Have you ever wondered if it’s bad to manifest a specific person? Or does manifesting a specific person cause bad karma?

Many people think of manifesting specific people in their life will make them happy. But, that’s not the case all the time.

In fact, manifesting a specific person in your life can be bad than good.

However, if you take some precautions and ask for traits of the person instead of physical characteristics, then manifesting a specific person can make your life beautiful.

In this post, you’ll find the reasons why manifesting a specific person is a bad idea and what to do instead.

Is It Bad To Manifest a Specific Person

Is It Bad To Manifest a Specific Person:woman covering her face with blanket

Most of the time, manifesting a specific person is bad. And here’s why.

Reason #1: You might attract the wrong person

If you are using the law of attraction and manifesting a specific person, you might attract the wrong person.

This is because, when you focus on one specific person, especially on their physical appearance, you might not attract the right person who understands you and who loves you more than you do.

Most of the time we’re attracted by the person’s physical appearance, not by their belief, value, and behavior. Because that’s what we see at first glance.

The person you’re attracted to may be beautiful or handsome but necessarily the person of good morale.

You may be attracted to them physically but their belief system and mindset may not match with yours. In that case, it is bad to manifest a specific person in your life.


Reason #2: You may get into a toxic relationship

For a good relationship, you need emotional support, mutual understanding, intimacy, financial security, respect, and trust from your partner.

But, if you’ve manifested a specific person, you might not get all the things required from a partner for a happy relationship.

You might even get into a toxic relationship with this person.

After some time you might be doing all the work in your relationship to make it work.

Your partner may tend to drain your energy and make you feel depressed or unhappy.

This is because they can be too controlling and demanding in nature which will make your life miserable if they are not balanced with other people in your life.


Reason #3: Person you attracted might feel manipulated

At some point, your partner will know that you’ve used the law of attraction to manifest them in your life.

In that case, they might become furious at you. They might feel manipulated. And, your relationship with that person might come to halt.

In most cases, if you’re manifesting someone using the law of attraction, you might be attracting them against their will.

You will receive what you’ve asked for from the Universe in infinite ways.

That does not mean the person you’ve attracted came into your life by themselves. They came into your life because of your effort. And, in such a relationship, continuous effort from your side is required to keep it viable.

Otherwise, such a relationship, where there is no mutual understanding, is bound to be a failure.

Reason #4: Your relationship might not last long

If you are manifesting a specific person into your life, then your relationship is going to be very difficult.

You will want to spend all of your time with your partner and they can’t do that. They are going to have a lot of other commitments, too.

In short, your relationship might not last long. And, that’s one of the reasons that manifesting a specific person is a bad idea.


Reason #5: You may be stopping yourself from attracting the right partner

The harsh truth is that when focusing on manifesting a specific person, you might prevent yourself from finding the right person to be in a relationship with.

The person you’re trying to manifest might not be right for you. And, when you put your all energy to attract them, then you might lose the chance to meet the person who will truly make you happy.

Also, the Universe has a perfect plan for you. But, if you are trying to manifest a specific person, you’re actually going against the law of nature which is not a very good thing to do.


What to do instead…

Instead of trying to manifest a specific person, focus on the traits of a person who would be your perfect match.

Focus on the behavior, morale, and characteristics of the person and use the law of attraction to attract that person in your life. Don’t just attract specific people based on how good-looking or sexy they are.

Have faith in the Univers and keep looking for the right person with whom you can spend your whole life instead of manifesting a specific person who appeals to you for a short duration only.



So, is it bad to manifest a specific person?

Yes. If you’re manifesting them based on their looks only. That said, you can manifest a specific person by focusing on their behavior and traits. In that case, it is good to manifest a specific person.

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