How to Manifest Good Exam Result (Success Story)

How to Manifest Good Exam Result? (Success Story)

You have to appear in an exam next month, and you’re preparing well for it. But, you’ve fear and anxiety, and wonder whether the law of attraction can help you to manifest good exam results?

Yes, the law of attraction can help you to manifest good exam results. Set a clear and specific goal for your exam result. Do visualization and say an affirmation that empowers you and changes your vibration to attract exam results.

Below, I have covered how to use the law of attraction to pass the exam with grades. I have shared my success story and tips on how to get rid of exam anxiety and fear.

Ready to manifest a good exam result? Let’s dive into it.


How to manifest good exam results?

Set a clear and specific goal

First and foremost, you should have a goal and intention in your life to use the law of attraction to manifest them.

Your goal should be clear and specific. For instance, “I want to pass my exam” is a vague goal. “I want to pass my exam with A+ in all subjects” is clear and specific.

A clear goal is measurable, time-bound, and motivating enough to take action to achieve it. If you’re clear about your goal, you’ll receive the same from the universe.

Moreover, you should ask yourself why you want a good mark in the exam. Do you want to get your dream job and successful career? Or, do you want to make your parents happy and proud?

Find your ultimate goal in your life and how achieving a good mark in the exam will help you achieve it. In short, find your WHY.

When you think of the target grades that you want to manifest, think big. If you shoot for B+, set your expectations high and ask for A+ in your exam.

It may be intimidating at first. But, if you work for A+, you will succeed in getting a good mark even if you fail to achieve your expected goal.

A big goal motivates you, challenges you, and inspires you to take action.

Believe and Trust the universe

Knowing the law of attraction is not enough. You have to trust and apply it to get results.

The principle of the law of attraction will be the same no matter where you apply it. It works 24/7 for you. And, one of the principles of the law of attraction is BELIEVE.

You should believe in God or the universe that you’re going to get what you’ve asked for no matter what.

Trust the universe even if things are working against you. The universe may have another plan for you. Infinite intelligence knows what is best for you.

So, have trust and hold a firm belief in the law of attractions and the universe.

Crush your limiting belief

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts and opinions that people have about themselves, and they believe it to be the absolute truth.

These beliefs limit true potential and stop you from getting what you want and deserve in your life.

Some limiting beliefs about the exam are:

I am not smart enough.

I am terrible at remembering things.

I don’t deserve a good mark in the exam.

I can’t score good marks in exams.

I am a failure.

I am not as good as my friend in the study.

I always forget things in exams.

You see, the ability to manifest anything depends on your thought, level of vibration, and feeling.

When you think and feel good about having good grades in exams, you’ll align yourself towards those events.

Thoughts are energy traveling into the universe in the form of waves. It attracts energy having a similar frequency.

All the living or nonliving things in the universe are made of subatomic particles vibrating at certain frequencies. So, if you think negatively about something, you’re going to send frequencies that resonate with negative events, and you will attract them in your reality.

Limiting beliefs are a roadblock in your path to success. Get rid of it as soon as possible for easy and fast manifestation.

Don’t listen to toxic and negative people. You should manifest them out from your life as they are energy-sucking vampires pulling into the vortex of failure.

Change your attitude towards the exam. People don’t like exams. But, you’ve to change how you think about the exam.

Exams in themselves are not bad as we like to think of them. It is necessary to move forward, and access one’s level of understanding. It allows us to have a profitable career down the road even if it is hard and requires discipline to crack.

Fear and anxiety about the exam drain energy and prevent us from preparing and performing well in exams.

You can do breathing techniques to calm your mind. Or, you can use the tapping method to remove anxiety and fear.

Here’s a video showing the tapping method to get rid of anxiety and stress:

Show gratitude

Be thankful for all things you have in your life, things that we often take for granted.

Gratitude is a positive emotion that helps us to focus on what is good in our life. It helps to get to a higher energy level. It clears doubt and fear that hunt us and prevent us from achieving joy and happiness.

You should feel gratitude towards the universe. Appreciate everyone and everything that helps you to get good grades. Do it before you manifest the exam result into reality.


Visualization excites and motivates you to achieve your dream. It helps your mind to focus on a goal and find ways to achieve it.

For effective visualization, you need a clear and calm mind and a peaceful place where you won’t get disturbed during the process.

You can add meditation to your routine of visualization. Meditate for a few minutes before you start visualizing as it gets you into the alpha state of mind that is more receptive to new suggestions.

Visualize that you’ve passed your exam with a good mark. See your friends and family congratulating you for success. Feel the joy and happiness.

Make it as real as possible using all your five senses.

Do visualization during preparation for the exam and before you begin your answer during the exam.


Affirmation is a positive and empowering statement about your goal. It helps you to create beliefs and behavior that is essential for manifestation.

Here are positive and powerful affirmation to manifest good grades:

I have a perfect memory.

I retain everything I read and hear from my teacher.

I am smart, intelligent, and great at study.

My subconscious mind constantly reveals to me everything I need to know for all my examinations whether written or oral.

I remember whatever I need to know at any moment of time and point of space.

I am happy and grateful for the fact that I’ve passed my exam with good marks on each subject.

Say these affirmations out loud in the morning and night before you go to bed. Morning and night are the best time for manifestation.

Creates vision board

In your vision board put everything that you will achieve if you pass your exam with good grades. It may be a picture of a university or college where you’ll be able to go after the exam or a job that you’ll get after clearing the exam.

Put everything that will inspire you to take action and give you the reason for pursuing it.

You can create a mock mark sheet that says you’ve passed with good grades and place it in front of your desk where you can easily see it every day.

Take action

The law of attraction alone will not get you good grades in your exam. You have to take action to get it.

Positive belief and thought will give you the exact mindset that you need to succeed in the exam. However, you have to do your part by taking action.

When you take action, you will have a feeling of deservedness within you. You will have confidence in yourself and the law of attraction.

Taking action will help you to get rid of doubt that usually occurs when you’re only dining affirmation or visualization without any action.

Study smartly and ask the universe to guide you to select and read those questions which have more probability of asking in the exam.

Let go of the outcome

After asking and believing in the universe, you have to be receivable that means you should let go of the outcome of your desire.

Let the universe bring to you what is best for you. Stop thinking and analyzing how you’re going to get a good mark.

Trust the universe, do your part by taking action and let the infinite intelligence orchestrate the favorable events that will get you what you desire.

Focus on what you want, leave how part of the universe to deal.


Manifest good exam result using 369 method

The 369 methods of manifestation are writing down your desire 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night.

Write the affirmation I have mentioned above in your journal. Feel it while you’re putting it down on paper.


How to manifest good grades after an exam?

You worked hard for your exam, but in the exam your mind betrayed you. You couldn’t remember everything that you needed to know, and you messed up your exam.

So, is it possible to manifest good grades after an exam?

Yes, it is possible.

But you have to control your thoughts about the exam. Ego-mind likes to create a worst-case scenario to prepare yourself to tackle it. In reality, it is not as bad as the mind makes you believe.

Observe your thoughts about the exam result. If it is a negative one bringing stress to you, try to replace it with a positive one.

When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, say CHANGE in your mind out loud.

Eventually, you will replace it with empowering and constructive thought.

It is important to change your thoughts as you’re, unfortunately, attracting negative experiences in your life.

Add to positive thinking the above-mentioned techniques to manifest good exam results even after you attempted the exam.


7 tips to overcome the exam anxiety

1.Prepare well for the exam

You’ll feel confident in yourself when you prepare well for your exam. It will also help you memorize everything you need to know to pass an exam with a good score.

2.Sleep well the night before the exam

Sleep is vital for mental and physical health. Research shows that an average healthy adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep at night to perform well day to day activities. However, the time required for sleeping varies from person to person.

Anyway, you should get a good sleep before the exam to consolidate all the information you’ve read and to remember it well in your exam.

All-nighter is a bad idea. It is not suitable and feasible for everyone. I remember my colleague having a seizure during an exam due to lack of sleep and stress.

3.Eat a nutritious breakfast before the test

The average human brain weighs around 1400 grams or 3 pounds. But it uses 20% of the body’s energy which is huge in comparison to size with other organs in the body.

It makes sense to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast before your test to provide your brain with sufficient energy to perform well.

4.Get to class early

Reach your examination center as early as possible. It will prevent you from having unnecessary stress if you arrive at your center late.

Don’t read before your exam. It will not help you. Instead, keep your mind calm and have fun looking at your friend mugging and worrying about the exam. Study at the last hour gives stress that leads to forgetting what you have covered well before.

5.Have a positive mental attitude

Have a positive attitude and mindset about the exam. Tell yourself that an exam is necessary for a profitable career, and you can complete it with ease.

6.Start your exam

Manage your time well during the exam. Give each question enough time. Don’t waste it by asking the answer to your friends. Trust yourself. Often the people you ask for answers are wrong, and you’re right.


My story of manifesting good exam result

A decade ago, I was in my final year of medical school. Medical school exams are considered one of the toughest exams in the world.

I was stressed even though I had prepared well for it. I used to create a worst-case scenario about the exam. I feared that I would fail.

I have had some success using the law of attraction in the past. So I decided to use it to change my belief and thinking pattern. And to manifest good grades in upcoming exams.

I used all the methods I have mentioned above. I practice it regularly for about one month. I was skeptical at first and doubted the process. However, I kept practicing.

Finally, the exam came, and it went well as I had expected. I was less nervous and stressed than I used to be in the previous exam. The result came, and I managed to score the same result that I had imagined. That was my story.

I love to hear your story of success in manifesting good exam results. Try the technique I have mentioned.

Believe in the universe and the law of attraction and take necessary action. Good luck with your exam.