how to use subliminal booster

To get faster results with subliminal, you should add a subliminal booster to your playlist.

However, most people fail to use the subliminal booster correctly, so they don’t get any results using it. They either use the wrong subliminal booster. Or use it in the wrong way.

In this article, you’ll find the correct way to use the subliminal booster. Also, find out how the subliminal booster works and the potential side effects you may experience while using it.


What is a subliminal booster?

girls listening to subliminal booster

A subliminal booster is a subliminal created to increase the power and effectiveness of other subliminals. Listening to a subliminal booster, you’ll get a faster result than listening to a regular subliminal only.

These subliminals are designed to listen along with the subliminal made with a modular approach.

In a modular approach, multiple affirmations are included in a subliminal, also called stack, each one of them competing for your attention, energy, and resources. 

Such division in concentration and energy makes subliminal work slower.

However, you can solve this issue using the subliminal booster because it prevents clashing of different affirmations present in a subliminal, removes the mental blockage, and prevent your attention and energy from dividing.

Here’s an example of a subliminal booster from HypnoDaddy:


How does subliminal booster work?

Here are the different ways a subliminal booster can help you to increase the power of regular subliminal and get faster results using it:

  • It gets you into the optimal state of mind to accept the affirmation presented in subliminal music. Out of the five states of mind, the alpha state is the most appropriate for subconscious programming. And, subliminal booster gets you into the alpha state where it accepts the affirmation easily.
  • It removes the internal blockage that is preventing you from manifesting your desire. Internal blockages are the self-sabotaging negative belief that we have built over a while from bad experiences or the influence of negative people. Usually, such limiting belief or internal blockage is one of the main reasons you don’t get results listening to a subliminal.
  • It channels your attention, energy, and resources in one direction. As I mentioned earlier, subliminal that includes multiple goals creates division in your energy and focus. But you want your attention, energy, and resources undivided to get results faster. And listening to a subliminal booster will help you with that.


How to use a subliminal booster?

girl with headphones on and listening to subliminal booster

First, you need to find the best and most trusted source to listen to the subliminal booster. You can get tons of subliminal boosters for free, however, not all are effective when it comes to getting results quicker.

I have created a list of YouTube channels for subliminal boosters, which you’ll find later in this post, that is trustworthy and proven for getting results.

That being said, remember, a subliminal booster that works best for one person may not work for another. That means you’ve to keep listening to different subliminal until you find the one that will perfectly resonate with you.

You’ve selected a subliminal booster from a trusted source, but now you may be wondering when to use it, how long to listen to it, or whether should I use it before or after the regular subliminal.

If so, don’t worry. You’ll find answers to almost every question regarding the use of subliminal boosters.

You can use the subliminal before or after listening to a regular subliminal. You can listen to it as many times as you wish. However, you should read the description of the subliminal booster video on YouTube carefully, as some boosters are to listen only once.

In addition to that, you can listen to the subliminal booster and a regular subliminal at the same time. To do that, play regular subliminal in one tab of the browser and subliminal booster in another. That, in my opinion, is a simple and most effective approach to listening to both boosters and subliminal at the same time.


Can you use multiple subliminal boosters?

Yes, you can use multiple subliminal boosters to listen. But I recommend listening to only one subliminal booster that has been proven to work for you in the past or is popular among people.

If you listen to the right subliminal booster correctly, the subliminal booster is surely going to work for you in less than a few seconds.


Are subliminal boosters necessary?

It is perfectly okay if you choose not to listen to a subliminal booster. You don’t need a subliminal booster while listening to other subliminal.

You see, booster helps you align your energy towards your goal, get you into the receptive state of mind, and helps you get rid of self-limiting belief. 

It indeed helps get results faster, however, listening to a booster is not necessary at all.

You should consider using it if you believe regular subliminal will take longer to get the result. Otherwise, listening to the subliminal is optional.


Is subliminal booster safe to use? (Side effects)

girls listening to subliminal with booster

As I have mentioned earlier, not all subliminal booster is designed to listen more than once. That’s why it is important to read the description of each subliminal booster video on YouTube that you’ve chosen to listen to.

Listening to subliminal in the wrong way or listening to it multiple times may cause the following side effects:

  • Headache
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Restlessness
  • Mental confusion
  • Feeling thirsty

5 Best subliminal boosters on YouTube

If you search for a subliminal booster on YouTube, you will probably get thousands of videos.

So, how do you decide which one is legit or worth listening to?

To find the genuine subliminal booster channel, you can go through the comment section to see what people are saying about it, you can check the statistics of the channel, or you can ask a friend for a recommendation.

You don’t have to do all the hard work for yourself.

That’s because I have curated a list of YouTube channels that are genuine and proven. The list is based on my own experience and recommendation from people who are getting good results listening to subliminal boosters.

Here are the Five best subliminal booster channels on YouTube that you should try:

Read also: 13 best subliminal channels on YouTube that you should follow


Subliminal flush vs Subliminal booster- What’s the difference?

Subliminal flush is the subliminal music designed to increase the chance of getting faster results by removing the negative or old affirmation from the mind and preparing your mind to listen to a new subliminal.

There are two types of subliminal flush- flush that reset your mind as a whole for new subliminal and one that removes the negative affirmation from it only.

How to use a subliminal flush?

Unlike a subliminal booster, you should not use it multiple times. And you should avoid listening to it with your main subliminal playlist. Why?

When you listen to a subliminal flush multiple times, it will not only removes the negative affirmation but also flushes out the result of the subliminal you’re using.

In addition to that, don’t listen to subliminal flush every day. Listen to it only for an hour before using a new subliminal, or you can use it for an entire week if you want super flush for removing the negative and old affirmations.


11 Ways to get faster results with subliminal

Besides listening to a subliminal booster for faster results, follow these 11 pieces of advice from experts who are masters at manifesting using subliminal:

  • Visualize your desire
  • Say affirmations
  • Let go of the outcome
  • Practice acting as if the technique
  • Show gratitude to attract positive vibration
  • Use a vision board that constantly reminds you of your goal
  • Drink a lot of water to prevent getting headaches, migraines, and lethargic
  • Listen to subliminal at a comfortable volume. Don’t listen to it at a higher volume because it will cause headaches.
  • Make a habit to think positively all the time about your goal. Trust that you’re going to receive your desire in the reality using subliminal.
  • Importantly, be patient and keep listening to the subliminal even if you don’t get any results. Because you’ll eventually get the result if persist in listening to the subliminal.
  • Choose to listen to a subliminal from a trusted source only as most free sources of subliminal put negative affirmation inside it that does more harm than good.



Listening to Subliminal boosters will make the regular subliminal powerful so that you can get the result quickly and easily by adding a subliminal booster to your playlist.

They help you get rid of negative self-sabotaging beliefs and align your focus, energy, and resources toward the desire you’re trying to manifest.

Listen to subliminal either before or after the regular subliminal as many times as you like to get a better and faster result.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How fast can a subliminal booster work?

Subliminal booster work immediately after listens to it. That means you can feel its effect within a few seconds.

Q2. How many times should I listen to a subliminal booster?

Most people recommend listening to a subliminal booster only once. However, you can listen to it multiple times. That said, please read the description of the subliminal booster video to check whether you can use it multiple times or not.

Q3. How long should I listen to a subliminal booster?

Listen to the subliminal booster for only a few minutes. You don’t want to listen to a subliminal booster all day long.

Q4. Can subliminal booster work overnight?

Yes, a subliminal booster can work overnight for you.

Q5. Will subliminal work if you don’t listen to a booster?

Listening to a subliminal booster is only the cherry on top of the cake when you’re trying to manifest by listening to subliminal. It is good to listen to boosters but they are not necessary. So, yes, subliminal will work if you don’t listen to a booster.

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