Reality shifting is the act of shifting your consciousness from your current reality (CR) to your desired reality (DR).

And, a script is a framework created by shifters to define what they want to experience in their desired reality (DR).

Scripting your shift gives you more control over what happens when you enter your desired reality (DR). It makes your intention clearer so that you can shift easily. It also assists you in preparing for the experience that you’re about to experience.

Most people especially beginners make lots of mistakes while writing scripts for shifting. They don’t know the right way to script due to which they are never able to shift to their desired reality.

Don’t make the same mistake. Learn how to write the script for shifting realities in the correct way.

In this article, you’ll find out how to script for shifting in a quick period of time. You’ll also find answers to many questions related to scripting and get a free shift script template.

So keep reading.


How to script for shifting?

Scripting, basically, is your imagination of everything you want to experience in your DR. While scripting you need to write about your desired reality and what you’ll be doing there as thoroughly as you can.

The more detailed you write your script, the easier it becomes for you to shift.

But, do you necessarily have to write a script in order to shift?

No, writing a script is not required to shift to your desired reality. Many people have manifested their desired realities without having to write a script.

However, most successful shifters I’ve read and watched, on the other hand, almost always suggest having a script.

Scripting is very helpful, especially for beginners, to get clear about the goal and thus make it easy to shift to the desired reality which otherwise would be very difficult for the first time.

How to write a DR script for shifting realities? Here’s how to write script for shifting realities (Free Template):

Step 1: Describe how you appear and act in the desired reality

Write the general information about the person you want to be in your desired reality. Write down about his/her characteristics, abilities, skills, relationship with others, and, especially, role in that reality.

General Informations of Your Persona

  • Name
  • Nickname
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Place of birth
  • Current address
  • Blood Group
  • Languages you speak
  • Accent
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality

Write the full name of your persona in DR. In your DR, you will be referred to as this name. Create a nickname for yourself. Mention your gender and age. Ideally, your name should be different than your current name. 

You should also write down your birthdate. If you want, mention your zodiac sign as well. Also, mention the place of birth and current address.

Write languages you know and speak in DR. Remember to include your DR language, fluency, tone, and style. If you want, mention your accent, such as British, American, Russian, or any other.

Basically, you want to know everything about the person you want to be in the desired reality.


Physical characteristics of your persona

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Figure
  • Breasts
  • Forehead
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nose shape
  • Lips
  • Smile
  • Waist size
  • Hip
  • Legs

Write down all the physical characteristics of your body in the desired reality. You can be more detailed while describing the physical aspect of your persona.

Tips: Finding the picture of the person you want to be in the desired reality can be helpful while shifting. For example, if you want to shift to Hogwarts, pictures of Harry Potter or any other character that you want to be in the words of Hogwars can be very helpful.


Personality and Abilities of your persona

  • Habit
  • Special skill
  • Occupations
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Educations
  • Fears
  • Dreams
  • Motivation
  • Health
  • Social status
  • Fears
  • Relationship

Writes these characteristics of the person you want to be. Don’t stop yourself to write about only these points, you can add many other things that are related to your persona.


Step 2: Describe the place where you want to go

Now, you have created the image of the person you will be in your desired reality. Next, you have to give a good description of the place where you want to shift.

Write down everything you want to be in your desired world. If you’re wanting to shift to some fictional words such as from your favorite movie or anime, then having pictures of them makes your job easy. In that case, find the picture of place where you want to be and place them somewhere you encounter them frequently.


Step 3:  Describe the activities you’ll be doing in your DR

Write in detail all things you’ll be doing in your desired reality once you shifted to that place. Write about the person you’ll be meeting, the place you’ll visit, or things you’ll be doing.


Step 4: Write safe word

Choose a safe word as well. In shifting, a safe word is a word, action, or phrase you say when you want to return to your current reality.

You don’t want to be in your desired reality forever. You’ve to eventually return to your current reality. For that, you need to say the safe words.

You will never forget this code; once you write it down, you will remember it forever, and it can be anything you want.

It can be anything. For example, return, horse, now, come back, etc. are some of the safe words. You can choose any words that you can remember easily when enjoying the desired reality.


Step 5: Write shifting affirmations

Affirmations for shifting will help your program the subconscious mind. It will make you believe that it is possible to shift. In addition, it will give you confidence and motivation to shift.

Here are some of the most powerful shifting affirmations:

  • I’m shifting into my DR.
  • I have the ability to shift to any reality I want.
  • I easily shift to my DR.
  • I am now shifting to my DR.
  • I can shift.
  • I always get what I want.
  • Shifting is simple, and I go through it calmly
  • In my desired reality, I am secure.
  • In my desired reality, I cannot die.
  • In my idealized reality, no one I know can die.
  • I can’t feel pain, or at least not as intensely.

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Can I write my shifting script on my phone?

Many people use their phones to write shifting scripts. However, if you have a physical notebook, you can also add sketches, which may enhance the experience.

That means you can write your shifting script on your phone.

You can type your scripting templates into your phone just like you can write them down on paper or type them on a computer.


Where to write shifting script?

You can write script anywhere you want. Writing simply means expressing your thoughts. So, no matter where you write shifting script it will works perfectly.

For example, you can write script on:

  • Journal
  • Phone
  • Word document or Google Docs
  • Vision bord
  • Photoshop to illustrate your desire reality


Where do I put my script while shifting?

You can keep your script below your pillow or in your pocket. When you put your shifting script near you, it will constantly remind you of your goal.

In that way, your subconcious keep getting instructed about your desire. It will help you program the subconcious mind easily in shortest period of time.


How to script for shifting to Hogwarts?

Here’s how to script for shifting to Hogwarts:

  • Write the general informations, abilities, physical characteristics, and special power of person you want to be in Hogwarts.
  • Which Hogwarts House do you belong to?
  • Who are your closest associates? Who are your adversaries?
  • What is your background? Were your parents wizards or muggles?
  • What is your favorite subject and professor?
  • What are your romantic interests? Who is your crush?
  • How do the majority of Hogwarts students perceive you? Popular? Clumsy? A nerd?
  • Write about activities you’ll be doing in Hogwarts?
  • Write about the time of year you’ll visit?


How to script for shifting to MHA?

Here’s how to script for shifting to MHA:

  • Make a list of the general characteristics, abilities, physical characteristics, and special abilities of the person you want to be at MHA.
  • If you’re a superhero, what are your superpowers?
  • Who are you in the My Hero Academia? Are you  Izuku Midoriya? Or, someone else?
  • Who are your closest colleagues? What is the name of your romantic interest? Do you have a partner?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Write about why you want to visit the MHA and what responsibility you’ll have there.


How to script for shifting to MCU?

Here’s how to script for shifting to MCU:

  • Write down the general information, abilities, physical characteristics, and special powers of the person you want to be at MCU.
  • What are your superpowers if you are a superhero? Include a strong healing factor, as you may get into a lot of fights.
  • Do you belong to the Avengers?
  • Who are your closest associates? Who is your romantic interest? Are you in a relationship?
  • What are your shortcomings? You can definitely be too perfect in your DR and risk boredom.
  • Write why do you want to visit MCU and what role you’ll be playing there.


How to use a script for shifting realities?

Scripting your desired reality for shifting will make you clear about it. After scripting, you’ll have clear idea about the place you want to shift, why you want to shift there and what you are going to there.

Scripting is very useful tools to manifest shifting reality. It not only make your goal clear but also help you program the subconcious easily. That way, you can shift into your desired reality easily and quickly.



To sum up, use the script for shifting as it makes you clear about your goal.

Basically, in a script for shifting, you should put the general informations of the person you want to be in desired reality, describe the place and activities you’re going to do there.

There are lots of template for the shifting script. However, every individual are different so their goal and desire. So, you have to write your script for yourself. Nobody knows your goal better than you.

Take inspiration or ideas from the script template and make your own. And, use it to shift to your desire reality.