Listen to Your Intuition: Meaning, Warning Signs, Develop Your Intuition(Explained)

Listening to your intuition helps you make the best decisions, both small and big. Most of us are highly intuitive by nature, but few of us use it as our rational mind dismisses gut feelings that can’t be backed with evidence. We know something is right or wrong, but we do not know how we know it, so we avoid it.

Listening to your intuition means knowing that the decision you are making is either good or bad. It is a gut feeling that you understand something even if you’ve not used your analytical mind to do so. It will boost your creative thinking, improve mental well-being, and increase self-knowledge.

Successful people advise us to listen to intuition during a dilemma and take action according to it as our gut feeling is correct most of the time. In this post, you’ll know how we develop intuition, signs that the body tells us to listen to, and how to master the art of listening to the little voice within us.


Meaning of listening to your intuition

Intuition or gut feeling is the ability of a person to understand something better without using conscious reasoning. It is the feeling or hunches that we already know what’s right or wrong for us without knowing how we know it.

You may have a vision about some events or listen to the inner voice that tells you the right things, or you may feel that something is wrong. That’s how we have intuition about things that concern us.

While some people can easily have intuition, others struggle to get insight from the inner-self for a problem in their life.

People who are masters at listening to intuition have developed the habit of listening to it frequently.

You see, though feelings of intuition come out of the blue, it is, in reality, created by our experience and thousands of hours of practice. Our experience, belief system, and inherent values are determinants of how intuitive we are.


Where does intuition come from?

Intuition comes from a series of routines and patterns stored in basal ganglia, a part of our brain that means the brain gives a solution to the problem by analyzing different experiences we have gained over the years.

The Basal ganglia and insular cortex are responsible for creating our intuition.

Basal ganglia store memories of the experience, patterns, and routines that come from it.

Insula gives information about how we feel. In other words, it is aware of the body and senses the changes that occur in the body during decision making. And, every decision we make bring changes in the body’s physiology.

The unconscious brain gives the solution to a problem before we use the conscious mind to analyze it. Then, the brain compares the solution given by the analytical mind and the unconscious mind.

We feel good when both minds agree on the solution. And feel bad when they disagree. That’s how we have intuition and judge whether the decision is good or bad.


Why is it important to listen to your instinct?

Listening to your instinct or intuition is the projection of your experience. It will decrease your decision taking time and will make a good decision for a problem. Listening to an instinct means you’re trusting yourself so that you’re self-esteem boost and touch the sky.

Here are five reasons why it is important to listen to your instinct:

1.To make a better decision

Decision-making is crucial if you want to make your dream a reality. It is essential in both the personal and business world. However, not all people can make the best decision for the best outcome.

An Analytical mind depends on facts, pieces of information, and our reasoning capacity to come to a solution.

Its decision-making process is affected by other people’s opinions, our state of mind, and circumstances around us at the time of thinking.

Intuition helps you to make decisions when you don’t have all the data to solve the problem. It gives decisions that are beneficial and better and also comes up with original ideas and solutions.

Decision-making can paralyze us and stop us from achieving what we want to achieve.

Next time, when you face difficulty in making a decision, try to listen to your intuition.

2.To boost your creative thinking

Creative thoughts spring up when we’re not attached to follow a predictable way of doing something.

When we listen to our intuition, we get knowledge and truth about ourselves and the world.

We see patterns that were hidden before. We get insight and inspiration to do creative and unique things.

Our subconscious mind, which covers 95% of our mind, knows better than an analytical mind.

Most scientists and philosophers have used this creative mind to come up with the knowledge and discovery that has changed the world.

In his dream, August Kukle discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecules where a snake was seizing its tail. Dmitri Mendeleev used his subconscious mind to find the periodic table.

Here’s a list of a scientist who made their discoveries in dreams: 7 Great Examples of Scientific Discoveries Made in Dreams

3.To improve mental well-being

When you listen to your intuition, you become less worried about your decision as you feel confident in it. It increases mindfulness and self-awareness.

Having trust in one’s instinct means you accept your decision, and you no longer become stressed worrying whether a decision is good or bad.

A calm, confident, and tension-free mind is a sign of mental well-being.

4.To increase self-awareness and confidence

You may not be knowing who you truly are if you’re not listening to your inner voice.

That’s why having a gut feeling and listening to it makes you aware of your likes and dislikes. You know what you want. You become familiar with yourself as intuition guides us to our true selves.

5.To have a healthy relationship with people who you trust

You may not know how good or bad people are, whether to trust them or get rid of them by observing them with the conscious mind.

We fail to see the real intention of the people. But they leave the clue of their interest through subtle body expression. However, our minds can’t understand it by superficial observation.

But, our subconscious mind picks that subtle body moment, and it knows what’s the real intention of a person.

When someone with a negative intention approaches you, you get a negative vibe. Listen to your intuition that tells you whether a person is better or not.

Is intuition always right?

Only the purest intuition is always right. People confuse wishful thinking or thoughts mixed with their thoughts and emotions with intuition. Such thoughts are not intuition, so they do no good to you.

How do you know true intuition?

Your thoughts affect the physiology of your body as mind and body are connected. Your mind may trick you, but the body never tells a lie.

So, when you can’t tell whether thought is intuition or just wishful thinking, turn your attention to how you feel. Do you feel openness, relaxation, joy, and a sense of connection when you think of a decision? If yes, go ahead as you’ve true intuition about it.

On the other hand, if your body resists your decision or if it doesn’t feel good then change it. It is, most probably, just wishful thinking or projection of your emotion into decision making.

To confirm a thought as the true intuition, do meditation and breathing exercises to calm your mind, detach yourself from emotion and circumstances, and listen to your inner self without any judgment.

When you don’t listen to your intuition, you’ll miss the right opportunities to become successful, the right answer to solve problems concerning, and a chance to know your true self.

But, when you listen to your thoughts confirm whether it is the truth intuition or just wishful thinking before you act upon it.

4 Warning signs that your intuition is trying to tell you something

The problem with most people is that they don’t know the difference between intuition and thought.

They don’t recognize the warning signs that intuition gives when it tries to tell something. So, they fail to use it in the decision-making process.

Here are 4 warning signs that you sense when your intuition is trying to tell you something:

1.You Sense danger

As I have mentioned above, our body’s physiology changes by the types of thoughts we have.

We feel tension or sense that something is wrong when our thoughts do not match with the suggestion of the subconscious mind.

Simply put, we sense the danger of something that is not best for us. It is a primal instinct that all animals have, so do we human beings, and it is almost always right.

Whenever we sense the danger of getting into trouble by a conscious decision, we should listen to our intuition, our gut feeling.

2.Having strange feeling in the gut

Our digestive tract is lined by nerves, together they form the enteric nervous system that is controlled by an autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is for flight and fight response during threat and maintains balance in the body.

When we have thoughts that threaten us, autonomic nervous systems activate to change the physiology of the gut by firing up the enteric nervous system.

Gut feeling, simply, is a body reaction to having a sense of something odd, unknown, or unwanted about to happen. It is a signal that there is a difference between conscious and unconscious thought.

Listen to your gut feelings when you have them as they are best for your growth and success.

3.Repeated occurrence of similar thoughts

When intuition is trying to tell you something, you may have similar thoughts frequently appearing in your mind.

You have thoughts about the particular things that persist until you take action towards them. You will also feel a sudden urge to do something.

When you experience such events while trying to solve a problem, know that your intuition is trying to tell you the truth.

4.Having a dream about the problem

In sleep, your rational minds do not come between you and your true self. The solution to a problem that you see in your dream is, often, the best as it comes from the subconscious mind.

Your inner self communicates with you in the dream, so listen to them because it is telling you what you want.


How to listen to your intuition?

Practice listening to your intuition

Listening to intuition is a skill, and it improves after you practice it several times. If you are not able to listen to your intuition, one reason for it is that you may never have tried to listen to it.

Your intuition talks to you if you listen to it.

Be silent and still

We look into the outer world to find a solution to a problem that can be best solved if we look within ourselves.

We can’t make a good decision with a chaotic mind. That’s why we need to calm your mind to listen to your intuition.

Do meditation, breathing exercises, and sit in a quiet room to make your mind calm and still.

Listen to your body

Your body never lies. If you analyze how you feel about a thought, you know whether it is good or bad as it creates some changes in the body.

During the decision-making process, run through the options in your mind, and see how your body reacts to each of them. And, choose an option that makes you feel good.

Remember your dream

How often do you remember your dream? It gets easier to recall the dream if we keep practicing remembering it.

To remember your dream:

  • Before you sleep, tell yourself that you will have a dream and remember it in the morning after you wake up.
  • Keep a notebook and a pen with you in bed when you go to sleep to write down the dream.
  • In the morning, immediately after you get up, take your notebook, and write everything you can recall about the dream.

The dream is a gateway to the subconscious mind. It can solve difficult and intimidating problems for you if you just know how to use it.

When you try to sleep, keep repeating this phrase:

I will have a dream that answers to [state your problem]. I will remember my dream.

Flip the coin

It is a simple technique, but effective to zero in on a decision.

Assign answers to heads or tail sides, and flip the coin. Are you happy with the result? If you feel good about the result, then choose it as your intuition.



Can intuition predict the future?

People who listen to their intuition can predict future events better than people who don’t listen to their gut feeling. Intuition helps you to choose the best possible option for your benefit.

What is the difference between logic and intuition?

Logic is a way of using the rules and data that you’ve learned to come up with a decision. On other hand, intuition uses information received from different aspects of life to make a decision.



Listen to your intuition whenever you face a dilemma of choosing the right option. That said, separate wishful thinking and intuition as we often misunderstand wishful thinking as an inner gut feeling.

The more you listen to your intuition, the more intuitive you become. Don’t listen to intuition that is mixed with certain emotions as they’re often misleading.


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