Green eyes are considered to be the most attractive among all eye colors.

In an online survey, 20.3% choose green, 16% choose hazel, 15.2% choose dark blue as attractive color and only 5.9% of people found brown eyes to be attractive.

Do you have brown eyes? Do you want to change the color of your eyes from brown to green, hazel, or blue in a natural way? Do you want to know how to manifest eye color?

If so, keep reading to find the proven ways to change the color of your eyes. Find also what determines your eye color and how the law of attraction can help you to change it.

What determines your eye color?



The color of the eye is determined by the color of the iris, a structure that surrounds the pupil and controls the amount of light entering the eye.

Melanin, a kind of pigment, is present in the iris gives its peculiar color.

The color of the iris ranges from very light blue to dark brown depending upon the amount of melanin in it. Brown eye, the most common eye color, has a large amount of melanin while people with blue eyes have the least amount of it.

Furthermore, the production of melanin is controlled by the gene present in chromosome 15 which you get from your parents. It means you get your eye color from your parents. But, genetic variation or mutation may lead to different eye colors than your parents have.

To put it simply, your eye color is determined by the gene present in your DNA inherited from your parents. Expression of various eye color gene controls melanin production. And, the amount of melanin in the iris gives the eye its color.

Is it possible to manifest different eye colors using the law of attraction?

Have you heard of the placebo effect?

Placebo effects are a psychological phenomenon where an inert substance can act as a drug to a person who believes that it can cure disease. It is based on the faith and belief of a person.

A person taking a placebo painkiller believes in it and thinks it can get the body relieved from pain. Though the placebo pill has no therapeutic effect on its own, the thoughts and belief of that person can alone change body physiology to get relief from pain.

Research has shown that our thoughts, belief, and emotions can change body physiology by influencing the expression of genes. That’s called epigenetics. Unlike popular belief, our DNA is not permanent. Instead, its structure and expression are determined by our behavior, thoughts, and belief.


When you use the law of attraction for the manifestation of a dream or goal, you’re training your mind to have only positive thoughts and emotions. Basically, by using the law of attraction you’re influencing your gene expression.

So when you think and believe that you’ve green or hazel eye color, you will change the expression of your gene and body biochemistry to eventually change the color of your eye. That’s how the law of attraction helps you to manifest different eye colors.


How to manifest eye color? (Step-by-Step)

Step #1 Decide what eye color you want

The first step in any manifestation is getting clear on what you want. It is also the critical step that’s because it determines your success or failure during manifestation.

So, first, decide what eye color you want to manifest. Do you want to manifest green eyes? Or, do you want your eye to look blue? Are people with hazel eyes look attractive to you?

Whatever eye color it may be, choose one that you want to manifest.

Having clarity of goal not only makes the practicing of the law of attraction easy but also helps to manifest quickly.

Have you decided on your eye color to manifest? If so, let’s move to the next step of the manifestation of eye color.

Step #2 Find why you want to manifest different eye color

Having clarity of goal lets you focus on single thought while manifesting. Similarly, finding a compelling reason behind a goal helps you express emotions.

To change the expression of genes or send your wish into the Universe, you need to focus on single thought with positive emotions. That’s why it is important to find why you want to manifest your goal.

Do you want to change the color of your eye? Why? 

Is it that you find green eyes beautiful? Or, do you want to have an eye color similar to your favorite celebrity?

Find a compelling reason behind why you want to manifest eye color before moving to the next step in the process of manifesting eye color using the law of attraction.

Step #3 Ask the universe for your dream eye color

You have a clear idea of the eye color you want to manifest and you know exactly why you want it. Now, it is time to take action because without it you won’t be able to manifest anything.

You need to practice the law of attraction techniques to program your subconscious mind to think and act like the person with the eye color that you want to manifest. Once your subconscious mind gets programmed, your behavior and thought process change which eventually gets you the desired eye color by influencing the gene expression.

Here are the proven law of attraction techniques to manifest eye color:

Meditation and Visualization

Meditation calms your mind and relaxes your body. Furthermore, it helps to get into the alpha state of mind which optimums state for programming the subconscious mind.

Visualization is the most powerful manifestation technique. If you frequently imagine your goal as if it has been already manifested, your mind starts to believe in it. When you fully believe in your goal and its possibility then you start manifesting it in the reality.

And when you combine meditation and visualization techniques, you can program your subconscious mind in a very short period. Thus, you’ll be able to manifest your desired eye color quickly.

Meditation and visualization steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do this for a few minutes.
  • Continue slow breathing and start focusing on the point between the eyebrows.
  • Now, visualize yourself with the desired color of your eye.  Imagine people admiring your new look. In imagination, look at your green or blue color eye in the mirror.

Do meditation and visualization for at least 21 days. Early morning and at night just before going to bed is the best time for meditation and visualization.

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As I have mentioned earlier, your thoughts can change the way a gene is expressed. Positive thoughts when repeated can change the expression of a gene the way you want it.

So when you recite positive affirmation to get the desired color of the eye frequently, it creates variation in the gene responsible for meaning production in the iris thus will give you the desired color of the eye.

Here are the positive and powerful affirmations for manifesting different colors of eyes:

  • I am grateful for my green eyes.
  • I have beautiful blue eyes.
  • My beautiful gazel eyes look very attractive.

Repeat this or similar affirmations frequently until it gets into the subconscious mind.

Vision Board

Find the pictures of people with the color of the eye that you want to manifest. Print it and paste it over aboard. That’s your vision board.

When you see and admire people with beautiful eye colors frequently, you start to reprogram your subconscious mind in a very subtle way. Looking at the picture of your goal on the vision board inspires you, makes you optimistic, and increases your faith. 

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Listening to subliminal is the fastest way to program the subconscious mind and manifest your dream. Subliminal have affirmations that your conscious mind can’t listen to. However, your subconscious mind can listen to hidden affirmations present in the subliminal.

Since conscious minds don’t analyze the information present in the subliminal, they can enter into the subconscious mind and program it in the short time possible.

Listen to subliminal to manifest different eye colors from trusted sources at least twice a day for about 21 days. Drink plenty of water to avoid side effects like headaches or dizziness.

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Step #4 Show gratitude and Recieve

Be grateful for having the desired color of your eye even if you don’t have it now. When you appreciate something in life, you get more of it.

So when you feel grateful for the desired color of the eye, you start to change the present color of the eyes to it.

In addition to that, let the Universe bring your dreams into reality when the time is right. Don’t force it. That means avoiding frequently looking at the mirror and checking whether the color of the eyes changes or not. Doing so only hurts your manifestation and slows it down as it brings fear and doubts to the surface when you don’t see the expected result.

Instead, have faith that you’ll manifest different colored eyes and live every day with joy.

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To sum up, it is possible to manifest eye color using the law of attraction.

Decide what color of eye you want and find out why you want it. Then, practice different law of attraction techniques to implant the idea of getting desired color eye into the subconscious. Be grateful as if you’ve already manifested the dream color of your eye.

Always think positive thoughts. Don’t worry about the result. Keep practicing the law of attraction with complete faith in the Universe and you will eventually manifest beautiful eye colors.