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Do you want to manifest bigger eyes?

Many research has shown that men find women with big eyes attractive. Not only that women with big eyes seem more innocent, kind-hearted, and honest.  Having a big eye is a sign of fertility. It makes women look more feminine, youthful, and charming.

Making one’s eye looks bigger is a growing trend. Women use makeup, contact lens, or even go through costlier cosmetic surgery to make their eyes bigger.

However, makeup or the use of contact lenses will only make your eye bigger temporarily except for cosmetic surgery which is expensive and a bit risky.

That said, if you want to get a bigger eye permanently in natural ways, you can do so using the law of attraction. You can instruct your body to make your eye look bigger by having positive thoughts and strong beliefs.

So, keep reading to find out how to manifest a bigger eye using the law of attraction. 


How to manifest a bigger eye?

Here’s how you can manifest bigger eyes:

#1 Find reasons for manifesting bigger eyes

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re looking for ways to get bigger eyes. It also means that you have got a clear goal, which is the first and crucial step in manifestation.

Now, I want you to find out why you want to have bigger eyes.

Clears goals will give you the right direction and path to follow. And, finding compelling reasons for your desire will motivate you and gives you the energy to walk down the path toward your goal.

Compelling reason acts as fuel to manifest one’s desire into reality. So, find out why you want to manifest a bigger eye. Think how your life would be when you have a bigger eye.

#2 Ask for bigger and more beautiful eyes

Ask the Universe, the infinite intelligence for bigger eyes. Let the Universe know about your desire.

To do that, you can either say your desire out loud to the Universe, or you can write it down on paper.

When asking for bigger eyes, don’t let the fear capture you. Don’t show any doubt. Ask as if it is already yours. Think that you’re asking for bigger eyes which is natural to you.

#3 Believe that you’ll manifest bigger eyes

Manifesting a bigger eye? Really? Can you do that? Is it possible?

Believe it or not, you may have these questions asked from your inner self whenever you think about manifesting bigger eyes. That’s normal.

You show disbelief about manifesting bigger eyes because your older self doesn’t believe in it yet. It doesn’t have seen or experienced it. However, to get a bigger eye naturally you need to make yourself believe in its possibility.

And, practicing these laws of attraction techniques will help you believe in the possibility of manifesting a bigger eye:

  • Affirmations: Create positive statements about your goal and say them aloud every day. For example:  ” I now have a bigger and beautiful eye.”; “Each and every day my eyes are getting bigger in a healthy way.”; ” I am grateful for bigger eyes”.
  • Visualization: Imagine yourself standing in front of the mirror. Visualize your eyes getting bigger and more beautiful. In short, visualize your future self who already has bigger eyes.
  • Subliminals: Listen to subliminal about manifesting bigger eyes. It is the easiest and fastest way to manifest a desire. It is music with hidden affirmation which can’t be consciously heard.  However, the subconscious mind can listen to it. That means the subliminal can program the subconscious mind quickly without being interfered with by the conscious mind.

Keep practicing either of these laws of attraction techniques to change your belief system. It also will help you create the habit of positive thinking about your goal which is necessary for manifesting bigger eyes.

#5 Have faith and keep practicing the law of attraction

Remember, it takes some time to manifest a desire into reality.

The law of attraction can’t make your desire a reality overnight. It tests your patience and determination for your goal. It looks at your faith and how serious you are about getting what you want.

So the wise thing to do is to have total faith in the law of attraction and your ability to manifest a bigger eye. That means keep practicing the law of attraction even if you don’t see any result yet.

Next, you need to take action towards a goal. Do exercises that make your eye look bigger. Taking action and practicing the law of attraction complement each other and let you manifest bigger eyes in the shortest time possible.


Can you manifest bigger eyes?

Yes, you can manifest bigger eyes using the law of attraction. The law of attraction is about having positive thoughts, empowering beliefs, and an optimistic mindset to achieve a goal.

When you practice the law of attraction, you’re creating a habit of positive thinking. You’re programming the subconscious mind with positive thoughts about the goal.

To understand how the law of attraction can help you manifest bigger eyes, you first need to understand the reasons why you have small eyes.

The reason why someone has small eyes:

  • Hereditary
  • Ptosis, is a condition where the upper eyelid drops due to weakness of muscle responsible for elevating the eyelid
  • Dark circles
  • Eye bags
  • Wrinkle
  • Old age

Our eyes stop growing in its size relative to the rest of the body. This is the reason why children have bigger eye than adult. By the age of 7 our eyes are full developed and as we grow older our eyes continue to look smaller due to various reasons.


Next, you need to know that our thoughts have the potential to change the body structure and physiology. It can heal the body. It can even influence the expression of genes to bring change in the cellular structure of the body.

That means you can get rid of all the problems that make your eye look smaller such as wrinkles, eye bags, and dropsy eyelids. To do so, you just need to instruct your body all the time. And, the law of attraction will help you with that.



To conclude, the idea of manifesting bigger eyes through thoughts only can be hard to believe. But, it is true. You can manifest bigger eyes using the law of attraction.

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