Lifa App For Shifting

Sometimes, when you shift to your desired reality, you will find that it is very distracting, or it is not the reality you intended to shift to.

So, what do you do?

In that case, you can use the Lifa app to alter your desired reality or shift to a completely different reality if want so.

In this article, you’ll find out what is the lifa app, if is it a real app or not and how can you use it for shifting.


What is Lifa App

Lifa App For Shifting: silver Android smartphone

Lifa App is used by shifters in their desired reality to do scripting, and write about characters and scenarios that they want to experience.

It will help you organize your ideas in one place and thus make a good shifting experience.

The main use of the Lifa App is to make changes in scripting once you’re in your desired reality.

You might not like certain things in your desired reality when you shift there or you might want to move to another reality. In that case, you can use Lifa App for scripting the events that you want to experience so that you can alter your desired reality or move to another reality.

Your Lifa app can be an android or iPhone application, or it can be a journal where you pour down your ideas when you are in your desired reality.


To answer your question, the Lifa app is not a real app.

That said, you can find the application named Lifa on the android and iPhone stores for scripting or describing the characteristics and appearance that you want in your desired reality. Such mobile apps can help in shifting by organizing your ideas. But, they are not the real Lifa app.

The Lifa app does not exist in the current reality. You only get access to this app in your desired reality and you use it only there.

As mentioned earlier, the LIfa app can be used to change your desired reality or bring some minor change to it when you’re already shifted there.

Basically, it is used to make changes in scripting from your DR.


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