Is it possible?

Though the celebrities don’t even know your existence yet, you can make them notice you, message you, or go date with you. In simple terms, you can manifest your celebrity crush in your life.

Ordinary people manifesting celebrity in their life is not a new thing. Without knowing, many have used the law of attraction to attract their celebrity crush in their life.

For instance, 16-year-old Kelly Preston fell in love with John Travolta after seeing his poster outside a theater. The moment she saw him, she knew she would be with him. She firmly believes in it. She was very confident in her dream that she even announced that she would marry him. Years later, in 1991, they got married and are still together.

Similarly, rumor has it that Kate Middleton had a poster of Prince William in her boarding school dorm even before they dated each other.

These are only a few success stories where fans who had a crush on a celebrity ended up dating or marrying them. If they can do it, so can you.

You can manifest your celebrities crush even if you think it is beyond possible.  Keep reading to find out how to manifest a celebrity crush using the law of attraction. 


How to manifest a celebrity crush? (In 3 Simple Steps)

Step #1  Ask: Have a clear picture of your goal

First and foremost, you need to have a clear goal in your mind.

Wishing to manifest a celebrity crush is not enough. You need to have a burning desire. And, you get burning desire by having a clear and meaningful goal mixed with a compelling reason to accomplish it.

If you find yourself smiling whenever you think of manifesting your celebrity crush, know that you have got a burning desire to do so. If it doesn’t excite you, it means you either don’t have a clear goal or you think it is not that important. In either case, you’re not going to manifest celebrity in this way.

In short, you need to have a burning desire and compelling as well as inspiring reason to attract celebrities in your life.

So, ask yourself why you want to manifest your celebrity crush. What beautiful things you would like to happen when you manifest them. Do you want to have a friendship with them or marry them? Get clear about why you want to manifest a celebrity.

To summarize, first, know which celebrity you want to manifest and why you want them in your life. And, simply ask the universe to send that person in your life.

Step #2 Believe: Have faith in the Universe

After you’ve decided which celebrity to manifest and the reasons behind it, the next step is to create an unwavering faith in the universe and yourself for successful manifestation.

Not having faith and belief is the most common cause of failure while manifesting.

You may have the preconceived notion that the celebrities you’re trying to manifest won’t even take notice of you, let alone go on a date with you. You may think you don’t have social status as they have that’s why it is very unlikely you’re going to meet them.

Well, that’s what you think. It has no truth in it.

If you’re entertaining yourself with any of these thoughts, you’re only creating a self-limiting belief that will never let you achieve your dream of attracting a celebrity in your life. You need to change your belief system. In this case, you need to believe that you can manifest your celebrity crush.

Though your celebrity crush may have higher social status, at the end of the day, they are human beings, just like you, a human being with a physical body just like yours. They have emotions, need, and feeling just like you. Simply put, they are human beings just like any other ordinary human being in this world. 

Due to this reason, you can attract any celebrity as a soulmate or friend just like you attract other ordinary human beings into your life. Their popularity or social status should not create any resistance in your manifestation.

It can be difficult to get rid of such deeply rooted self-sabotaging beliefs. These beliefs that you hold are preventing you from meeting your celebrity crush.

To replace the self-sabotaging belief with a self-empowering one, we suggest practicing these manifestation techniques:

  • Visualization: Imagine yourself already meeting or being with your celebrity crush. See in your mind chatting with the celebrity, taking selfies, going on a date, marrying, or whatever you wish to do.
  • Affirmations: Another way to make yourself believe in the possibility of manifesting the celebrity crush is to tell yourself repeatedly that you’ve already manifested them. Create positive and powerful affirmations. Recite them daily with firm belief. And, within a few days, you’ll find yourself confident and hopeful about your dream.
  • Scripting: Take a notebook and start writing a statement stating that you’ve already manifested a celebrity crush. For instance, you may write the following sentence over and over again:

I am so happy and excited today because I met with (name of your celebrity crush)

Today, I visited to ( name of any place) with (name of your celebrity crush). And we have fun together. (Describe everythings that makes you happy doing with your celebrity crush)

  • Acting as if: Similar to scripting, acting as if technique means assuming that you’ve already manifested your celebrity crush. You start to behave, talk, or think as if you’ve already met with them. 
  • Subliminal: Unlike other manifestation techniques, it doesn’t require your conscious effort thus it is one of the easiest ways for manifestation. You just need to put on your headphone and listen to subliminal music related to your goal from a trusted source.
  • Vision board: It is a place where you put all the picture, inspirational quotes, or anything that constantly remind you of your goal and bring hope and optimism to you. Looking at the vision board will instantly raise your vibration. Plus, seeing the result of your goal makes your mind believe that you’ve already accomplished your goal. So, put the picture of your celebrity crush on your vision board and keep it somewhere you can easily see them every day.

Step #3 Recieve: Let go of the outcome

Manifestation becomes very easy only when you don’t get obsessed with the result. 

While practicing the law of attraction, we want to see results quickly so we tend to check it frequently. However, doing so will only slow down the manifestation. Why?

That’s because when you keep checking the result that you want to accomplish using the law of attraction you show that

  • you don’t have faith in the law of attraction and the universe
  • you doubt that you’re not going to manifest your dream
  • you show lack and neediness.

So, once you ask the universe for your celebrity crush, have faith and believe in its possibility. Avoid being worried about your result. Live your life with joy and gratitude believing that your celebrity crush will surely come into your life.

Celebrity crush manifestation- Success Story


It is possible to manifest celebrity crush using the law of attraction. To do that, you need to have a solid reason for why you want to manifest them, you need to have faith and trust in the universe and your capability to manifest.

And, lastly, you need to let go of the outcome of your manifestation. Ask the universe for your desire, and then enjoy life believing the universe will surely send your celebrities crush in your way.

Remember, celebrities are also human beings just like us. Don’t create resistance for your manifestation thinking that they will never notice you because of their popularity and high social status.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does it take to manifest a celebrity crush?

It depends on how bad you want to manifest your celebrity crush and how persistent you’re in your practice of the law of attraction. Nobody knows how long does it take to manifest a celebrity crush. You may manifest them overnight or may have to wait for weeks, months, or even years to meet with your celebrity crush. 

Q2. Can I manifest a friendship with a celebrity?

Yes, you can manifest a friendship with a celebrity. Ask the universe for this desire, visualize it, and believe that you’re going to manifest it using the law of attraction and changing your belief system.

Q3. Can you attract celebrities to notice you?

You can surely attract celebrities to notice you. That said, you don’t have to take any desperate action to make yourself noticeable. Instead, sincerely ask the universe for your desire and trust in its power for manifestation. And take inspired action on the way of your manifestation journey.

Q4. How to manifest a celebrity look alike?

Although you like some celebrities, it doesn’t mean they are suitable to spend life with. They may be too old for your age. They may be married or engaged with someone, and you don’t want to ruin their life for your wish. In that case, you can manifest a celebrity look alike. Apply the law of attraction with a similar approach as you manifest any other person in your life to manifest a celebrity look alike.

Q5. How to attract celebrities on social media?

Imagine a response to your DM from your celebrity crush on social media. Create an imagined visual where you chat with them. Imagine you’re being accepted as their friend on social media. This is one of the most effective ways to attract celebrities on social media.

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