Manifest Bigger Breasts With The Law of Attraction (Explained)

manifest bigger breast

According to research, the size of the breast determines feminity and attractiveness in females.

Due to this reason, women with small breast sizes often feel inferior and insecure. In fact, males too find the medium to the large size of breasts more appealing and attractive. That’s why you want to have bigger boobs.

Can you manifest bigger boobs?

It is possible to manifest bigger boobs.  With the help of the law of attraction, many women have been able to manifest bigger breasts to look more attractive and sexy. But, you just need to know the proven law of attraction techniques to do so.

Read on to learn about the law of attraction techniques used by many girls to manifest bigger breasts. And, find out how the law of attraction can help you have bigger breasts.


How to manifest a bigger breast? (6 Steps)

#1 Have a specific and clear goal

To successfully manifest desired breast size, you need to have a specific and clear picture of it. Why?

Having a clear and specific goal makes you focus one thing at a time. And, when you mentally focus on one thing, all of your creative energy goes into that direction. By doing so, you’ll be able to program your subconscious mind to manifest quickly.

When you know the exact size of breast you want to manifest, it becomes easy to let the Universe about your desire. That means your message can easily be heard and understood by the Higher intelligence who will help you manifest bigger breast size.

According to an international survey, six out of ten women choose a C cup as their ideal bust size. But, in general, both women and men prefer bigger cup sizes- D and DD.

Whatever your ideal size be, choose the specific size of breast that you really want to manifest. If you find it difficult to come up with the exact size, find the pictures of a model, or, celebrities, social media influencers, or even your friend whose breast you admire. And, ask the universe to make your breast like them.

manifest bigger breast


#2 Accept your current breast size (Important)

Manifesting desired physical appearance doesn’t mean you have to deny your current reality.

In fact, denying how your body looks in the present time could be one of the reasons to slow down your manifestation process. How?

Let’s say, you have got a small breast and you badly want to change your current reality. You wish to have bigger size boobs. And, you don’t want to accept the fact that you’ve small-sized breasts.

So, whenever you see the small breast in your body, you get disappointed and stressed because you have not manifested bigger boobs yet. Denying creates negative energy and decreases your vibration. Hence, creates a roadblock in manifesting your desire.


Have the desire to manifest a bigger breast but at the same time accept that you have got a small breast. Instead, show gratitude for the body parts that you find attractive. It will create a positive vibration to boost your manifestation.


#3 Don’t just wish, take action

Do you know the biggest misconception people have about the law of attraction?

They think that the law of attraction is like the Genie in a lamp who grants every wish of a person. Similar to Genie who doesn’t ask for any action from the person, people think they don’t have to take action while manifesting using the law of attraction.

But they are wrong.

You’ve to take action to manifest your dream. The law of attraction requires your efforts to turn your dreams into reality.

The actions you take while manifesting are

  • practicing visualization
  • reciting positive affirmation every day
  • scripting
  • journalling
  • meditation
  • doing things that make you close to your goals.

Remember, the law of attraction doesn’t work without action.

You’ve to show how serious you’re with your goal taking some efforts to achieve it, whether they are directed towards changing mindset or directly achieving the goal.


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#4 Detach yourself from the outcome

I am sure you may have come across the term “let go of the outcome” multiple times if you’re a veteran at manifesting using the law of attraction.

When you’re told to let go of the outcome by the manifestation coach, they are telling you one of the key principles of manifestation.

If you hold onto the outcome of your desire, you’ll be tempted to frequently check the results. That means you can’t wait to see your manifestation into reality. You want to manifest the bigger and fuller breast overnight.

But, it takes some time to manifest anything- longer or shorter depending on what you’re trying to manifest. Obviously, you don’t see the result immediately after asking the universe for it.

However, here’s what happens when you don’t see the result you’re eagerly waiting for:

  • you get frustrated
  • you lose faith in the universe
  • you start to question the existence of the law of attraction
  • you show a lack in your life

As a consequence of being obsessed with results, you bring negative energy and decrease your frequency of vibration, which will push your manifestation backward.

So, don’t get obsessed with the bigger breast. Remember, it takes time to manifest your desire. Keep practicing the techniques (more on this later) to manifest breast growth without losing faith and hope.


#5 Remember, you’re always manifesting

The process of manifestation doesn’t stop at the end of the practice session of different manifestation techniques.

In fact, just like gravity, the law of attraction works all the time for everyone. You’re always manifesting.

Let’s say, you try to have good thoughts and feel good about your goal during the deliberate practice of the law of attraction at certain times of the day. However, unconsciously, you might be focusing on doubt, fear, or failure during the rest of the day.

Though you’re showing efforts to manifest, not being conscious about your thoughts and feeling throughout the day can ruin your manifestation. 

So, be conscious of your thoughts. Observe them without any judgment. Replace negative thoughts and feeling with positive ones.

Eventually, you’ll develop the habit of positive thinking then only you’ll be able to manifest quickly and easily.


#6 Act as if you’ve already manifested bigger breast

You need to act as if you’ve already received it or manifested bigger boobs even though you’ve not manifested anything yet.

The act of the “acting as if” technique programs the subconscious mind quickly and helps you manifest your desire overnight.

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For instance, you want to manifest a car. Now, you act as if you’ve already received it. You buy a license plate, make a garage to keep the car if you don’t have it yet, visit nearby car dealers, get into the car you want, take a test drive, and act as if it is already yours.

When you touch, feel, drive, expect or prepare for a car, you will develop a strong belief in its possibility. It shows that you have got a burning desire for a car. And, eventually, you’ll manifest your dream car in your reality.

Similarly, when you wish to manifest bigger breasts, you want to act or show the universe as if you’re going to receive it. In short, prepare for your manifestation before you receive it.

To do that, buy a bigger bra that will be fit for your desired breast size. Buy bigger clothes and make sure they will be a perfect fit for your new physical appearance.

I agree it sounds strange and a bit weird. Trust me such acts surely help you manifest the bigger breast that you desire.


How does the law of attraction help to manifest bigger breasts?

In a recent study, the researcher has proved that a person can increase the strength of muscle by simply imagining or visualizing it.

Interestingly, the people who participated in the study didn’t perform any exercise, yet they were able to increase the strength of muscle of finger by thought only. It shows how powerful our thoughts can be because they even change our body structure without any physical exercise.

In the law of attraction, we’re asked to think positive thoughts only. We’re asked to think and feel good about our desire.

So, when you think positive about breast size and tell yourself repeatedly that you’ve bigger boobs, your body starts to respond to your thoughts and start to increase the breast size. That’s how the law of attraction helps to manifest bigger boobs.


Proven law of attraction techniques for manifesting bigger boobs

#1 Powerful affirmations for bigger breast

Affirmations are positive and powerful statements. When you frequently recite them, you start to accept them as a fact.

Here are the powerful affirmations to manifest bigger breasts:

I love and appprove myself.

I appreciate my healthy and beautiful body.

I love my feminity.

I am always creating exaclty what I want.

I am aware that my thoughts change my body.

I am worthy of beautiful and bigger breast.

I  trust my mind and body’s ability to grow my breast size.

My breasts are growing bigger every day and its look amazing.

I am thankful for bigger, beautiful and healthy breast.

I can notice my breasts are becoming larger and fuller naturally.

Repeat these statements twice a day, preferably in the morning immediately after you get up from bed and at the night before you go to sleep.

#2 Meditation and visualization to manifest bigger breast

Meditation and visualization are the most effective techniques to manifest any desire.

Meditation gets you into the alpha state of mind. Alpha state of mind is considered the best for programming the subconscious mind. In the alpha state, you’ll be able to think or visualize your desire without any doubt or fear.

Visualization simply means creating the mental image of your desire. You use imagination to see and repeat the result you want.

How does visualization help in manifestation?

When you visualize your desire, you create a series of images in your brain which impresses the brain similar to a real picture that you see with your eyes. Eventually, after frequent reputation, you program your subconscious mind.

So, to manifest bigger breasts

  • calm your mind and get into the alpha state with a quick meditation
  • use your imagination to visualize your desired outcome
  • Visualize bigger, fuller, and more beautiful breast
  • Visualize your friends and boyfriend admiring your bigger boobs
  • Feel the way you would feel when you manifest bigger breasts in the reality

Remember, you’ve to feel a good feeling while visualizing. It’s the key to manifestation. Usually, you’ll find yourself relaxed, happy, and filled with hope after finishing the act of visualization.

#3 Hypnosis of breast growth

Hypnosis, like the law of attraction, works by changing the programming of our subconscious mind.

Self-hypnosis or listening to hypnosis music prevents the conscious mind from interfering with the suggestion you provide to yourself about your goal.

#4 Subliminal for fuller and bigger bust

Subliminals are music with hidden affirmation in it. Such affirmations are played at a low intensity that could not be detected by the conscious mind but our subconscious mind can listen to them.

In short, subliminal escape the analytic mind yours and directly send the affirmation to the subconscious level thus programming it quickly and effectively.

Listen to subliminal to increase breast size from the trusted and safe subliminal makers on YouTube.

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#4 Grabovoi number for bigger breasts

Grabovoi number or cheat codes for the universe, developed by Russian psychic Grigori Grabvoi using a Radionic machine, are the sequence of numbers that has a specific vibration.

When using such numbers, the vibration they hold becomes part of our body helping us manifest our desire.

There are different sequences of numbers for different desires. To manifest bigger breasts, use the 1725297 Grabovoi number.


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You can manifest bigger breasts using the law of attraction. It is not a pseudo-science. In fact, it has been proven by science that you can change your physical structure by thoughts.

Be clear and precise about your desire, ask the universe, and then let go of the outcome.  Repeat affirmation, visualize your dream, or listen to affirmation for breast growth to manifest the bigger bust that you want more than anything.

Remember, you can manifest bigger breasts using the law of attraction. But, you need to practice it with unwavering faith and being persistence.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Can you get your breast to enlarge overnight?

No, you can’t get your breast to enlarge overnight. It takes time to manifest your dream. I suggest not to expect overnight results because when you don’t find the result quickly you get sad and leave the manifestation journey unfinished.

Q2. Does touching your breast make them grow bigger?

No, you can’t make the breast grow bigger by touching or massaging it. Your gene and hormones determine the growth of your breast. And, the law of attraction and thoughts influence your gene and increase the release of the hormone that eventually leads to breast growth.

Q3. At what age does breast growth stop?

Breast continues to grow up to the age of 17 to 18. However, you can influence the growth of your breast up to your mid-twenties.

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