lose weight using the law of attraction

Can you lose weight using the law of attraction? Can positive thoughts help you get a slim and healthy body without doing any exercises or following a strict diet plan?

I know losing weight using the power of the mind seems too good to be true. But, let me assure you that your thought patterns, belief system, and self-image have a tremendous impact on whether you lose weight or continue living an unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle forever.

When you use the law of attraction principle to manifest weight loss, you’re actually changing your thinking pattern, belief system, and self-image. That’s how the law of attraction helps you lose weight without lifting a finger.

Still, the idea of losing weight using the law of attraction sounds tough to swallow to you.

Keep reading to learn more about how to lose weight using the law of attraction. Also, find out how the law of attraction helps you manifest weight loss. Plus, discover the weight loss manifestation success story of Mina.


How to lose weight using the law of attraction? (6 steps)

Step #1 Decide why you want to lose weight

First and foremost, you need to find a positive reason for manifesting weight loss. Why?

Because finding positive reasons turns wishful thinking of losing weight into a burning desire. It motivates you to keep pursuing the ideal body weight despite all obstacles in the journey. It makes you committed and focused on losing weight.

That being said, you should only focus on positive and meaningful reasons. You don’t want to lose weight to show off or to make your ex jealous.

You want to lose weight for better health and your family. You want to lose weight to boost your physical and mental productivity, and to live longer with self-respect and satisfaction.

The key point here is to think of reasons that are positive and meaningful to you. It should inspire you to take action and keep practicing the law of attraction even if you don’t see any results. It should be emotional and important to you.

To find a compelling reason for losing weight, complete the following sentences.

  • I want to lose weight because…
  • I want to lose weight because…
  • I want to lose weight because…
  • I want to lose weight because…
  • I want to lose weight because…

Write down the complete sentence with your reasons in your notebook. Keep writing even if find your reasons sound unreasonable. Don’t judge it while you put down your thought. Let the ideas flow into the paper.

Once you’ve finished writing the different reasons for losing weight, find out the most compelling reasons from the list.

Remember, it is crucial to find out the positive, meaningful, and compelling reasons when you’re trying to lose weight using the law of attraction.


Step #2 Set intention ( Ask the universe for a healthy and fit body)

I hope you now have a positive and compelling reason for manifesting weight loss. After that, you set the intention of losing weight. In other words, ask the universe for a healthy, slim, and fit body.

Pro Tip: Though your aim is to lose weight, it is advised to not focus on it while practicing the law of attraction. Instead, focus on achieving a slim and healthy pody. In short, you want to focus on the end result which is getting fit, looks younger and muscular.

That’s because when you focus on weight loss, you’re focusing on how obese you’re looking in the present time. Simply put, you’re focusing on the problem.

Have you ever noticed the images that come into your mind when you focus on losing weight or use the word weight loss?  Exactly. You immediately create a picture of yourself having a chubby face, a sagging body, and excessive abdominal fat.

When you say you don’t want hair to fall, you’re focusing on hair fall. When you say you don’t want trouble, you’re focusing on getting into trouble. Similarly, when you say you don’t want to put on weight or say you want to lose weight, you’re focusing on getting heavier and fatter.


Focus on the result you want to manifest. Set your intention of getting a healthier, younger, and stronger body.

So, ask the universe with full conviction and faith for a slim and healthy body.


Step #3 Develop a positive self-image and build faith in the law of attraction

You get up lazily from bed. Slowly you walk towards a mirror. In front of you, you see an unattractive, fatter, heavier, chubby person with a distended belly. You’ve tried different fad diets and exercise in the past only to find yourself extra pounds heavier.

With a frown face and a deep sigh, you tell yourself that you’re not going to lose weight no matter what you do. You tell yourself that you’re an obese person, accept it, and don’t bother trying to lose weight because it is pointless to pursue a slim body.

Remember, you’re not going to lose a single ounce of body fat with this kind of self-image. Period. 

You’re equal to your thoughts. How you look and think about yourself creates your current reality. Your self-image, the belief about yourself, produce behavior and thought patterns that will eventually bring it to reality.

If you think of yourself as an obese person, you will fulfill your prophecy. You’ll eat unhealthy food, binge-watch television laying on the couch, and shovel junk food. Eventually, you bring your prophecy about yourself into reality by being obese.

That’s why it is important to build a positive self-image. Think of yourself as a person with a fit and healthy body if you want to lose weight. When you change your self-image, positive behavior and thought patterns automatically develop to help you lose weight.

First, you have to be the person you want to be, then do what needs to be done to be what you want to be.

So, develop a positive self-image of yourself.

In addition, to manifest weight loss, you need to develop unwavering faith in the universe and the law of attraction. You’ve to trust that you’re going to lose weight no matter what with the help of infinite intelligence.


Step #4 Take action- practice these manifestation methods for weight loss

Finding a compelling reason for weight loss, setting an intention, and developing a positive self-image and faith are necessary for the successful manifestation of a healthy and fit body.

However, that’s not enough.  You need to take inspired action.

The law of attraction is not the replacement of the habit of eating a healthy diet and doing exercise daily.

Remember, the law of attraction only helps to change your thinking pattern and belief system. However, with the help of the law of attraction, you will take inspired action which is much easier and more effective than taking forced action.

There are two types of action you need to take. They are

  • Eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise
  • Practicing different manifestation methods for weight loss.

Changing one’s belief system, thought pattern, and mindset are easier said than done. Working on developing the habit of positive thinking is an uphill battle against past beliefs and behaviors that are more strong and deeply rooted in the subconscious mind.

That’s why need manifestation methods to reprogram your subconscious mind with less struggle. And, here are the best manifestation methods for weight loss:

#1 Affirmation

Affirmations are positive and empowering statements regarding your goal. It helps to replace your old belief with a new one. It helps to change your self-image, belief system, and mindset by reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Do weight loss affirmations work?

Absolutely. The weight loss affirmation work like a charm with the caveat that you know how to create and use the affirmation in the right way. When you repeat the affirmation for weight loss, you change your belief and behavior which eventually help you get the ideal body weight.

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Here are the tried and tested affirmations for weight loss:

  • Every day, I am getting slimmer and healthier.
  • I am happy. I am healthy.
  • My body becomes more attractive each day.
  • I am ready to be healthy and attractive.
  • Every day and every way my body is getting healthier and healthier.
  • I expect to be slim and fit.
  • I love eating healthy food.
  • I have a slim body.
  • I have a muscular body.
  • I have a healthy body.
  • My body craves only healthy and vital food.

Choose the best affirmations from the list or make your personalized affirmation. Repeat your affirmations daily, two times a day.

#2 Visualization

Imagination is the most powerful and unique characteristic that helps humankind to reach where it is today. Albert Einstein once said imagination is the preview of life’s coming attraction.

What you see in your mind, you attract in the reality.

Likewise, when you visualize your ideal body weight in mind, you’ll manifest it in the reality.  That means you can manifest weight loss using your powerful tool- your imagination power.

To manifest weight loss with the visualization method,

  • calm your mind and relax your body with a deep inhale and exhale of breath
  • close your eyes and focus on your breath for a minute
  • create a mental image of something that you’re familiar with to start the process of visualization
  • now, visualize your ideal body weight: see yourself wearing well-fitting clothes, people admiring and congratulating you for your new physical appearance, and enjoying yourself with the family.

Visualization is one of the most important tools to tap into the subconscious mind and reprogram it. However, most people find it difficult to stay focused while visualizing.

If you’re one of many people whose minds jump like monkeys, you need a guided visualization. I recommend using The Gabriel Method: Mental Secrets, a guided visualization program by Jon Gabriel.

#3 Scripting

The scripting manifestation method is all about writing your dreams on paper in a detailed way.

It helps you get clear about your desire, visualizes it, and feel it. Also, scripting allows you to build unwavering faith in the universe.

You become focused on your desire when you write it down. It taps into your emotion and raises your vibration necessary for quick and easy manifestation.

So, make a daily routine of scripting your goal of having an attractive, stronger, healthy, and slim body. In this way, you’ll manifest weight loss on paper.

#4 Vision Board

A Vision board is a collection of images that represent what you want to be or achieve in the future.

It reminds you of your goal every time you look at it. It brings a sense of confidence, joy, and gratitude to your heart.

When you frequently see the images on the vision board, you start to believe in the idea of its possibility because it changes your subconscious programming.

To manifest weight loss, create a vision board. Collect images of people who have already gone from fat to fitter, who inspire you and motivate you. Add pictures of people whom you want to model.

Keep your vision board somewhere you can see it every day so that it reminds you of your goal, inspire you, and motivates you every time you see the picture of happy people who have succeeded at things you want to accomplish.

#5 Subliminal

Do you want to lose weight while you sleep? Sounds interesting, right?

You may be asking if is it possible to do so. Answer?


With subliminal affirmations, it is possible to manifest weight loss while you sleep. To do so, listen to subliminal music that contains affirmation for weight loss while going to sleep at night.

How does it work?

Subliminal music has hidden affirmations in it. That means you can’t hear them consciously but your subconscious mind can. It prevents your conscious mind from interfering with the programming of the subconscious mind. That’s why listening to subliminal can change your deeply rooted self-sabotaging belief and behavior with ease.

You can find many subliminal for weight loss for free on YouTube. However, listen to subliminal from trusted sources only because most of the free sources have put negative affirmations on their subliminal which does more harm to you.

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#6 Act as if

The act as manifestation method is the same as its name suggests. In this method, you’ve to act as if you’ve already manifested a new physical structure- a slim and healthy body.

It is a powerful method of manifestation. When you act like a person who is healthier, fitter, and slimmer, you’ll start to think and behave like them. And, without knowing, with time you change your personality. That’s when you begin manifesting your ideal body weight.

So, start acting as if you’ve already become a person who is already slim and healthy.

# 369 methods

In 369 manifestation methods for weight loss, you write down your desire of losing weight three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night before going to bed.

The 369 methods, also known as Tesla Methods of manifestation, work effectively as it prompts you to write down your desire frequently so that eventually you start to believe in it. Further, the number 369 is a magical number that helps you connect with the universe.



Step #5 Appreciate your body and bless your food

Asking for a slim and fit body doesn’t mean that you’ve to deny your current physical appearance. Denying the fact that you’re overweight can hurt your manifestation.

You say to yourself that you’re fit but your mind knows that it’s not true. Your positive statement contradicts your current belief and reality which creates resistance and negative energy.  In such a contradictory state, you won’t be able to attract a new reality or manifest your dream.

So, accept your current physical appearance. Accepting means you’ve no objection to being overweight. However, you’re looking for a better future. In other words, you’re in love with your current body but your desire is an even healthier and fitter body.

Next, start blessing the food you take. You don’t want to take junk and unhealthy food. When making healthy food, bless it with positive affirmations. 


Step #6 Let go of your obsession with weight loss

Do you know what is the best way to manifest your dream?

Well, the best way to manifest your dream is to forget about your dream. But, you may be wondering how forgetting about a desire makes it manifest in the reality. The catch is you don’t have to completely forget your dream.

What I am trying to say here is, once you set your intention and finished practicing the manifestation methods, forget about your desire. Don’t stress too much about the result.

Let go of the result and enjoy your day with the feeling of hope and trust that you’re going to manifest the ideal body weight.

When you get obsessed with the result and don’t see anything happening with your manifestation, you become sad, and doubt starts to emerge into your consciousness. It decreases your vibration level which then delays your manifestation.

So, let go of the outcome of your manifestation. Get into high-vibe activities, enjoy your days, and keep your faith in the universe. That’s the right way to manifest your dream.


Mina’s weight loss manifestation result (Success story)



To conclude, it is possible to lose weight using the law of attraction. You can manifest your dream body.

But, you’ve to work on your thinking pattern, belief system, and unconscious behavior that result from self-sabotaging old subconscious programming.

If people like you can manifest weight loss and live a healthy and meaningful life, then why can’t you? What’s holding you back to achieve your ideal body?

You can manifest weight loss. But, first, you need to believe that it is possible.  Do you believe in your power to create the ideal life you want to live?

I assume the answer is YES!  Happy manifesting.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Can you manifest weight loss overnight?

Frankly speaking, you can’t manifest weight loss overnight. Losing weight using the law of attraction is going to take some time.

Q2. How to use the 55×5 method for weight loss?

To manifest weight loss using the 5×55 method, write down your desire of losing weight 55 times a day for 5 days.

Q3. How to use the 33×3 method for weight loss?

To manifest weight loss using the 33×3 method, write down a positive statement about your intention to lose weight 33 times a day for 3 days.

Q4. How can I stay motivated to lose weight?

Remember the reason you want to lose weight whenever you feel like giving up on your dream. Look at your vision board, see all those people who have successfully manifested weight loss, and tell yourself if they can do it, I can do it too.