Are you looking for ways to manifest a dog?

I know you don’t want any other ordinary dog. You want to have specific breeds of dogs with special characters. You want a dog that makes you happy and resonates with you. And, you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for it. Right?

That said, finding the right dog can be very frustrating. With the help of the law of attraction, however, you can manifest your dream dog with ease.

Whether you want rare dog breeds like Cesky Terrier, or you want a dog similar to your previous favorite dog which died or get lost, you can manifest any dog using the law of attraction.


Keep reading to discover the seven simple methods to manifest a dog that you badly want but having difficulty finding on your own.

Can you manifest a dog (or pet) using the law of attraction?

Before we dive deep into the process of manifesting a dog, let’s get clear about whether it is possible to manifest a dog using the law of attraction or not.

Many people see the law of attraction as pseudoscience or woo-woo stuff. But, they are wrong.

Let me tell you the truth, the law of attraction is a very real thing. What makes the law of attraction so skeptical subject is the many misconceptions about it.

The law of attraction is all about your thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts and feelings bring positive results and vice versa. If you’ve repetitive positive thoughts and feeling about your goal, you’ll activate the law of attraction and eventually attract it in the reality.

On a deeper level, practicing the law of attraction affects your subconscious mind. It enables you to focus on your goal. It helps see the opportunity that is hidden before which leads to your goal.

You see, our mind eliminates most of the information and focuses on only those that it finds significant. Why?

To process any information mind requires energy. That’s why it only focuses on information that is either interesting or helpful.

So how does the brain determine which sensory information to give importance to and which to ignore? It depends on your thoughts, feeling, and subconscious programming.

If you’re constantly thinking or feeling good about getting the desired dog, you’re consciously commanding the mind to pay attention to information related to it. Over some time, these thoughts sink into the subconscious and it becomes an unconscious act to see or recognize information related to your goal- to manifest a dog.

When your mind pays attention to your goals, you’ll easily find the opportunity or events that will eventually help you achieve them. And, that’s the essence of the law of attraction.

Now that you know it is possible to manifest a dog using the law of attraction, let’s discuss how to use it in the correct way to get results easily and quickly.

How to manifest a dog? ( Follow these simple methods)

#1 Get clear on your goal

Wanting to manifest a dog is not enough. You need to have a clear picture of the dog that you want.

In short, you have to have a clear goal before you begin practicing the law of attraction. The clear you’re about your goals, the easier it becomes to attract them into reality.

So, grab a notebook and pen right now. And start writing about the dog you want to have in your life. Get as specific as you can while describing your desired dog.

You may write about its

  • age
  • sex
  • color
  • breed
  • and any other characteristics that you like to have on your dog.

Have you finished writing down a description of your desired dog? If yes, that’s great.

Now, let’s move on to the next steps of manifesting a dog using the law of attraction which is finding your WHY.

#2 Find a compelling reason for manifesting a dog

While describing your desired dog brings clarity to your thoughts, discovering the reason for its manifestation tap into your emotion and feeling.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have positive emotions and feelings while manifesting anything good in life. When emotion and feelings are mixed with thoughts it makes them powerful.

That means taping into the emotion while using the law of attraction massively increases your chance of getting success at manifestation.

To find out why you want to manifest a dog, list down all the reasons for it. And, search for a reason that is most emotional and compelling to you.

Whenever you hit the low while manifesting a dog, think of the reasons why you want to manifest it. It will instantly get you into a good vibe and encourage you to keep going in your journey of manifestation.

#3 Visualize your dream dog

After having a clear picture of a dog in your mind and the compelling reason for it, you are ready to practice different laws of attraction techniques to begin the process of manifestation.

And one of the most popular and effective techniques of the law of attraction is Visualization.

Visualizing your goal daily is a very powerful technique to program your subconscious mind. When you visualize your goal, you create images of the result in your mind. 

The mind doesn’t know the difference between the real picture we see through our eyes and the pictures we imagine. So when you frequently visualize the result of your goal, your mind starts to think of it as a true event. Plus, it programs your subconscious mind and changes your thoughts and behavior in a very subtle way to manifest your desire.

If you’ve put down the description of your desired dog as I have mentioned previously, visualizing it becomes a very easy task for you.

To visualize your dream dog, sit down comfortably and focus on breathing patterns for a while. Then, imagine enjoying yourself with your dog. Try to see every detail of your dog- its color, age, built, sex, etc. Try visualizing yourself with your dog in different situations.

Remember, when you visualize yourself with the dog, don’t forget to feel good about it. Thinking about the reason you want to manifest a dog can be helpful for both visualizing and feeling good.

You may want to visualize two times a day for about 21 days to see any results. It can be overwhelming sometimes to visualize your goal. In that case, think of your WHY to empower yourself to resume the act of visualization.

#4 Create a vision board

A vision board is a place where you put pictures and inspirational quotes about your goal. Looking at it daily reminds you of your goal and helps you have positive thoughts about it.

And, it will eventually help you manifest your goal.

Find the pictures of the dog you want to manifest and place them somewhere you can easily see them daily. Having pictures of someone enjoying with a dog you want can help you visualize yourself with that dog better and, therefore, help you in the manifestation.

#5 Listen to subliminal to manifest the dog you want

Listening to subliminal is one of the if not only easiest and most effortless ways to manifest using the law of attraction.

Subliminals are affirmations that are hidden inside a piece of music that the conscious mind can’t detect but the subconscious mind does. Whenever we say an affirmation or visualize our goal, immediately, the conscious mind thinks of it as not true and ignores it.

As the conscious mind act as the gatekeeper for information that goes into a subconscious level, it only sends information that it finds true, helpful, and useful for us.

Impressing the subconscious mind using affirmation, visualization, or any other law of attraction technique will take time because the conscious mind takes information as true when it is presented frequently to it.

However, listening to subliminal can program your subconscious mind in less time than any other manifestation methods available. Why?

That’s because it evades the radar of the conscious mind and sends the information directly subconscious mind to program it.

So listen to subliminal for attracting or manifesting your favorite dog into reality.

If you’re interested to learn more about subliminal, click here (Subliminal manifestation- A complete guide).

#6 Get rid of resistance and strengthen your faith in the Universe

Though manifesting using the law of attraction( programming the subconscious mind) looks like a piece of cake, it is not that easy.

There are some hurdles you will have to face along the way. And, there are some obstacles you have to overcome.

Interestingly, one of the main obstacles people face while using the law of attraction is from their minds. Past negative beliefs, feeling of skepticism about the law of attraction, and lack of faith in the process of manifestation are some of the common hurdles you’re going to face.

Remember, you’re trying to change your thought pattern which is the toughest task to do.

But, you’ve to get rid of all the negative feelings and skepticism about the law of attraction. You have to have faith in the Universe while manifesting a dog in your life using the law of attraction.

How do you get rid of resistance and strengthen your faith in the universe?

Simple. Read inspiring success stories about the manifestation. Try manifesting small things before using the law of attraction to manifest big things in life like a million dollars, houses, or dream cars. Read about the law of attraction, and follow the influencer on YouTube.

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#7 Take action to increase the belief in the law of attraction

Sure, reading about the law of attraction, following influencers, or watching movies and documentaries about it can increase your faith in the law of attraction.

However, your action speaks better about how much faith you’ve in the universe and the process of manifestation using the law of attraction. Your behavior tells your mind how serious you’re about manifesting a dog.

For instance, if you buy a collar with the name of your dog in it before you manifest it, it shows your seriousness about your goal. Likewise, building a dog kennel, buying dog food, or reading about the care of a dog tells shows faith in the universe and the law of attraction. Plus, it tells the mind that it is possible to manifest a dog.

To sum up, you’ve to prepare everything for your dog before you have it. Though it does not make sense to do that, try it because it strengthens your belief and a positive mindset.

#8 Show gratitude and receive

Lastly, you have to let go of the outcome of your manifestation.

You can indeed manifest using the law of attraction. However, it will take some time for manifestation to happen. Meanwhile, you have to practice it with faith and an air of expectancy.

In addition to that, show gratitude for things you already have in your life and for receiving your desired dog even if you don’t have received it yet.

Feeling gratitude instantly raises your vibration which further pushes you ahead toward your goal during manifestation.

It is one thing to have a positive expectancy of the result, it is quite different to become obsessed about it. If you’re constantly looking for the result, you’re not only getting feelings of disappointment but you’re also hurting your manifestation.

Not seeing the results give rise to doubt about the law of attraction, feeling of lack, and distrust in the Universe. It makes you not feel good and vibrate at a low level. And, all these factors will, eventually, slow down the process of manifestation.

Show gratitude, have faith in the universe, and keep practicing the law of attraction being optimistic.

Most importantly, don’t get obsessed about the result. Instead, let the Universe bring your desired dog into your life when the timing is right.



To summarize, it is possible to manifest any dog you want without hustling using the law of attraction.

To manifest a dog, first, you’ve to have a clear picture of the dog you want to manifest. Secondly, you need to find the reason for manifesting it. Then, use the law of attraction techniques like visualization, affirmation, vision board, and listening to subliminal to send your message to the Universe and to program your subconscious mind.

In addition to that, keep faith in the universe and daily practice the law of attraction expecting a positive result. However, don’t get obsessed with the result because it only hurts your manifestation and delays it.