How To Manifest Perfect Teeth? ( Explained)


How to manifest perfect teeth? Is it possible? Can you have whiter, healthy, and perfectly aligned teeth by applying the law of attraction? Let’s find out.

Research has shown that 9 out of 10 people have misaligned teeth. Not only that, dental carries and receding gums is the most common teeth problem affecting billions of people across the globe. That means there is a very high chance you, too, have not-so-perfect teeth.

You deserve perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. But getting them through dental procedures from professionals can cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are other ways.

Using the law of attraction, you can manifest perfect teeth. You can heal cavities, fix receding gums, or close the gap between teeth.  But to do so, you need to firmly believe in the law of attraction and follow the proven manifestation methods. Most importantly, you need to accept the fact that it is possible to manifest perfect teeth.

Is it possible to manifest perfect teeth?

Can you manifest healthy and perfectly aligned teeth? Or, is it just woo-woo stuff to make you feel good and gives false hope?


To tell you truth, many people have already been successful at manifesting perfect teeth using the law of attraction though they don’t have enough money to seek help from a professional dentist or to get the required dental procedure.

“I manifested brace within a month of making a vision board with pictures of mouth with braces…now I’m on month 6 of 30 months treatment which cost me $6400 which came to me out of thin air,” writes a person on Reddit who successfully manifested perfect teeth.

Similarly, another person writes on Reddit, “I manifested the teeth exactly the same as the photo that I had pasted on vision board!”

You, too, like these people, can manifest a beautiful smile and perfect teeth using the law of attraction. It is possible to do so. How?

Either, your body will respond to your desire by changing its structure to give you healthy, whiter, and aligned teeth. Or, you’ll manifest money or appointment with the best dentist for the treatment within your price range. Or, you may even get a chance to repair teeth and gums for free.

There are infinite ways the Universe will bring the perfect teeth for you. To receive it, you just need to practice the law of attraction techniques that are proven and believe in its possibility.

How to manifest perfect teeth? (Step-by-Step)

#1 Believe it is possible

The only thing that stands between you and your manifestation is your belief system. If you truly believe in the law of attraction and manifestation, then and only then you’ll manifest your dream.

What you believe, either positive or negative, will eventually come into your life. In fact, your current reality is the outcome of your belief in the past. That’s how important is your belief system.

Your dentist sure can help you get perfectly aligned healthy teeth. However, that is not the only option out there and it is expensive too.

Various studies have been done about the body-mind connection, and almost all of them have come to one conclusion: Every thought influences the body’s physiology and its growth at the cellular level.

So, first, believe that it is possible, with the power of your thought, to change the shape of your teeth, fill the gap between them, and perfectly align them to have a beautiful smile and facial appearance.

#2 Set intention

You believe it is possible to manifest perfect teeth. After that, you have to set your intention. You have to know exactly what you really want.

Of course, you want perfect teeth. However, that’s a vague intention.

You need to give clear and specific commands to Universe so that it can bring your manifestation to you easily without any delay. Remember, the more specific and clear you’re about your goal, the easier it becomes to manifest your desire.

Do you want to have aligned teeth? Do you want whiter and healthy teeth? Do you want to repair teeth and gums? Or, do you want to fix receding gums with the help of the law of attraction? What is that you want? Fixing which problem will give you perfect teeth? Find what you really want.

Once you become clear and specific about your goal, write them on paper to set intentions. Why?

When you write your goal, it becomes concrete and tangible. You can see and feel it, unlike thoughts that will eventually be forgotten. Plus, it will remind you of your goal. Overall, writing makes the intention powerful.

So write down your intention on a piece of paper. Be specific and clear. By doing so, you set the intention and begin the process of manifestation.

#3 Program your subconscious mind

You have a clear and specific goal. You also set the intention by writing it down.

But, your mind, at first, won’t believe in your goal. Your goal is not yet reality so the mind ignores it by labeling it as a false claim.

However, in order to manifest, you need to make your mind believe in your goal. How is that possible?

Answer: repeatedly tell yourself that you’ve already manifested your desire. Tell yourself you’ve perfectly aligned teeth or white teeth, or healthy teeth. In other words, you need to practice the proven law of attraction techniques that appeal to you to program your subconscious mind.

Here are the proven law of attraction techniques to manifest perfect teeth:


I have healthy and strong teeth.

My teeth are perfectly aligned.

I believe I have a beautiful smile.

Thank you, Universe! I’ve whiter, healthy, and aligned teeth.

Use these affirmations or write your own affirmations. Recite them at least twice a day, in the morning and at bedtime, to rewire your brain to make it believe in your goal.

Vision Board

Find pictures of teeth that you wish to have. Search for pictures of people with perfectly aligned teeth and beautiful smiles on the internet, then select the few pictures you find most attractive.

After that, put those pictures on the physical board. Keep the board in a place where you can easily see it. Or, you set those pictures as wallpaper on your phone.

How does it work? Frequently seeing pictures of perfect teeth, you remind yourself of your desire and program your subconscious mind in a very subtle way. After a few weeks, you’ll eventually start to believe that you can have similar teeth and smiles. Then, you’ll manifest them in reality.


To manifest perfect teeth, imagine yourself already with a beautiful smile. Imagine that you’ve already manifested them. Visualize people appreciating your new look. Feel the joy and show gratitude while visualizing.

Visualizing gives the same stimulus to the brain as the real event does. That means your brain takes the visualized event as a real one. It can’t differentiate them.

So when you visualize your goal frequently, your mind will eventually think of them as part of your reality. It will program your subconscious mind to believe in your goal. Once you become successful at making your mind believe in your desire, you’ll manifest it.


One of the, I think, easiest law of attraction techniques is to listen to the subliminal. And, here are the best and safest subliminal for manifesting perfect teeth.

Note: Choose to listen to subliminal from the safe and trusted source. Plus, drinking lots of water while listening to them.

#4 Recieve

Even if you do everything right, as mentioned above, while manifesting teeth, you can’t manifest perfect teeth unless you open yourself to receive them. What does it mean?

It means you have to let go of the fear, doubt, and tendency to frequently check the result.

Once you finish practicing your favorite law of attraction technique, you should let go of the outcome; you should live your daily life in joy and by believing you’ve already manifested your dream, or that it will surely come to you. To put it simply, you should trust the Universe and let it bring your manifestation into your reality.

When you patiently wait, believe in your manifestation, and practice it wholeheartedly, you’ll definitely manifest perfect teeth.


How long does it take?

It usually takes 21 days to program your subconscious mind with a new idea. So it might take you about 3 to 4 weeks to manifest perfect teeth.

That said, nobody knows for sure when you’ll manifest your desire as it solely depends on you and your effort.



To conclude, straight, aligned, and whiter teeth, in short, perfect teeth not only give you a beautiful smile but also has many health benefits: less prone to decay or gum disease.

You can have perfect teeth without paying a ridiculous amount of money for them. You can manifest them, instead, with the power of your thought.

To do so, have clarity on what you want, write them down to set intentions, and practice your favorite law of attraction technique to program your subconscious mind so that it can believe in your goal. When your mind believes that manifesting perfect teeth is possible, then and only then you’ll manifest it.

At last, have patience and faith in the Universe and the law of attraction. Let go of the outcome to open yourself to receive perfect teeth.


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