How to Manifest New Clothes? (Proven Methods)


“How to manifest new clothes?” you may be wondering. If so, you’re in the right place.

In this post, you’ll discover the proven methods that people are using to manifest new designer and trending clothes.

You’ve no extra money to spend on new clothes but still want to get new trending clothes to look cool. Don’t worry. That’s because you can manifest them using the law of attraction with little or no money at all.

So, keep reading to know exactly how to manifest new clothes using the law of attraction.


Can you manifest new clothes?


At the NevilleGoddard Reddit group, a member shares her stories of manifesting new clothes within a month.

After getting bored with old clothes, she writes in her notebook “I get new clothing and shoes.” She set her intention and then forgot about it.

After a month, she had a sudden urge to browse a local website, where people post things they are selling or giving way. On the free section of the website, she stumbles upon a post featuring new and trendy items of clothing and heels. The best part of the story? She was getting it for free. So she immediately emailed the person and got two bags full of gently used clothing and shoes.


(Two bags full of clothes which she manifested for free)

If she can manifest new clothes, why can’t you? It is possible to manifest new trending clothes but you have to follow the right methods to do so. Plus, you have to believe that it is possible to manifest new clothes.

Set your intention to manifest any clothes, believes firmly in your manifestation, and you’ll be amazed when you get new clothes most unexpectedly. But, first, you have to use the law of attraction in the proper and proven way.

How to manifest new clothes? (Proven Methods)

Step#1 Clarity of goal and reason behind it

The first step in any manifestation is to have a clear goal. It is a very crucial and key determinant of your success or failure to manifest anything. Once you know what you want to manifest and why you want it, then manifesting your goal becomes easy.

So get clear about the clothes you want to manifest. Do you want to manifest new ordinary shirts, hoodies, and jeans? Or, do you want a wardrobe full of branded clothes from Louis Vuitton to Armani? Specify color, texture, size, type of fabric, and the brand of clothes you want to manifest.

Remember, the clear you are about the clothes the easy it becomes to manifest them.

In addition to that, you have to find the compelling reason behind manifesting clothes. Ask yourself: why do you want new clothes?” Do you want them for upcoming events? Or, do you want to get new clothes just to go along with the trend? 

Whatever it is, find the compelling reason behind manifesting new clothes and stick with it.

Step#2 Set your intention

In the previous step, you have done brainstorming to figure out exactly what clothes you want and why you want them. Now, you have to write your goal in a paper to set your intention.

In other words, let the Universe know what you want. Sincerely, ask the Universe to help you manifest new clothes in the most appropriate way possible.

To set your intention, either you have to write your goal on paper or just tell the Universe about your goal with your eyes closed. In my opinion, writing your goal to set an intention is more powerful.

Step#3 Practice these manifestations methods

Asking the Universe to help manifest your goal for once is not enough. You have to keep asking until you manifest them.

By doing so, you not only develop belief in your manifestation but also program the subconscious mind to change your thought pattern and behavior to see the opportunities that lead to getting new clothes.

Here are the proven manifestation methods that help you program your subconscious mind or repeatedly send your message into the Universe:


Visualize yourself coming home with new clothes. Then, unpack all of them. Imagine trying them one by one. Visualize going to a party or in an interview with new clothes. And visualize people complimenting your new clothes. Feel the emotions that you would feel when you manifest new branded clothes.

In short, when visualizing imagine a scenario with yourself in new clothes and make it as real as possible.

Visualization is one of the powerful manifestation methods that quickly program your subconscious mind to manifest your goal. So, visualize your goal- manifesting new clothes- at least twice a day for 21 days.

Vision Board

You know what types of clothes you want.  Right?

Great! Now, browse through the internet to look for the pictures of the clothes you want. Download them. Print them. And paste them on your vision board.

Put your vision board with pictures of clothes you want in a place where you can easily see them. When you look at your vision board, it reminds you of your goal and helps in programming the subconscious mind to manifest it.

Step#4 Raise your vibration

The best time to manifest is morning and at night before you go to sleep. In between these periods, you should feel good. In short, you need to keep your vibration raised to quickly manifest your desire.

Doubt and fear about your goal should not come to your mind. They are negative emotions that will push your manifestation further away.

To raise your vibration, do things that make you feel good. Feel gratitude for things or clothes that you already have. Showing gratitude is the best way to raise your vibration immediately. Make habit of being grateful to attract good things in life.

Step#5 Let go of the outcome and receive

Practice the above-mentioned manifestation methods with complete faith in the Universe and the law of attraction.

However, don’t get obsessed with the outcome. Common mistakes people make while manifesting are that they frequently look for the result and when they don’t see any change in their life they become sad and frustrated which further delays their manifestation.

It takes time and effort to manifest anything. Trust the Universe and keep practicing and you’ll surely manifest your goal. Let go of the outcome, practice the manifestation methods with unwavering belief and you’ll receive new clothes most unexpectedly.

How will you manifest new clothes?

If you follow the proper steps of manifesting clothes, you’ll receive them in a very unexpected way when the time is right.

You’ll either get a heavy discount on the clothing you like to purchase or you’ll get it for free. Another possibility is that you’ll get them as a gift from your friend.

In short, you’ll manifest new clothes in a way that is favorable to you.


How long does it take to manifest new clothes?

Usually, it takes around 21 days, on average, to manifest using a goal.  However, there is no fixed timeline by which you’ll manifest your clothes.

It depends on your desire, how bad you want it, your belief, and how you practice the law of attraction. No matter how long it is going to take, it is certain that you’re going to manifest new clothes.



To conclude, it is possible to manifest new clothes using the law of attraction.

Get clear on what types of clothes you want and the reason behind manifesting them. Then, set intention by writing down or talking to the Universe. Visualize yourself wearing new clothes. Create a vision board where you put pictures of clothes you want manifest.

Next, keep your vibration high. Do what makes you happy. Don’t get obsessed with results. Instead, keep practicing the law of attraction with unwavering faith and you’ll manifest new clothes.

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