Is It Best To Manifest One Thing at a Time?

First and foremost, you should have a list of your desire that you really want to use the law of attraction for manifestation.

And, you’ve made a list of your desires which may be financial freedom, dream home, being fit and healthy, spiritual growth, and, best one, freedom to do whatever you like to do.

But now you’re stuck or maybe frustrated thinking what should I focus on first. Should I focus on one goal or multiple goals while using the law of attraction? You may be wondering:

Is it best to manifest one thing at a time? Yes, especially, when you’re a beginner in the law of attraction it is wise to focus on one thing at first so that you can direct your energy to one area without being distracted and overwhelmed by so many other things. However, if you’ve successfully manifested something in the past and gained some experience, then you can try to manifest more than one thing at a time.

Below, you will know why it is good to manifest one thing at a time so that you can avoid being frustrated and overwhelmed by too many goals. You’ll also know some of the most common questions a beginner ask about goal setting and manifestation technique.

Let’s get started.


Which goal should I focus on first?

Pick anything that is believable and feels best to you. A goal that makes you excited and think about it frequently is usually easy to manifest that’s why you should pick such types of goals in the beginning.

For instance, you might focus on building your own business rather than working for someone else and think, “I feel so good, I’m so happy to sit in a well-furnished office and watching my employer working and I feel so good to find myself financially free.” But when you focus on something else it doesn’t feel as good as having your own business then you should choose to focus on manifesting your own business first.

But when it comes to selecting a goal to manifest, picking something small and believable at first saves you from a lot of frustration, doubt, and time down the road.


Should I use small things to manifest at first as an experiment?

Yes, as a beginner, experimenting to manifest small things can be very encouraging to take further steps to achieve bigger goals.

It also boosts your belief in the law of attraction which is very important to manifest your dream.

You don’t need to do anything complicated. Just ask the universe for any sign to signal you back that it is working for you.

Here are some small things that you might use to test the law of attraction:

  1. Free cup of coffee
  2. Asking for an extra $5 bill
  3. A gift
  4. A bonus pay
  5. To see some animal, birds anything that is not easily found in your surrounding
  6. A message from a friend that you’ve not been expecting

Once you’ve decided on your small desire, let it go completely without thinking about it and wondering how it is going to work. Have complete faith which, in this case, is quite easy because your desire is believable and less intimidating.


Is letting go a good thing?

Yes, remember, your job is to ask the universe what you want not how it will happen. Let the how part of the equation for the universe solve for you.

When you let go and express your real self you’re telling the universe that you don’t require any attachments to feel happy or safe and it can be a most rewarding, positive, life-changing experience.

I understand it is quite difficult than saying but you have to trust the universe to get what you want. If you constantly think about your goal with doubt then you’re stopping your manifestation.

It is weird that moment you let go of things, it starts to manifest in your life.

So, go places where you love to go, meet and spend time with people whose company you enjoy, and do whatever makes you happy and forget about your dream and goals for a while.

Is one manifestation is responsible for another?

Sometimes your goals are related to each other which seems that you need to achieve one goal first to manifest the next one.

You might say I need to get the job first so that I can have my own house or I need to lose that extra pound to have a relationship.

It seems logical but in reality, you’re only creating resistance in the manifestation process by applying certain conditions to it.

You don’t necessarily need a job to get your own house as one manifestation is not responsible for another. There is an infinite way that the universe helps you to have your goal so believe in a law of attraction.


5 Helpful tips for Beginners while using the law of attraction

Tip #1: We are always manifesting

Believe it or not, the law of attractions is working for everyone every time.

It is not enough to practice the law of attraction technique in the morning or evening. You’ve to have a positive vibe and mindset throughout the day for manifestation to work for you quickly.

A positive vibe makes you think a positive thought and your thought is the energy that travels into the universe as a wave. It makes sense that having positive thoughts at practice sessions and negative thoughts the whole day is not going to work.

Tip #2: Get into a better vibe to better manifest

Having stress, anxiety, fear and hatred only gets you into trouble. I have noticed that whenever I am stressed out or angry, I attract events that make me feel more stressed out or angry.

It is also true that positive feelings and vibes attract things that make you happy and grateful.

So it is necessary to get into a positive vibe. And to get into a positive vibe every day you can do these things:

Show Gratitude: Make a habit to write gratitude every day in your gratitude journal. It makes you feel good because gratitude is a combination of all positive feelings.

Practice Forgiveness: Feeling angry at someone only hurts you. When you’re angry, you get into defense mode and activate flight and fight response in your body. Such an emergency response floods your body with a hormone that is harmful in the long term affecting your physical and mental health.

Be present. Stop worrying about the past and future.

Do something nice for another person that makes you feel good.

Tip #3: Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want

We’re living in a society where fear dominates every action and behavior of a person and we do everything to avoid mistake and failure.

It is one of the reasons why most people think and focus on what they don’t want instead of what they want.

The Law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between good and bad. It simply responds to your thought without judging them.

If you’re constantly thinking about things that you don’t want then you will attract these things only.

So focus on things you want to manifest. For instance, focus on the feeling of having Law of Attraction for Beginners: The Definitive Guidea relationship rather than thinking that you don’t want to stay single forever.

Tip #4: Emotion and feeling are important than thought

Not every thought creates the same level of emotion and feeling inside your body. Thoughts which evoke positive emotion and feeling are responsible for manifestation.

My point here is that your emotion and feel are superior to your thought. Focus on that goal that creates more emotion and feeling inside you so that you can manifest them easily.

Tip #5: You can’t force manifestation

The journey of manifestation is like being in the river where you must go in direction of water to get where you want to go easily without spending too much energy.

If you decide to go against the flow, you’ve put a lot of effort and energy to do so.

When you force manifestation by doing more affirmation and scripting than required show your lack of faith and scarcity mindset and it’s not going to work.



For a beginner, focusing on one thing at a time to manifest is a smart decision rather than focusing on multiple goals and get frustrated and defeated.

But if you’ve gained some experience in the law of attraction then you can go for multiple things.

The law of attraction is real because most people are getting the result by practicing it. If someone like you can do it, then why can’t you?

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