How to telepathically get someone to text you

How to telepathically get someone to text you?(With 5 Proven Steps)

You can telepathically get someone to text you. Telepathy is the ability to transfer thought to another person. Everyone has this ability, but there is a process for sending the message telepathically.

To telepathically get someone to text you, choose a person who will text you and think about the good times you have spent with that person to increase your emotional level. Decide what you want that person to write in the text. Next, calm your mind and imagine you’ve received a text. You’ll get a text within 24 to 48 hours.

Though the scientist questions its existence because of the lack of enough evidence, many people have successfully been able to transfer thought to another person using telepathy. The only way to know its existence is by trying it for yourself.

Below, I have written a step-by-step process to transfer your thoughts to someone to text you. You’ll also know how long it takes to get the result and why some people fail to get it on the first try.

How to telepathically get someone to text you?

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of transferring your thought to a person’s mind to text you.

I have used the exact process which I am going to explain to you below to telepathically get someone to contact me. Believe me, it works like charm.

Step #1: Choose a specific person 

Choose a person who has a good connection with you. If you’ve had a good relationship in the past and have spent a beautiful moment together, then it will be easy for you to connect with that person as you both share common emotions.

In contrast, when you choose a person with whom you’ve had a bad experience, it will be difficult to get your thought into their head as they might have resistance to you.

Also, when you choose a person who doesn’t know you, a celebrity, or a stranger, you’ll not be able to communicate with that person. Even if you can do so, they’ll not be able to send you a text as they don’t know your address.

So, in the beginning, choose a person who connects well with you and who understands and knows you well.

Step #2: Think about a good time you’ve spent with that person

The next step after choosing the correct person to communicate telepathically is to think about the good time you’ve spent together.

It will help you to think of a person clearly as well as feel the emotion that is necessary to increase the intensity and focus of your thought.

First, calm your mind as a chaotic mind will prevent you from focusing on a single thought. I use 4-7-8 breathing techniques to focus on a single thought. It also helps reduce my anxiety and worry.

4-7-8 Breathing Technique:

  • First, exhale through the mouth.
  • Now, inhale through your nose slowly for 4 seconds.
  • Hold the breath for 7 seconds.
  • Exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds.

You can meditate for a few minutes to get into the alpha state of mind that is more powerful for manifestation.

When you have a calm mind, think of a person who you want to contact. Look at the picture of that person before beginning the imagination process as it helps you to visualize effectively.

Now, think about the beautiful moment of you and that person. You may smile as you remember those happy moments of your life. Feel it and get absorbed in this positive energy.

After you enter into the positive vibrational state, imagine that person sitting in front of you.

Step #3: Set your intention and tell that person to send you a text

You have successfully imagined a person sitting in front of you, and you’re vibrating at a higher energy level. Next, decide what message you want to send to that person.

In this case, we’re transforming a thought to get the text. Decide clearly what you want him/her to write in the text. Do you want to meet and have a good talk with that person, or do you want to go on vacation?

It is crucial to have a clear and specific message to send telepathically to a person.

Step #4: Visualize receiving text 

Now, in your imagination, tell a person sitting in front of you to text you immediately.

Visualize that you’ve already received a text from that person. Visualize your mobile phone and read the words in the text.

Step #5: Let go of the outcome and receive

Complete this process by visualizing a person, whom you’re telepathically contacting, understands your thought and command, and he/she is going to send you a text.

Now, let go of the outcome and believe you’ll get a text soon. Be thankful to the universe for giving such a powerful tool which is your mind.


How does telepathy work?

Our thoughts are energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves out into the world when we think of something or someone.

Our thoughts activate a group of nerve cells in the brain. These nerve cells in the brain communicate with each other releasing certain chemicals in their synapses and generating electricity that travels in waves.

Next, Our brain can pick signals that are invisible to our sensory organs. That means the brain can receive the thought from someone else’s brain.

That’s how we sometimes hear someone talking to us even though they did not speak a word.


How much time will it take to get a text?

Usually, it will take 24 to 48 hours to telepathically get someone to text you. It may take a week to manifest the result that depends on how well you follow the process to send a message using telepathy.

However, most people won’t get results using telepathy to communicate with a person at first. There could be various reason for that, but these are the most common mistake people make in the beginning:

  • They try to communicate with a stranger with whom they’re not connected at all.
  • They choose a person who has a negative experience with them and has resistance to connect.



Our mind is a powerful tool that has unlimited potential and works in unimaginable ways. Even scientists are not able to fully understand how the mind works and what its power is yet.

Your mind can transfer thought into someone else’s mind. You don’t need to understand how it is possible. Try it as an experiment to know whether it works or not. Use telepathically to get someone to text you.

I would love to hear your success story. Good luck!