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Can you manifest clear skin? Is it possible to get flawless skin naturally using the law of attraction?

The law of attraction changes your mindset and belief system. It has been scientifically proven that having positive thoughts can change your body’s physiology and genetic expression, eventually leading to changes in the body’s appearance.

That means it is possible to manifest clear skin using the law of attraction.

Keep reading to find out how to manifest clear skin using the law of attraction. Below, you’ll find all the proven manifestation methods and how to apply them to get clear skin naturally.


How to manifest clear skin? (Step-by-Step)

#1 Accept reality

Before you dive into using the law of attraction to manifest clear skin, you need to get rid of anxiety and fear.

Accepting who you are and your current reality of skin can help you get rid of anxiety and fear. It is necessary to do so. To manifest your desire, you need a peaceful mind. And accepting your reality will let you have one.

Another benefit of accepting your present skin is that you stop giving attention to it.

You see, the energy flow to things where you put your attention. If you are constantly thinking about acne, hyperpigmentation, or breakout, you’ll attract more of these things in your life.

Why do you keep thinking about acne, hyperpigmentation, or negative outcome in general?

That’s because your egoic mind always tries to seek your attention with fear and stress. It tries to protect itself from embarrassment and imperfections. It sees the ugly face as a threat and wants to get rid of it.

That’s why it constantly reminds you of acne or imperfection in your skin.


As a result, you start to apply different cosmetic products. Or, worse, you start squeezing acne and inviting scars on your face. 

When your reality and expectation don’t match, you’ll experience stress and anxiety. If you deny your having acne or other skin problem, you become stressed out, as a result, your bodies release the stress hormone, which will make matter even worse.

Much research has proved that anxiety and stress cause more acne. The state of denial eventually will lead you into a vicious cycle. 

Accepting your current skin is the only way out of this self-perpetuating cycle.

One and only way to get out of this vicious cycle is to accept yourself as who you are. Accept your imperfect skin. Accept your current face, though it may have been filled with acne, scar, or hyperpigmentation.

When you accept yourself, your mind becomes calm and ready to find the solution to get clear skin. So, the first step in manifesting clear skin should be to accept your current reality.


#2 Believe you’re going to manifest clear skin

Next, you need to believe that you’re going to manifest clear skin using the law of attraction.

To buy this idea, read success stories about manifesting clear skin or watch inspirational about the law of attraction videos on YouTube.

When you believe it is possible to manifest clear skin, your analytic mind won’t create any resistance and won’t hamper your manifestation.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your supernatural ability. Believe in the Universe and the magic of the law of attraction.



Set your intention to manifest clear skin. Have faith in the healing power of your body and soul. Importantly, believe in the law of attraction and the Universe. Believe you deserve clear, healthy, and glowing skin.

And, then practice the law of attraction techniques to send your message into the Universe or implant the idea of manifesting clear skin into your subconscious mind.

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#3 Visualize having a clear and healthy skin

Visualization programs your subconscious mind. It changes your belief, behavior, and thought process to manifest dreams into reality.

So, visualize yourself in front of the mirror. See yourself already having a clear, healthy, and glowing face, putting a big smile on your face, and feeling the emotion you would feel when you finally manifest clear skin.

In addition to that, imagine people who care about you admiring your beautiful and flawless skin.

Note: Don’t assume that you already have clear skin because it will create resistance while you manifest. Instead, imagine acne-free, clear, and radiant skin. Think about how your skin would look like when you get rid of all the skin problems.

Before you begin your visualization, make yourself comfortable and relaxed. A quick meditation and breathing exercises can be helpful.

Importantly, when you’re visualizing your dream, feel happiness, joy, confidence, and gratitude. Make your visualization exciting and empowering. Don’t just visualize, feel it.

When you feel good about your vision, you will vibrate at a higher frequency, and your body’s physiology will change. Plus, your subconscious mind will remember it and attract similar experiences into reality to make you feel the same emotions that you’ve felt in your imagination. That’s how we attract our dreams into reality.

To sum up, visualize having clear and radiant skin once a day, preferably in the morning and at night just before you go to bed as these are the best time of the day to manifest.


#4 Repeat these powerful affirmations for clear skin

Affirmations are positive statements that replace negative thoughts with positive ones, increase your vibration, and program the subconscious mind to change beliefs and thought patterns.

Here are 14 powerful affirmations for clear skin:

I am beautiful.

My skin is healing.

I have clear and healthy skin.

I have beautiful and glowing skin.

My skin is healthy and radiant.

My skin is becoming clear with each passing day.

My skin feels smooth.

I have beautiful, glowing and perfect skin.

I love my skin. I love my skin.

I take good care of my skin.

My skin is becoming flawless.

I am so grateful for having such a beautiful and healthy skin.

My skin is light and flawless.

I love my skin. I love my skin. I love my skin.

Repeat these affirmations and feel them to change your mindset and body physiology which will eventually give you clear skin.


#5 Build the best skincare routine to manifest clear skin

The law of attraction won’t help you manifest clear skin unless you take some action. In short, you need to take inspired action to manifest your dream using the law of attraction.

While manifesting clear skin, develop a natural skincare routine besides visualization and affirmation.

Here is the best skincare routine to manifest clear skin:

  • Wash your face twice a day: According to various study, washing the face with warm water vitalizes the skin and reduce the chance of getting zits. Washing the face with warm water will remove dirt while preserving the skin’s natural moisturizing oils.
  • Use only a mild facial cleanser: There are lots of cleanser companies out there that claim you can get clean, clear, and glowing skin using their product. But, research has shown that cleansers of any kind won’t make any difference in acne or breakout frequency. So, use only a mild and inexpensive facial cleanser instead of wasting your money on an expensive one.
  • Apply simple moisturizers to keep your skin soft: Dry skin produces more oil that leads to acne and other skin problem. So, don’t forget to keep your beautiful skin moist and soft using simple moisturizers.
  • Sleep well: Sleep heals your body and skin. It detoxifies the skin, moisturizes it, and protects it from harmful ultraviolet light. Seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary for healthy and clear skin.
  • Use “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free” cosmetic products: Wash your hands before you apply cosmetic products to your beautiful face. And use only “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free” cosmetic products. These products won’t clog pores and have little or no harmful chemicals in them.
  • Make habit of eating a healthy diet: Though there is not much evidence that food with a high glycemic index can lead to acne, it is better to avoid such food. Limit the consumption of processed carbs, sugary sodas, sweets, and alcohol.
  • Do regular exercise: Exercise improves circulation in the skin and provides more oxygen. That’s how it will help you manifest clear skin.


#6 Show gratitude before you manifest clear skin

Make a habit of showing gratitude. Gratitude is a positive emotion that makes you feel happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

When you’re grateful for something the universe will send more gifts into your life that you will appreciate.

That means when you feel gratitude for having clear skin even if you don’t have it in reality, the universe will eventually send clear skin your way.

So, feel gratitude and show appreciation to the universe for giving you such beautiful and healthy skin.


#7 Don’t focus on the outcome too much

Last but not least, don’t get obsessed with the outcome of your manifestation. Don’t check frequently whether you manifested clear skin or not.

You see, to manifest something worthwhile will take time. You have to have patience and keep practicing the law of attraction with full faith even if there is no sign of improvement on your skin.

When you focus on the outcome too much and do not see any result, you get upset and start to doubt the existence of the law of attraction and its power. It’s negative energy that will lower your vibrational level and prevent you from manifesting clear and beautiful skin.

Before the universe manifests your desire, it checks your patience, seriousness, and, most importantly, faith.

If you don’t see any result while trying to manifest clear skin, don’t lose hope. Keep practicing visualization and affirmation believing that you will eventually manifest it.


Manifest clear skin using the 369 methods (Fastest Method)

To manifest clear skin using the 369 methods,

  • write down “I have beautiful and clear skin.” 3 times in the morning.
  • 6 times in the afternoon
  • and, 9 times at night

Write it down for 45 days in a notebook to manifest clear skin.


Best crystal for manifesting clear skin

Crystals absorb negative energy that creates blocks during manifestation. It also amplifies your positive energy and helps you connect with the universe so that you can easily manifest your desire.

That said, here are the four best crystals for manifesting clear skin:

  • Aquamarine: It is anti-aging and promotes tranquility and clarity.
  • Rose Quartz: It is associated with beauty and confidence. Also, it boosts blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the skin. It helps you get rid of stress, negativity, and low-self esteem. It can be used for inflammatory conditions like rosacea, eczema, and rashes.
  • Amethyst: It raises your vibration and helps you sleep better and improve circulation. It has detoxifying properties and promotes cellular regeneration.
  • Jade: It reduces inflammation and increases blood circulation into the skin. It promotes harmony and balance. It has also anti-aging properties.

How to use crystal to manifest clear skin?

Here are 5 ways to use crystal to manifest clear skin:

  1. Put the crystal into a glass and pour distilled water into it. Let the water absorb the energy of the crystal overnight. Next, wash your face with water holding the healing power of crystal.
  2. Place the crystal directly on your skin while you meditate or visualize.
  3. Wear a crystal necklace or bracelet
  4. Use smooth tumbled stone to massage your skin. It will reduce inflammation, wrinkles, and puffiness.
  5. Use crystal skincare tools such as a jade roller.

Best subliminal for clear skin

You can manifest your dream by listening to subliminal affirmation. Subliminal means below the threshold of the conscious mind. That means your conscious mind can’t pick up the information inside subliminal.

But, your subconscious mind can understand it. In short, listening to subliminal will reprogram your subconscious mind without the interference of the conscious mind.

However, many free subliminal found on the internet are using harmful messages that not only keep you from getting success at manifesting clear skin but can be dangerous. So, we only recommend subliminal from the trusted site.

Here are the best and safest subliminal for clear skin:

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It is possible to manifest clear skin using the law of attraction. First, you need to accept your self-image to calm and relax your mind. Then, set the intention of manifesting clear skin and believe that you’ll manifest clear skin.

Practice visualizations and affirmation techniques to attract clear skin. Have faith and show gratitude even if you are not able to manifest clear skin yet.

At last, remember, your inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. People will still love you if you’re beautiful within and not so good-looking outside.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can you manifest clear skin?

Yes, it is possible to manifest clear skin.

Q2. How long does it take to manifest clear skin?

Usually, it takes about 21 days to see any appreciable change in the face while manifesting clear skin. That said, it may take a shorter or longer duration in your case.

Q3. Can you manifest facial features?

Yes, you can manifest facial features.

Q4. Which is the best crystal for manifesting clear skin?

Rose Quartz is the best crystal for manifesting clear skin.

Q5. Which is best subliminal for clear skin manifestation?

Clear skin subliminal by Rachael Meddows is the best subliminal for clear skin manifestation.