Intention Method For Shifting Explained! (Step-by-Step)


Looking for the best shifting method?

Are you searching for a shifting method that doesn’t require visualization, listening to subliminal, or reciting affirmations?

In short, are you looking for a shifting method that doesn’t require lots of work? Then, the Intention method for shifting could be your answer.

In this article, you will find what is Intention Method for shifting, and how to do it in the correct way to shift into desired reality easily. So, keep scrolling.


What is the Intention Method for shifting?

The Intention Shifting method is one of the sleep shifting techniques which you can use to shift into your desired reality right before going to bed.

As mentioned, you don’t need lots of work while doing this method. It doesn’t require you to listen to subliminal, visualize your desired reality, or recite endless affirmations.

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In addition, it does not require you to script for shifting.

Moreover, you can shift into your desired reality with the intention method in a very short period of time.

Simply put, the intention method for shifting is one of the easiest shifting reality methods. It does not require complex steps to follow and it can be done easily without requiring to have a specific desired reality in your mind.

Next, you will learn how to do in Intention shifting method in the correct way so that you can shift into your desired reality without hustling.


How to do the Intention Method for shifting?

Before we talk about how to do in intention shifting method, you should know that it will work only when you believe in it.

You should have complete faith that the intention method for shifting will help you shift into your desired reality no matter what. Plus, you need to have confidence in yourself and your ability to shift, then only this method will work for you.

Now, let’s find out how to do the intention method for shifting.


Step 1: Figure out where you want to shift and Why

To shift into your desired reality using the intention shifting method, you have to have a clear goal. That means you need to figure out exactly where you want to shift yourself.

You need to have a clear picture of your desired reality. And, also,  you need to find a compelling reason for shifting in that reality.

This is important because when you have a clear goal and reason for shifting, it becomes far easier to shift with the intention method.

If you are not sure about where to shift then you will not give a clear message to your subconscious mind.  In the absence of clear instruction, the subconscious mind can’t help you to achieve your goal.


Step 2: Set an Intention for shifting to your desired reality

Once you know where you want to shift yourself and why set the intention for shifting to that reality.

You can set the intention to shift to your desired reality by scripting- writing about your desired reality, your personality in that reality, and activities you are going to do there.

You can also write affirmations for shifting to your desired reality to set your intention.

Basically, setting the intention for shifting is telling your subconscious mind where you want to shift.

It is like giving orders to the subconscious mind to perform certain tasks.  In this case, you are telling your subconscious that you want to shift into a certain desired reality.

After you have finished writing your intention or scripting, you can put it under your pillow where you are going to perform the intention shifting method.


Step 3: Lay in a comfortable position and keep repeating your intention

Now, get yourself on your bed and lie in a comfortable position.  Put your head on the pillow under which you have kept your scripting.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Allow your body and mind to relax.

Keep thinking about your desired reality. You can visualize your desired reality but that is optional.

Then, keep saying:  “I intended to sift in my desired reality.”  “I intended to wake up in my desired reality.” “I am in my desired reality.”

Keep saying these positive statements and fall asleep believing that you will be in your desired reality when you wake up.

And that’s how you do the Intention Method for shifting.

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Is the Intention Method best for shifting?

Intention method is one of the easiest method for shifting into your desired reality.

However, there are other shifting methods that work as well.

You should try as many shifting method as you can and find out which works for you.

Shifting is all about your desire and the reason for shifting it depends on on your belief and confidence in yourself to shift.

Any shifting method will be easy for you, if you have belief that you are going to shift and I have confidence in your shifting ability.



To sum up, intention method for shifting or intent method is one of the easiest shifting method.

It works best when you are tired and when you feel drowsy.

Write your intention for shifting. Lay in a comfortable position and keep visualizing your desired reality and  saying I am shifting to my desired reality like Lala b and go to sleep with leave that you are going to awake in your desired reality feel gratitude and complete faith in your ability to shift

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