How to manifest fictional characters in your life? Is it possible? 

Fictional characters are persons or protagonists from novels, movies, animation, or video games. They are the creation of someone else’s mind. And it is believed that finding these characters in the real world is very rare.

But, it is not entirely true.

For instance, Ahad Saadi, an artist, paints a portrait of a fictional woman whom he later met in the reality and married her. Like Ahad, there are many success stories that have proved that it is possible to manifest a fictional character into the real world.

You can, too, manifest the fictional character you have created in your imagination. Want to know how? Keep reading.


Is it possible to manifest a fictional character?

When you imagine fictional characters, you send creative energy into the Universe and the Universe responds to it by making these fictional characters cross your way.

It is possible to manifest a fictional character.

Your thoughts and intention can bring a fictional character into the real world. But you need to have a burning desire to do so. Let me share with you a real event that proves that it is possible to manifest a fictional character.

As I mentioned above, Ahad Saddi, 41- year-old artist, when pressed by his mother to get married decided to paint his future wife instead of searching for her in the real world.

Later, he put the painting for an exhibition at Huner-i Mukaddes Gallery where he met Parisa who look exactly like the woman in the portrait. Interestingly, Ahad had never met Parisa before. He manifested his fictional wife in the real world by using his imagination and burning desire.


Can you manifest a fictional character?

Yes, you can too manifest a fictional character. To do so, you have to follow a proven step-by-step process of manifestation. Below, you will find how to use the law of attraction to manifest fictional characters.


How to manifest fictional characters into your life? (Step-by-Step)

#1 Have clarity about a fictional character

Like manifesting any other goals, to manifest a fictional character, you need to have clarity about it. That means you need to create a clear picture in your mind of the character which you want to manifest.

To have clarity of characters, write down everything about them. Know them inside out so that it becomes easy to both manifest and recognize that person once you meet them in the real world.

Here are a few things you might want to include while describing the fictional characters:

  • Full name of a character or the initial letter of the name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Appearance (color, height, weight, hair)
  • Personality (extrovert, introvert, giver, provider, visionary)
  • Professional
  • Hobbies

Don’t hesitate to add the extra features and traits that you want to see in your fictional character. Include every aspect of that fictional character that will make you happy and create an urge to meet them in person.

Remember, it is very essential to have clarity about the fictional characters before you start practicing the different law of attraction techniques to manifest them. By having clarity of goal, it becomes easy to ask the Universe for help and to receive from it.

In other words, you will be able to manifest any fictional character easily and quickly when you have clarity about it.

#2 Find compelling reasons for manifesting the fictional character

Why do you want to manifest fictional characters?

To have a relationship? To get married and build a family? Or, just need a friend who will understand you better and support you in the trouble?

Maybe you just want to see your favorite fictional characters from novels, movies, or anime in the real world.

Find out the reasons, whatever they may be, for manifesting fictional characters. But it should be big and compelling enough to begin and persevere in the journey of manifesting fictional characters.

Having compelling reasons behind a goal not only motivates you to seek it but also makes you persist in it and help you pass through the dark cloud of fear and doubt. Furthermore, it taps into positive emotions- Joy, Love, and Contentment.

And, when you mix your desire with positive emotions it forms powerful intentions which can be easily heard by the Universe. Or, you can easily program your subconscious mind with it. In any case, you’re going to manifest your desire quickly.

fictional character from a game

#3 Ask the Universe to send fictional characters into your life

That’s great. You now have a clear picture of the fictional characters you want to manifest. Not only that now you know why you want them in your life.

Next, simply let the Universe know your desire to manifest a fictional character. Ask for your manifestation with unwavering faith in it. Or, in more scientific terms, the next step is to program your subconscious mind with this idea. 

Once you successfully program the subconscious mind, you’ll develop the intuition or ability to get yourself toward fictional characters. You’ll be able to see the opportunities and grab them that lead you toward your goal.

And, here are the proven law of attraction techniques you need to practice to let the Universe about your desire or to program your subconscious so that you can manifest your desired fictional characters:


Each day with a fresh and relaxed mind, preferably in the morning after you wake up or at night just before going to sleep, imagine the beautiful scenario with fictional characters you want to manifest.

First, imagine the fictional characters having all the traits you like to see in them. Then, imagine yourself meeting with that person in the real world. Think about your reasons for manifesting them while visualizing and imagining all the scenarios that you want to experience with that fictional characters.

You don’t have any restriction over your imagination power. So, imagine everything with fictional characters that you want to happen and which makes you happy too.

Do you want to go on date with a fictional character? Great, imagine that. Do you want to make love? Nobody is stopping you from visualizing that. So, visualize it too.

In short, daily visualize all the scenarios with the fictional character that makes you happy.  By doing so, you will be programming the subconscious mind to bring the same scenario into reality. In short, you’ll manifest your desired fictional character.

Vision Board

Put a sketch or photo of fictional characters on your vision board. Place it somewhere you can look at it frequently.

On frequent looking at your fictional characters, you program your subconscious and command it to attract them in the real world.


Listening to subliminal is the easiest and fastest way to manifest your desire- to manifest a fictional character.

But, while listening to subliminal, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Listen to subliminal from trusted sources only
  • Keep yourself hydrated to prevent headaches and dizziness
  • Listen at least twice a day for 21 days to see the result

Here are the safe subliminal to manifest fictional characters:


I am so happy and grateful to meet person of my dream.

I happily and easily manifested fictional character in to reality.

I have finally met with a person that look eactly I have imagined.

These powerful statements or affirmations when repeated frequently hold the power to make your mind believe in the possibility of manifesting fictional characters in the real world.

They program the subconscious mind and let the Universe know about your desire so that you can manifest the person of your dream.

Act as if

To meet a fictional character, in reality, you need to fake that you’ve already met that person until you really meet them. You need to act as if you have already manifested a fictional character.

Though it may look weird to act so, believe me, it will eventually make your mind take this as fact. When the mind believes that you’ve met with a fictional character, it starts to work on your manifestation and bring that person into your life.

To practice acting as if the technique, imagine things that will happen when you meet the fictional character. How would you feel after that? What activity you would do with the fictional character? Imagine how your life would change once you meet a fictional character in reality. Then, start to think and act in a similar way.



It is possible to manifest a fictional character or person who looks like them into your life. To do so, you have to get rid of your limiting belief first. It is not bad to manifest a fictional character. You have to practice the law of attraction believing that you can manifest any fictional character as most people have already done so.

After that, have clarity of your goal and find a compelling reason for it. Then, visualize your desire, recite affirmations, listen to subliminal or frequently look at the vision board to program your subconscious mind. Acting as if you’ve already manifested a fictional character is also one of the effective ways to program the subconscious mind or to let the Universe about your intention.

To bring your desire into reality, you need to give some time and space to the Universe or your subconscious to work on it. So, don’t get obsessed with the result. Instead, keep practicing different laws of attraction techniques believing you’re going to manifest your desire. Then only then you will manifest a fictional character into your life.


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