Is Bioenergy Code Legit? (Helpful Tips)

Do you know what is blocking your manifestation?

Not having faith in the universe. Not taking inspired action. Surrounded by negative people.

No, these aren’t the main reason if you’re not able to manifest anything yet.

The main reason that keeps you from turning your dreams into reality lies within you. It’s a blocked energy center. 

BioEnergy Code, a popular online program, offers to open these blocked energy centers by listening to a guided meditation only for 30 minutes a day. So, is Bioenergy Code legit? Let’s find out.

BioEnergy Code Review- Overview

Product: Bioenergy Code

Creator:  Angela Carter and Anthony Roberts

What you’ll get?

  1. The BioEnergy Code
  2. The BioEnergy Code Manual (Bonus)
  3. 5 Minute BioEnergy Healing (Bonus)
  4. BioEnergy Code Decoded (Bonus)
  5. The Heart Energy Activator (Bonus)

Why buy it?

  • To unblock the blocked energy center without spending years
  • To manifest money, perfect health, and relationship by aligning energy center towards them
  • To avoid yoga, long meditation, and other difficult techniques to open the blocked chakra for manifestation
  • To prevent genes from expressing fear, failure, and poverty

Cost: $37.00 (USD)


  • Bioenergy Inner Circle Membership (Recieve weekly guided meditation for only $9.95/month)

Total Cost: $46.95 (Weekly guided meditation included)

Is it safe and legit to buy?

  • Offer 365 days full money-back guarantee.
  • Angela promises that you’ll see a sign from the universe within 48 hours of using the bioenergy code. And, if you don’t see any sign, you can’t email her to get your money back instantly. (After buying the product, I started to see the elephant everywhere as she promised in the program.)
  • Multiple payment methods are available. The payment process is secured by ClickBank.
  • Plus, thousands of people around the globe are getting success at manifestation after listening to the guided meditation given in the program.

Official website:

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I have been using Bioenergy Code for a couple of months now and I’ve done tons of research on the bioenergy center. In this Bioenergy Code review post I will reveal my experience and result after using it.


Is BioEnergy code legit?

The Bioenergy Code is an online program created by Angela Carter. It helps people manifest their dreams by opening a blocked energy center using guided meditation.

It is based on ancient chakra teaching, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Unlike any other manifestation program, it does not require hours of lectures, seminars, meditation sessions, and continuous effort to master visualization or affirmation skills.

In this program, you’ll get a 30-minute long audio track with a guided meditation to listen to. You’ll open your blocked chakras and align them to receive the abundance when you listen to audion for just 30 minutes a day.

How does BioEnergy Code work?

Bioenergy Code audio track uses 432Hz frequency instead of 440Hz standard tunning.

Why 432 Hz?

Research has found that 432 Hz is mathematically consistent with the universe and transmits beneficial healing energy. It corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration.

In fact, many ancient cultures like Egyptian, Greek, and Indian used instruments tuned to 432 Hz. Tibetian monks use the singing bowl during meditation to promote deep relaxation. Guess what? These singing bowls are also tuned to 432 Hz.

Music tuned to 432 Hz is clear, softer, and brighter. It is meditative, relaxing, harmonic, and pleasant to listen to music at this frequency.

Plus, it also influences the chakra system of our body to bring our manifestation into reality.

A blocked chakra or energy center is the main reason for not getting success at manifestation. The energy center gets blocked due to traumatic experiences both physical or emotional.

The Bioenergy Code helps you open and align the energy center using the music turned to 432Hz.

When you listen to the Bioenergy Code, you’ll go through 9 phases of transformation to eventually become a master at manifestation.

Here are the 9 phases that you’ll go through while using Bioenergy Code:

Phase 1: Welcome the Energy

In this phase, your brain gets aligned, receptive, and enters into a meditative state.

You don’t need to try to meditate or focus on breathing patterns only to find yourself jumping from one thought to another.  Two frequencies, God and 432 Hz frequency, will help you enter into the meditative state and prepare you to go through the next phases.

Phase 2: Foundational Energy

It is associated with the Rott Chakra. Before you start the process of manifestation, you need a sense of safety and security. You can’t manifest with fear, doubt, anxiety, and a sense of lack.

This phase helps you identify areas of life where there’s a lack of stability, security, and uncertainty. It will help you remove the doubts and fear so that you can start manifesting.

Phase 3: Relational Energy

To get success, you need people who share your dream and work with you to achieve a common goal. Sacral Chakra deals with the love for yourself and love for others.

Through guided visualization and affirmation, you’ll attract meaningful relationships and help you find balance in relationships by honoring your wants, needs, and feeling.

Phase 4: Personal Power

In this phase, your Solar Plexus Chakra gets activated which the source of inner fire, happiness, and personal power.

Whatever is blocking your manifestation will be clear away and you will emerge more powerful than ever.

Phase 5: Heart Energy

Heart Chakra, the center of love, gets blocked when you meet with disappointments and failure. As you enter this phase, the pain of past failure dissolves away. You’ll break the barrier of receiving love through visualization and affirmation.

Phase 6: Expression Energy

After deciding what you want, you let the universe and people around you about it. So that you can get support and guidance to achieve your goal. And, to communicate your goals and dreams with others Throat Chakra plays a vital role.

In this phase, you’ll express your ideas and opinion by activating the throat chakra.

Phase 7: Intuition Energy

Intuition or gut feelings are right most of the time when it comes to decision-making. Third Eye Chakra is about awareness, intuition, and perception.

During this phase, you’ll be able to see things with clarity and take the best decision as doubts about your own intuition, insight, and wisdom dissolve away.

Phase 8: Oneness Energy

In this phase, you’ll activate Crown Chakra to experience a deep sense of connection with the energy of the universe. You’ll be able to talk to the universe about your desire with ease and receive the abundance from Him.

Phase 9: Power Extension

During the Power Extension phase, you’ll be able to hold on to the energy of the emotion that you felt during guiding visualization and affirmation. By this time, you’ll be able to activate and clear the bioenergy center to begin the manifestation process.

Testimonial (By verified customer)

I finally able to connect with my family though there’s been conflict. I was able to get rid of my doubts, fears, and pain.

-Phyllis Rhodes


I lost  my job… I felt terrible every day…as my family is depending on my income. I tried to get job… but nothing seemed to work. My friend recommended this program… I decided to listen to guided meditation everyday… Next day, I got a call from local company offering a job… I am extremely grateful for the Bioenergy Code…

– Thomas Scott, WA


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Who are Angela Carter and Anthony Roberts?

Angela Carter, a mother of two adult kids, Jodi and Tom Jr. got divorced when she found that Tom, her husband, had been cheating on her for 25 years of marriage.

She has been doing everything she could to bring her family together. But, things got worse when her husband brought his girlfriend home on Christmas. At that moment, she felt how empty, meaningless futile her life has been over the years.

In desperation and frustration, she left home praying to God to send signs and reveal her path to meaningful and abundant life.

While wandering, she received a sign from the universe to see the elephants in Nepal.

Immediately, she booked the flight to Kathmandu and flew halfway around the world to see the elephant.

In Katmandu, she met Anthony Roberts, an American meditation mentor who was teaching people to live meaningful, abundant, and prosperous life. Unlike traditional meditation methods, his methods of spiritual improvement and manifestation were different.

He gave Angela an audio track created based on ancient chakra teaching and cutting-edge neuroscience. And, that audio track changed her life completely.

Read Full Story of Angel Carter and How She Discovered Bioenergy Code Here

What you’ll get inside BioEnergy Code?

The Bioenergy Code is a digital product that includes one main product called Bioenergy Code and 4 bonus products. In addition to that, if you spend an extra $9.95/ month, you’ll get weekly guided meditation based on your situation in life.

Here’s what you’ll get inside Bioenergy Code:

#1: The BioEnergy Code( Main Product)

It is an audio track that has guided meditation, visualization, and affirmation. It is tuned to 432Hz which is a natural and meditating frequency. You’ll instantly get into the alpha state of mind and start the process of manifestation passing through 9 different phases.

#2: The BioEnergy Code Manual (Bonus)

It is a 154-page eBook that teaches the science behind the 7 Chakra System, the history of chakras, how chakras get blocked, and how to unblock them.

In short, it is a complete guide, easy to read that teaches everything you need to know about chakras so that you can clear the blocked chakra using The Bioenergy Code much faster and easier.

#3: 5 Minute BioEnergy Healing (Bonus)

Don’t get stressed out, if you don’t have 30 minutes a day to spend listening to the Bioenergy Code guided meditation. 5 Minute BioEnergy Healing audio track is just the things you need to bring upside-down turned life into a smooth ride.

#4: BioEnergy Code Decoded (Bonus)

It is the BioEnergy roadmap that gives a bird’s eye view of the chakra system. If you need a visual reference for how chakras work, simply print out the PDF.

#5: The Heart Energy Activator (Bonus)

Do you know which is most commonly blocked chakra?

It’s Heart Chakra. Why?

Fear. Since fear is the most common emotion we’ll experience now and then. And, fear resides in the heart. So, heart chakra easily gets blocked.

The Heart Energy Activatory clears away deep-seated fear with powerful guided meditation.

#6: Bioenergy Inner Circle Membership( Upsell)

If you upgrade your purchase for $9.95/month, you will become a member of the inner circle and receive weekly guided meditation based on your current life situation.

Get Your Bioenergy Code+ Bonuses Today- 82% OFF (Only For Limited Time)

Bioenergy Code Complaints And Customer Reviews 2021

The bioenergy Code program has not faced any customer complaints so far. According to most users, Bioenergy Code audio files are found to work for opening and aligning blocked chakras.

Overall, the Bioenergy Code program is suitable to remove manifestation blocks.

How much does the BioEnergy Code cost?

The regular price of the BioEnergy Code is $197, but you can get it at $37 from their official site. Plus, if you choose to upgrade your purchase for weekly guided meditation, it will cost you a total of $46.95.

Why should you buy the BioEnergy Code now?

Here are the benefits of the BioEnergy Code:

  • It helps to unblock your blocked bioenergy center.
  • You can manifest your dream quickly and easily by listening to the audio for 30 minutes/ day.
  • To get rid of negativity and bring soul-soothing peace in one’s life.
  • To open and align the blocked Heart Chakra.
  • To effectively communicate your message to the universe.
  • To dissolve doubt, fear, and self-sabotaging behavior.
Pros Cons
You don’t have to spend hours doing meditation, affirmation, and visualization. You’ve to spend 30 minutes a day in a quiet place to listen to the audio track.
Audio tracks are natural, harmonious, calming, and peaceful to listen to. You’ve to have faith in the universe and yourself to get any result with the product. Remember, it is all about the belief system and one’s mindset.
You can get everything you need to open and align a blocked chakra.  
You can easily get into the alpha state with the help of music tuned at a magical 432Hz frequency.  
You have got a 365 full money-back guarantee. Plus, you can ask for a refund if you don’t see any elephants within 24 hours as promised by Angela.  

The best alternative of BioEnergy Code

Here are the best alternatives of the BioEnergy Code:


BioEnergy Code is a legit online program that helps to open and align the bioenergy center using the special soundtrack.

I have been using the product for a couple of months and I’ve manifested about $500 till now by listening to the guided affirmation and visualization provided in BioEnergy Code.

In my opinion, BioEnergy Code will help you manifest your desire if you don’t have any success at manifesting yet. If you’re interested to buy the program from an official site, I’ve good news for you.

Get Your Bioenergy Code+ Bonuses Today- 82% OFF (Only For Limited Time)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a Bioenergy switch?

Bioenergy switch is the mechanism that lies within all of us by which we can open and align 7 chakras of our body to create powerful energy in the body to begin the manifestation process.

Q2. Where can you buy the original BioEnergy Code?

Only buy the BioEnergy Code from the official site as there are tons of fake websites selling the fake BioEnergy Code at a cheaper price.

Q3. How long does it take to see any result?

It varies from person to person. It depends on your belief, mindset, and how strong is your bioenergy center blocked.

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