Is it possible to shift realities while sleeping? If so, how to shift reality while sleeping? What are the best sleeping methods for shifting into the desired reality?

Shifting is the process by which you can move your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality. That means you can experience the Desire reality even if you are not present there physically.

If you are a beginner, then these sleeping shifting methods will be very helpful for you to shift to the reality that you want to experience.

In this article, you’ll learn how to shift into reality while sleeping. You’ll find out the best and most effective sleeping method for shifting. So, keep reading.


Can you shift into your new reality while sleeping

How To Shift Realities While Sleeping: woman lying on bed

It is, indeed, possible to shift into your desired reality while you are sleeping.

During sleep, your subconscious mind gets activated. So, whatever instruction you give to your subconscious you will manifest it into reality.

If you instruct your subconscious mind to shift into your desired reality while going to sleep, your subconscious mind keeps working on your desire.

And, when the timing is right you will be shifted into your desired reality in your dream or while you’re awake.

Now, let’s find out how to shift realities while sleeping.


How to shift realities while sleeping?

You can use these shifting methods to shift into a new reality while you are sleeping:

#1 Alice in Wonderland method

  • Get into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath and focus on it to relax your mind and body.
  • Now, visualize yourself leaning against a tree in the middle of a grassland. Someone from your desired reality is running toward you, and when you open your eyes, he is in front of you asking you to join him.
  • The person from your desired reality is running and you are following him. He jumped into a hole and you also do the same. Feel as if you are falling into a long hole.
  • As you fall imagine your current reality is behind you and your desired reality is ahead of you. You have landed in a small room. There is a door and a key which is on the desk that lies in the middle of the room.
  • Now, pick up the key and unlock the door. As you open the door, bright light comes, and as you step forward, you will be amazed that you are now in your desired reality.


#2 Hug Method

  • Visualize yourself in your desired reality. You are in a room. Feel the surface beneath you. A friend of yours from desired reality is coming toward you.
  • Now, you are hugging your friend. You are dancing with them. After having fun with your friends you are saying goodbye because it is time to go to bed.
  • Imagine yourself lying comfortably on a bed in your desired reality.
  • Say to yourself “I have shifted. I have shifted. I have shifted.” as you go to sleep. And when you wake up you will be in your desired reality.


#3 Elevator Method

  • First, make your body comfortable and your mind free of negative thoughts and unnecessary chattering.
  • Imagine yourself in the elevator and you are going up.  And as you go up feel your vibration increasing and you are approaching your desired reality.
  • When you reach your desired floor, the door of the elevator will open. You will see a bright light and it will fade soon.  Then, you can see your desired room with a bed. Now, lie on your bed comfortably and say to yourself “I am shifted. I am shifted. I am shifted.”
  • As you open your eyes, you will be in your desired reality.


#4 Rope Method

  • Lie in your bed in a comfortable position and imagine your energy surrounding you is amplifying gradually.
  • Count from 100 to 0 and visualize while doing so. You can also repeat the affirmation while counting. If you do this right, you will feel the symptoms that tell you that you are about to shift.
  • Imagine a portal over you and a rope hanging from it.  Now, imagine that your consciousness is coming out of your body holding that rope, and going inside the portal.
  • The portal opens in a room in your desired reality where you are sleeping. Now, imagine your consciousness getting inside your body of yours in that Desired reality and when you wake up you will be in that reality.


#5 Piano Method

  • Sit comfortably and relax your body. Free your mind of all the negative thoughts and doubts.
  • Imagine yourself walking in a ballroom. There is a piano in the middle of it. People are having fun. Now sit in a chair next to the piano and start playing.
  • As you start playing the piano, the noise in the room goes down and there is pin-drop silence. And, you are playing piano so well that everyone is admiring it.
  • When you’re finished playing, everyone is clapping for you. They love you. They want to listen more from you. But, you have to go.
  • As you left the venue, you see a person from the desired reality asking you to come with them. You join that person and when you enter into your desired reality you are welcome by them with lots of love.



To summarise, it is possible to manifest yourself in your desired reality while you are sleeping. In fact, it is far easier to shift yourself into a new reality than while being awake.

Use these sleeping methods for shifting and shift yourself into a reality where you are more happier and satisfied than your current reality.

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